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Thursday, May 06, 2010

Skullduggery Teaser.............

A hint of what's to come... I wonder if I can guess this section? Sketelle-ton perhaps?

Montreal's CARIFESTA Cancelled

As the President of The Caribbean Cultural Festivities Association also known as the C.C.F.A, I would like to start this letter by apologizing for the outcome of the City’s decision to cancel our 36th edition of the Carifiesta.

Having said that, I would like to stress that the 36th EDITION OF THE CARIFIESTA, which is what we, as a people grew up calling our carnival and have been enjoying for a number of years. The reason for bringing this up is to remind everyone that the history is on our side.

Having another organization, birthed on Dec 8, 2008, trying to take over CARIFIESTA from its place of origin to ruin it after having dispelled themselves by forming a competing organization based on our constitution is a poor show of caring for our community.

The C.C.F.A. headed by an elected body, consisting of 6 business oriented individuals who were voted in to handle the day to day business of the organization, is run by an organizing body of 55 members, most of who have been there from its inception.

After last year’s fiasco, the City of Montreal made it clear that this year, 2010; they would not share the permit as they did last year 2009. This was done as an exception due to the fact it was an election year.

Our committee was told by the city functionaries designated to our case file to take the issue to court and have a judge render a decision; hence, the court case in which everyone has expressed much curiosity.

For the past week we have heard a lot about “looking for FACTS”, yet no one has contacted the President of the C.C.F.A., who holds all documents and is the only organization mandated to grant access to all documents dealing with the business of the C.C.F.A..

The word “FACT” by definition is something that actually exists, a truth known by actual experience or observation, something known to be true.

Now that we know the meaning of FACT, we should mind how we use it as it may come back to haunt us in the long run.

The city officials of Montreal asked for certain documents which they received in an expedient fashion and still did not do with it what they promised.

On March 30, 2010, there was a court case to decide the outcome for the 2010 parade, in which the city was served and asked to send a representative to facilitate the case with an explanation as to why they would not choose one group over the other, and the City sent no one. Now they have removed themselves from any responsibility and placed it back on our community, and without FACTS, we the community, have done as they expected, placing blame on ourselves, holding us back once again through bickering.

Almost all of the costume bandleaders with the exception of 2, which will remain nameless at this point and time, have made it clear that they would not invest in building costumes as long as C.C.F.A. was not the organizing body and the actual holders of the permit. As they have been bamboozled time and time again by the former administration of C.C.F.A. who were expelled and now call themselves the MCDF. This is just to show that everyone involved in Carifiesta were unanimous in the decision that was carried out.

Again we would like to apologize for the end result, but let us not view this as a defeat, but as a way for us as a community to now stand up for what is right and have your voices heard.

Also, to use this time as a rebuilding process let us ask ourselves why we are so loud and outraged when there is negativity, and when it is time to do good or be positive we only respond with whispers and silence. We need to turn away from this way of thinking.

Also to those of us who have a voice in the community we should learn that sometimes, giving voice to negative drama is more damaging to us as a people than what anyone else could do to us. It is said that “WITH GREAT POWER COMES GREAT RESPONSIBILITY”. So I ask you, have you been responsible with your power? Think about that then let the community be the judge.

If the elders in the community who have taken care of yesterday do not pass on the baton to the generation of today, whose culture then will our children’s children be celebrating?

In closing, most of you have shown your support towards the C.C.F.A., and we appreciate it. If you would like to know how you can help, we answer this way: Attend all our events and show support, even by just purchasing a ticket. Become a member and have a voice, send us letters of support. Join our Facebook page, Carifiesta Montreal; keep in contact, and together we will work things out. The time to make a difference is now. Let your voices be heard.

On behalf of the C.C.F.A. organization I thank you for your continued support.

Everiste Blaize
President of C.C.F.A.

TRIBE Toronto Update

So, TRIBE Toronto's website is up and running......interesting!

Good Day TRIBE Toronto Members,

Just wanted to let you know that our website is up and running. - - So log on and take a look!!

Also, make sure to keep posted to it for updates and info on our upcoming events.... On that note....TRIBE TORONTO BOAT CRUISE COMING SOON so you know tickets going to sell fast so keep posted and thank you all for your support!!


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