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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Band Launching Fever this weekend!

The two bands that rival each year for the title of "Band of the Year" are launching this weekend. Tonight is Legacy's launch of Hiawatha at The Anchorage and tomorrow is Trini Reveller's launch of The French Revolution at Pier 1. Today's Trinidad Guardian has this write up on Legacy's launch:

LEGACY will kick off the Carnival 2007 season this evening with the launch of its Carnival 2007 presentation—Hiawatha—at The Anchorage, Chaguaramas.

According to legacy bandleader/designer “Big Mike” Antoine: “Hiawatha is the title of an epic poem written in 1855 which tells the life-story of a fictitious Native American Indian of the same name, and which provides an insight into their legends, traditions, tribe and characters.

“The Native American Indian is also one of our most popular traditional mas forms. Although we have not yet launched, there has already been an overwhelming response to the theme and the mas camp is already abuzz with activity.”

Mike said that tonight, The Anchorage would be transformed into a powwow fit for the unveiling of Legacy’s 2007 designs with a live display of their complete range of costumes with names such as Minniehaha—Laughing Water, Apache Fire and Sioux Tribal Dancers.

Legacy’s road band, Traffik, featuring vocalists Shurwayne Winchester and Candy Hoyte, head the list of top drawer music to be enjoyed. Also on the playbill are Iwer George, Siparia Rhythm Section and some of Trinidad’s top DJs.

Antoine said that come Carnival 2007, Legacy will present a total of 23 sections, two Kings and two Queens, including current Queen of Carnival, Pamela Gordon.

Legacy’s mas camp will open for registration from 5 pm on Monday, and thereafter from noon to 8 pm daily.

Apparently the author of that article is unaware that the Carnival 2007 season "kicked off" with Harts Launch in August, followed by Tribe, Island People, Pulse 8, Genesis and Dream Team! Among the big bands Legacy and Trini Revellers are the last to launch, well apart from Brian Mc Farlane who always launches late.

To be honest I have to pick only one of these launches to attend since my schedule does not permit me to attend both. So far the nudge is to Trini Revellers tomorrow, apart from the fact that I am pleased at what I have seen so far of the sections that have launched, their theme is more interesting. I am thinking there is only so much you can do with Indian Mas, unless Legacy proves me wrong and presents costumes that are out of the proverbial box!

Anyways, I am off to my hairdresser to get all dolled up, I have a new outfit picked out but I am still waiting for the zeal to kick in! I am so not feeling for a soca fete this weekend. Hopefully listening to some Sherwin will put in the mood as he is expected to perform at both band launchings.

A little Gossip with your morning coffee

Ah yes, I checked out Loose Lips this week and she is all about soca artistes and the N.C.C. I have figured out who is the female soca artiste she is speaking about in the last paragraph, but I am lost as to who is the "macho" male soca star since I did not go to Soca Monarch finals this year.Anyways, here is the gossip, hot off the press!

This one will send you searching. There is an ultra macho soca artiste who is these days seriously wondering whether or not he should come out of the closet. Known for his dexterous acrobatic stunts on stage, the artiste has been living in the dark with his preference for a long time now and simply can't take the lies anymore. All Laura can say at this time is that while hundreds of women will be left in tears, there will be many happy boys looking forward to being among the first to have a chance to meet this artiste once he breaks the seal on his now capped sexual desires. Oh and by the way, there are a couple of cute female soca stars that are also swinging on the same sex vine and they just happen to be part of that guy's lime as well. Figure it out. Hint. Soca Monarch finals this year.

Now you did not hear it from me, but there seems to be a bit of trouble brewing within the headless chicken that is the National Carnival Commission. Even before the exit of former Chairman; Kenny De Silva, things were not running smoothly, but now that there is no clear leader the ship seems about to capsize. And these troubles come with the official launch of Carnival 2007 only weeks away. Where the money dey; seems to be the big question. Now Laura must make it clear that De Silva in no way whatsoever has anything to do with the money and one of the reasons he got fed up in the first place was because he could not get straight answers about expenditure. Laura hears that the proverbial condom is about to burst and boy will there be hell to pay.

A saucy female soca star is facing legal action from a very angry promoter that producers events in Los Angeles and New York. It seems that this wide angled singer that is known for her exaggerated pelvic thrusts was contracted to perform at a charity event in the United States this weekend and after having been paid called at the last minute to say without giving any reasons why that she was not going to make it. The singer is known for doing this and most times uses her children as the excuse. She has up to now gotten away with it, but this promoter is not letting it slip by and has indicated that she is seeking to have the singer arrested for fraud the next time she touches down in the States. Keep on checking Laura out for more on this one.

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