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Friday, September 22, 2006

Trevor Wallace presents "On the Cat Walk"

I have officially been invited to the media launch of Trevor Wallace's 2007 presentation "On the Cat Walk" on Monday evening.

Designed by Wayne Berkley and presented by Trevor Wallace On the Catwalk is a reminder of the beauty and creativity that can result from allowing pageantry and costume to find a home in Carnival. More specifically, On the Catwalk is a tribute to the legendary fashion designer Bob Mackie.

Robert Gordon Mackie is a world renowned fashion designer best known for his costumes for Cher and Carol Burnett. He has outfitted celebrities such as Diana Ross, Elton John, Raquel Welch, Tina Turner, Oprah Winfrey, Bette Midler, Sharon Stone and Judy Garland to name a few. Mackie is often called the sultan of sequins, the rajah of rhinestones and known for his sparkling and imaginative costume designs. He has won seven Emmy Awards for his designs and was thrice nominated for an Academy Award.

Mackie has said “A woman who wears my clothes is not afraid to be noticed.” And as such, that is what the band offers; a chance to be noticed and admired.

Having designed for television, film, dance, Opera, Broadway and Las Vegas, Mackie’s creations are ideally suited for a Trinidad & Tobago Carnival interpretation.

The band will feature ten (10) sections, each an interpretation of the style and flare that is Mackie mixed with the creativity and passion synonymous with the team of Wayne Berkeley and Trevor Wallace. Sections carry names like “Lemon Lime/Sorbet”, “Ca C’est Bon”; “Purple Passion”, “Magnifique” and “Serpent’s Sting”.

Trevor Wallace will once again be offering masqueraders an all inclusive opportunity to be… ‘On stage’, to model, to display, to have fun, to experience the essence of Carnival …On the Catwalk!
Now, I really appreciate being able to go the launch of these smaller, lesser known mas bands that might go unnoticed with the wave of hoopla surrounding the two big guns, Island People and TRIBE.

However, I am particularly thrilled for the invitation because I LOVE the crazy, wild designs Bob Mackie has done for celebrities like Cher and I bow down to Wayne Berkely whose mas designs left me in awe as a young girl visiting his mas camp many, many years ago. The marrying of these two entities has me very, very excited to see the offspring.

Bring on the mas!

Carnival Junction

For those of you caught up in the registration madness without knowing how you are getting to Trinidad, if you have a place to stay or even if you will get time off from work to visit, is there that nagging voice in the back of your mind telling you that you could possibly not make it for Carnival? If that doubt becomes a reality, then what happens to the money you so eagerly dished out to pay down on your costume since the downpayment is non refundable?

Well, if you were in any of the aforementioned situations this year (2006) I am sure you would have discovered or been guided to Carnival Junction. I found that website in January after my girl friend and mas compatriot found out she was pregnant in October 2005. She was toying with the idea of still being able to play mas, but decided in January that she was not going to. Faced with the decision of what to do with the costume she was now stuck with, I found Carnival Junction through a link on a forum. Seeing as I am the one who is internet savvy, I placed an advertisement on Carnival Junction for my friend's costume to be sold and within days I got several responses;the costume was gone in a flash!

That ad. was the first of what would be an avalanche of advertisements, some looking to sell costumes while others wanted to purchase. Carnival Junction filled the void between registration and the reality of being able to play mas, and even after my friend's registration card was in the hand of someone else, I continued to browse the website and was amazed at how many people were selling costumes!

On the flip side, if you are still mulling over the idea of playing mas and don't want to register in a band just yet for whatever reason, you can always take comfort in knowing that you might possibly get a costume for sale in one of the popular bands come January.

So, bookmark that website, you never know if you or someone else close to you might be needing it in the future.

Mas tips for Newbies

I have come to the realisation that alot of Mas Virgins have found their way to this blog, either by google, an email or word of mouth and they are somewhat lost among the seasoned masqueraders. There was the one person who enquired what was a "back pack", someone wanted to know the difference between frontline and backline and another wanted make up tips.

Normally I would write my own"Carnival Virgin Tips" but after Dolli's make up lesson yesterday I think it would be cool if other veterans submit their tips as well and then I can compile them all into a "Virgin Survivor Handbook", or something like that, and create a post or newsletter in the near future.

With that said I will appreciate it if all the Mas Jumbies out there email me with their secrets, tips, advice etc. that they are willing to share with the newbies who will be playing mas for the first time come 2007 (though I suspect others will find the tips useful as well).

Looking forward to hearing from you:

No Skandalus for 2007 and other mas news

I was informed that Skandalus will not be bringing a presentation for 2007 earlier this week and last night Alexia also confirmed that this is indeed true. To be honest with you I personally don't know of anyone who plays with Skandalus and I have never seen the band on the road, but I do know they have a loyal following year after year. Now that makes another crop of "homeless" masqueraders left without a band for 2007. I wonder if those persons will migrate back to Harts , from which Skandulus was borne, or look for other options?

Speaking of other options both Legacy and Genesis will launch their presentations in October, the former band will show their presentation "Hiawatha" on October 14th at the Anchorage while the latter has not given a date for the debut of "Troy". I am very curious to see if Legacy is going with a Native American theme given the name of the band for 2007, I don't think I have ever seen them do an "Indian Mas" and I really hope they do, it would be quite interesting!

Reigning band of the year Trini Revellers will be holding their launch at Pier 1 on October 15th (busy weekend) and their presentation is "The French Revolution". One private section, has launched from that band thus far; Rugeri Productions "Paris is Burning" and their website is up for those interested in registering or taking a look at the costumes.

Island People Registration.......

So I just took another look at the website, I have to admit I did not check it out after it was launched, and I see they have put a little notice that registration will begin ON or BEFORE Wednesday September 27th, 2006 . I guess that means between now and Wednesday people interested in registering have to stay glued to their computer's, since I don't want to appear to be bashing Island People I will leave that alone, but they could have given an exact date when registration begins, you don't think!

What I do like is the story they give every year, not that I am particularly interested in the story but it gives you the order the sections will be positioned in the band which I think is an excellent idea.:

The chapters of this year’s presentation encourage masqueraders to experience SAHARA the place where:

The rays of Le Soleil Brule inspire strength and diligence…
The Oasis quenches your every desire…
The grains of the Sacred Sand remind you even the smallest moments must be treasured…
Hidden within you is the Jewel of the Nile...
Arabian Nights celebrate in the beauty and splendor of life…
The wings of the Goddesses & Defenders protect and comfort us as we fly above our troubles…
The Tuareg invite you to continue on the journey…happiness awaits!
Nubians encourage you to step out of the norm…
Sirocco Winds encourage you to go with the flow…
Cacti thorns inspire live saving discipline…
The Sahara Jumbie (Juhm Bay) reminds us that in everything there is a jumbie… it is up to you to find the balance between good and evil…
Raiders of the Desert protect you from negativity…
Mirages cause us to seek the truth in all things…
The beauty of the Sahara Sunset calms you with the magnificence of nature…
I know Le Soleil Brule is going to be the first section since that was announced when Sonia Mack joined the team and from the story Sahara Sunset is the LAST. Nothing is wrong with being the last section, I just don't want to be in the rear of the band. If I were in Island People I would want to be in any of the first seven sections. To me when you cross the stage first all the thrill is gone way too soon and they tend to usher you off the stage faster. Being somewhere in the middle is ideal since you can always sneak back on the stage in another section, and by the time the last section crosses the stage people are ready to see another's no fun bringing up the rear for me.

I wonder where Fireman is in the section order for TRIBE? Guess I will have to wait until February to find out!
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