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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Trudy Young of Carnival Faces Make-up Review

The following review is from one of the bloggers who used Carnival Faces:

I made my foray into professional carnival make up for the first time this year, and I chose Trudy Young and crew of Carnival Faces. The makeup cost $250.00TT which included lashes.

I arrived at 5:30am at a house on Murray Street in Woodbrooke. There were breakfast snacks set up which included finger foods like baked quiche and an assortment of fresh fruits, complete with an array of breakfast cocktails, that people seemed to be enjoying at the wee hours of the morning.

We were all seated in the initial waiting room to wait our turn to be called down to the make up area. One suggestion I would like to make is that they should have a number system. Although it was by appointment, it was still a first come, first serve thing, and we could not always remember who has shown up in what order. Thank goodness, all of the ladies who were waiting were very gracious, and we organized ourselves into what order we had arrived to make sure no one got overlooked.

Once called down into the make up area, I was taken to one side where a lady decided on which foundation was the best match for my face. Once this was decided, an assistant painted my entire face with the foundation, and then sprayed my face with something that I think would make the foundation stick.

It was then on to the next available make up artist. A beautiful young lady with a smooth chocolate complexion, medium length two strand twists, and a silver chain with an "Allah" pendent on it written in Arabic, did my make up. (Whoever you are… THANK YOU!)

Since this was my first go round with carnival makeup, and not being much of a daily make up wearer, I did not know exactly what looked I was going for, so I just sat quietly and prayed for the best. While she applied my make up, I observed the work of the other artists who were also working in the room. The styles of make ranged greatly from the dramatic and sultry with complimentary shades, to the colorful and theatrical with face swirlies and an explosion of face gems and glitter. What ever was being done by the individual artists, Trudy was right on the scene adding her suggestions or requesting corrections. She was very involved.

Once my make up was finished, since I am not used to seeing myself in so much make up, I was a bit concerned that I was looking like a drag queen. One of the workers told me that I am "SUPPOSE" to look like a drag queen for carnival. LOL. Since she is the professional, I took her advice, collected my goodie bag which was filled with all kinds of nice treats including lip gloss, and off I went to meet my band.

I am a big girl, so not one that Triniscene or Trinisoca photographers typically run after for a picture. I actually got stopped in the road several times on Tuesday, in the middle of my jammishness, to be complimented on my fabulous make up and to have my picture snapped.

At 5pm on Tuesday, one American lady walked up to me and said,

"DAYUM!! Who did YOUR make up?"

I said, “Trudy's crew from Carnival Faces”.


Needless to say, my husband and cracked up, but she was right. My make up stayed intact all day.

I wrote down the website for the American lady on a napkin. Next year, I would suggest Trudy print up cards that can be given to clients, so as we get stopped and complimented, we can pass the contact information along more easily.

I did have one friend who was not at all pleased with her make up job by Carnival Faces. She equated her looked to a clown made up for a children’s birthday party. She got one of the swirlie and explosive gems looks. I think this had a lot to do with the luck of the draw, and which artist she got assigned. That could have very easily been me.

So I think this is a lesson for all of us who are foraying into the professional make up arena. Go in knowing what look you want, and requesting that specific look. Also, maybe communicating with Trudy beforehand about what artist would be best for the look you are trying to achieve and maybe they can make your appointment so that particular artist can accommodate you.

My husband also has a suggestion for Trudy. Since many women were leaving straight from their makeup appointment to meet their band, the husbands came with them. My hubby suggests a husband waiting area. Apparently a very nice little lime had formed amongst the husbands and boyfriends who were waiting outside, but with a day of chipping on the road ahead of them, and many still tired fetes, jouvert, and carnival Monday, he says some chairs outside for them would have been nice. Especially since many were “man bags” and had to stand up waiting for an hour holding everything from purses, to head pieces.

Based on my personal make up job, I give Trudy Young and Carnival Faces two thumbs up for great customer service and a job well done.
To contact Trudy

Trinidad booking agent is Niki – 868- 473 8747.

If you are in the United States - 561- 445-7966.

Website -

Makeup Portfolio -

TRIBE Carnival Magazine

124 pages, 5th Anniversary edition.. .Out tomorrow folks!

Price - TT$60.00

TRIBE Mas Camp Hours: Monday-Friday 12pm - 5pm. Closed on weekends & Public Holidays.

Available at the following branches of HI-LO Food Stores:
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Overseas Masqueraders: Keep posted to the website for further information.

Makeup Artistry By Kirk Thomas - The Review

Getting my makeup done professionally for Carnival is a relatively new venture. In the past I have always done my face myself, I just could not fathom getting up in the wee hours of the morning on Carnival Tuesday to get to a makeup artist to do, what I thought, something I could do myself. However I decided to go the professional route in 2008. I chose Carnival Faces with Trudy Young last year because my hairdresser recommended her and I liked the work she had done; when I saw my hairdresser late in the evening on Carnival Tuesday 2007 her makeup was still going strong. And while I was pleased with the job that was done I did not like having to wait even though my friends and I had an appointment which eventually caused us to be late in meeting the band and having to race to South Quay from Woodbrook ON FOOT! Also, Trudy is not guaranteed to do your face, she has team of makeup artist and it is luck of the draw who you get.

This year I was looking in earnest for a makeup artist that did house calls since we had a group of about 5 or 6 girls wanting their makeup done and I did not want to be late in meeting the band again if the appointment system simply fell through. During my search I came upon Kirk Thomas and even though I had read his column in the Trinidad Express numerous times (even featured some of his tips on the blog) I never considered him as a possibility since I was not sure he did makeup for Carnival. Eventually I contacted him after viewing his portfolio on Facebook, and receiving very good reviews from other people that attest to the fact that he is one of the best.

I hit it off with Kirk from the first email I sent; he was out of the country but assured me that he was indeed doing makeup for Carnival. He asked for my number and promised to call me upon his return. A few days later I did indeed receive a call from him and I expressed to him what my friends and I wanted done for Carnival. I was quite pleased when Kirk was not only able to book us for the times we wanted but emphasized that he went strictly by appointment and that he himself would be the one doing our faces. Subsequent emails were sent with detailed instructions on the different looks each girl wanted along with the section they were in. I was pretty impressed by his professionalism even though his price was more than the other makeup artists were charging; $400.00 for makeup services without lashes, $450.00 with. (all prices in TT dollars).

I arrived at the Corner Bar (Kirk’s base for Carnival) for my appointment promptly at 5:00AM on Carnival Tuesday ; Kirk and his team (one other makeup artist) were already there and setting up their tools and a wide array of MAC cosmetics. In a few minutes he got to work on my face. I told him exactly what I wanted, the problem areas I had with my skin and just sat back and let him get to work. What I liked was that he explained what he was doing at various steps and also gave me pointers on skin care and also makeup application. The rapport was great and by the end of it I felt like I was chatting with a friend.

What I also liked was that Kirk was extremely professional, he had all our names, sections as well as the looks and colours he planned on using cataloged in a little diary. So all we had to do was say our names and he was like "oh, Nikki, plums and purples!" You did not even have to repeat your section. And best of all, in addition to the personal attention, he stuck to the appoitment giving me ample time to get dressed and find parking to meet the band on time.

The end result was amazing, I absolutely LOVED what he did with my eyes and also the face gems; I did not look like my regular pedestrian self and that was a great thing! Kirk totally transformed my look and his application was so precise and flawless! My skin looked great and the makeup did not look caked on. Instead of using gold and bronze to match my costume he went with contrasting colours on my lids and for the gems and it worked very well with my costume. Let me say again that I LOVED the look! I also loved what he did on the other faces, dramatic eyes and soft lips, they all looked stunning and I told him right there that I was booking him on the spot for the following year, which I did!

Dream - Island People

African Love Bird - TRIBE

Ruby Topaz - TRIBE

As for how well the makeup held up, mine lasted all day with only reapplication of lip gloss. The other girls who had their faces done also held up very well as you can see by the photograph of one of them below which was taken at around 6 or 7PM with all gems and makeup intact!

Only the Island People masquerader did not fare as well since she was drenched in the downpours that caught them downtown and her makeup did not survive!

Kirk Thomas can be contacted via email: or through his Facebook group Kirk Thomas Makeup Artistry or via telephone: 868-743-4211.

Some tips for you when getting your makeup professionally done:

*Select a makeup artist whose work and style appeals to you, I think it is best to match the artist with the masquerader as not everyone's styles will appeal to you or be the look you are going for.

*Walk with your headpiece so that the makeup artist can get an idea of how it falls on your face. Also wearing a piece of your cosutme (bra) or having a photograph will help them get ideas of the colours to use.

*Be vocal and let the makeup artist know the look you have in mind or just how dramatic you want your makeup to be.

*If you do not like the end result please say, it’s makeup, it can be washed off and redone.

* Allow about 30 to 45 minutes for makeup, so when you book your appointment keep the time in mind and also estimate how much time you will need to finish getting dressed, get parked and meeting the band.

* Get partially dressed before getting your makeup done and ask the makeup artist if there are facilities on the premises where you can finish getting dressed to save on time in meeting the band when you are done.

I hope you all were pleased with whomever you chose to do your faces this year; I saw some lovely, well made up ladies on the road. Feel free to send in reviews or leave a comment on the makeup artist you used for Carnival 2009.
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