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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Monday Pics are up!

Trinijunglejuice has two galleries up of TRIBE on Monday; they also have a small review on the day's events.

Check out the photos here and here.

Mc Farlane and Machel take it all!

It was no surprise to any masquerader on the road Monday and Tuesday that "Jumbie" would win Road March, however it was played 334 times compared to 34 times of it's nearest competitor "Open de Gate" by Sherwayne Winchester! Congratulations to Mr. Montano for his second consecutive Road March victory.

Brian Mc Farlane, quite deservedly, won Band of the Year with his presentation Indian competing in the large band category for the first time. Despite challenges with relocating his mas camp and late launch Mc Farlane was able to surmount those difficulties and present a beautiful showing on both days.

You can read about the Road March and Band of the Year victories online at the Trinidad Guardian,

Costume Review............

When you are in one band for Carnival the disadvantage is that you do not get to see others. From my vantage point I saw several Island People masqueraders as well as a few from Brian Mc Farlane (saw the entire band on Monday doing their phagwa portrayal), Legacy, Pulse 8, Trini Revellers and Genesis.

Of the costumes I saw from Island People Sacred Sand looked beautiful! I really liked that costume at the mas camp and it looked the same on the road. Sahara Jumbie also looked great, the actual costume was of an iridescent material and only the headpiece had the black feathers. Jewel of the Nile, Oasis, Goddess and Nubians failed to live up to the hype for me. Jewel looked cheap; there some girls from that section in Tribe so I inspected the costume up close. My hubby even got some girl’s arm band from Jewel of the Nile and half the stones were missing already! Nubians looked okay, the frontline headpiece was a slightly smaller one than the prototype, now that is another thing I take issues with, and not only with Island People. Why do they advertise one costume and when you eventually get it they cheat you out of feathers or beads making the costume with fewer materials than what were displayed? Anyway, Nubians needed to be a more vibrant red and many masqueraders got rid of the fabric.

Island People

Oasis which was another one of my favourites looked quite “normal” on the road, nothing outstanding, and that headpiece looked like chicken wire! Goddess was one of those costumes that looked better on some people and not all. You simply had to be of the right complexion to pull off the costume, but overall it looked okay. Being the “hot” section I expected much more. As for Sirrocco Winds I finally saw what was reported before and I have to say the fabric used was not what was on the original costume at the launch! The new fabric was more of a hand painted print with shades of orange and brown while the costume displayed at the mas camp was gold/bronze, russet brown, orange and tan; I thought the gold added some much needed sparkle to the costume and without it the fabric looked dead. Raiders of the Desert looked cute, the girls I saw had more of a camouflage print going on than just plain kahki. I also saw Arabian Nights, which looked just like on the website, Cacti which was not so bad in the sunlight, Taureg looking good and Sahara Sunset which to me looked cute, except for the headpiece. The section that I thought looked really good was Le Soleil Brule, one thing about the majority of Sonia’s masqueraders is that they have the body to pull off the costume and the ladies I saw in the bronze costume looked really good.

For 2008 it would be nice if Mc Farlane could use real costumes instead of drawings , reason being that I had a somewhat difficult time identifying the sections except for Kaal (looked great) and Royalty (lovely decorations). Being the theme “India” my expectations were that all of the sections would have used fabrics that were light or silky, yet some of the ones I saw were cotton. The ladies dressed like villagers with the water pot, looked nice though the colours varied from the website and the jewelry they wore did not look very “Indian” to me. I guess I had one picture in my head of how the sections would look, and in reality they looked a bit different. All in all, Mc Farlane looked great from the little I saw and he took the Band of the Year title to kudos to him!

Mc Farlane

Harts as usual looked very pretty. They always use the most vibrant shades for their plumes and beads and the costumes are always well decorated. I saw many of the costumes and Atlantis looked gorgeous as well as Aztlan, Oceana and Shangri-la.

Legacy’s costumes looked really nice, I saw Kiowa which has been a favourite from the beginning with me and a few masqueraders in other sections. Of Trini Revellers I saw D Krewe’s entire section, and they looked really good as well as House of Hapsburg which looked great! I only saw a few girls from the section Mai Tai in Pulse 8, costumes looked ok and I saw one guy in Mojito and I liked how that looked. Genesis costumes, well the ones I saw, looked good. I saw Helen of Troy and Briseis which both looked quite good on the ladies I saw wearing them. The one band I did not see at all was Dream Team, though I saw a few photos of one section on

Hopefully I can get to see more bands through photos; I know is first on the ball with Carnival photos and,, as well as other online photo websites were all on hand taking lots of photos!

All photos from

TRIBE pics!

TRIBE pics are now up on! Check out the full gallery for more pics, as well as photos from Mc Farlane and Harts!

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