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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Loose lips got it wrong!

Being a Trini I admit I do like to check out the gossip, so there I was reading Loose Lips on when I read the following:

I'm hearing that there is some trouble in the Tribe. Some committee members are all for opening up the band to welcome the masses especially those poor homeless Poison folks who are still without a band of their own. But some of the honchos are adamant that the band continues to cater solely to people of their own clan. Adding to the woes is the slow registration that followed what many said was a lack-lustre launch. Boy, Carnival is truly bacchanal and bacchanal makes for a wonderful Carnival.

Whoo hoo "Laura" registration has not even STARTED as yet so how can you say that TRIBE is suffering from "slow registration"? I know Trinis do like to run their mouths but at least get it right! People are ready and waiting for Tribe registration to begin, armed with TLC cards, and for those without the golden ticket, they are praying that the section they like does not sell out after the 2006 and 2005 masqueraders get their pick.

I just thought it was quite funny that these so called gossipt coloumnist don't even bother to verify the information before it is printed.At least she got one thing right, Carnival is bacchanal!

Tribe Prices are up!!!

And as I expected Fireman is $2935.00 with the backpack and $2825.00 without,. That price is no big surprise for me at all because for that costume I was looking at the higher end of the $2600.00 - $3000.00 price range that I was quoted. So if you are going for Fireman take the backpack,I think for only $110.00 more the backpack makes a bigger impact with the costume than without. Male Fireman is $2285.00 by the way.

Downpayment is $900.00, but if you read my blog earlier, I said that before so no surprise there either.

I am cool now, that's an increase of around $200.00 more than the most expensive section, Angelfish, this year and $250.00 more than I paid for my costume for 2006. And since my budget is $3000.00 I still have $65.00 left over for stockings and gold spray paint for my sneakers (I don't need boots with that costume) .Everything else better had come in that goody bag (like ear-rings, makeup, glitter and a digicel cell phone) AND I must get something to wear on Monday because I am not spending another cent towards my costume.

Fancy Indians has three prices :

Small headpiece Navajo(2695.00)
Medium Headpiece Cheyenne(2850.00)
Large Headpiece Mojave(3220.00)

Guys have it cheaper at :
2140.00 for the small headpiece
2740.00 for the large headpiece

Warrior Spirit:

Small headpiece Navajo(2750.00)
Medium Headpiece Cheyenne(2875.00)
Large Headpiece Mojave(3250.00)

2150.00 for the small headpiece
2750.00 for the large headpiece

Fancy Sailor is $2850.00 for female, $2195.00 for male.

Dragon is $2895.00 female, $2195.00 male

Jab Jab female is $2790.00, $2880.00 with standard, the male is $2175.00

Cow Mas is $2685.00 female, $2185.00 male

Jab Molassie female is $2995.00, male $2295.00..I go to be honest, I don't see why this costume is so expensive, all it has is a tail and horns!

Midnight Robber:
Female $2765.00, $2850.00 with standard

Male $2185.00




Pierrot Grenadae
Female $2595.00

Male $2175.00

Jean and Dinah:

Jean - Short Skirt 2,800.
Jean - Long Skirt 2,995.
Jean - Beaded Bra 3,295.
Dinah 2,800.

Yankee Sailor(male) $2050.00

All the prices are not up as yet keep checking the website!

By the way compared to Harts who charge for costume only I find the prices for some of the costumes are fair. For example the Male Fancy Indian costume with Harts is $2015.00 and the Female costumes with large headpieces cost around $2265.00 on average, so the additional $600.00 - $725.00 you are paying with TRIBE takes into consideration your all inclusive package for two days.

But I must add, now that the prices are out I do NOT think that Jab Molassie & Jean and Dinah are worth that high price at all.I know Jean and Dinah is Peter's section so maybe he is using the pricing at his store to account for all the accesories, hat and skirt...but that still does not price out at so much money for something I can throw together from my closet.Jab Molassie has nothing to that costume but the tail and the horns, I can't see anything on it worth the price of $2995.00 unless it is an outside section and they have to pay band fees (the band fees pushes up the price because you know the outside sections still have to make a profit after they pay TRIBE for the spot in their band,the all-inclusive package and to house,market and distribute the costumes.)

To me Pierrot Grenade, Fireman,Fancy Indian with the medium or large headpiece,Warrior Spirit medium or large headpiece, Midnight Robber and Jammette are reasonable for what you are getting (at least those costumes have more "substance" than others) Pierrot Grenade being a real deal because the costume is quite pretty.

Cow Mas and Sailor could have been cheaper since there are no feathers anywhere on those costumes, they both have just a hat.And since Jab Jab is a remix of Anemone it should cost the same or a tad bit more, the extra spokes in the headpiece and collar is not worth $400.00 more,hey I am being honest here.

I will wait for the rest of the prices to make any further comments,so now you guys can decide if it is worth it to you or not.
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