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Sunday, September 04, 2011

Explosion Carnival Band Launch- First Look

Photos from the band launch HERE 

The Word Carnival Presents Exodus

Roman Catholic Band "The Word" has updated their website with the name of their 2012 presentation "EXODUS". Due to launch this month  I am very interested in the sophomore effort by the Catholic Band, hope more details on an exact launch date is revealed soon:

D Krewe Q and A

Is D Krewe an all inclusive band ? 

Yes we are an all inclusive band.

What do I get with my purchase ?

Your costume purchase includes:
  • Costume (includes Monday Wear)
  • Drinks
    • All alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages on both Carnival Days
  • Food
    • Monday: A substantial afternoon snack
    • Tuesday: Breakfast with tea or coffee or water, Lunch, Afternoon Snack (mix of sweet and savoury) 
  • Cool down bus
  • D Best Road Music!
  • Ambulance
    • immediate response
  • Snowcone Truck
  • Security Security Security
  • Mobile Restroom
  • Surprises... and we mean surprises.

Does DKrewe provide boyshorts

We have many options available to you including boyshorts. You can check out  the following link to view our options and what they look like.

What is the crew of DKrewe like:
We are a wonderful mix that provides maximum enjoyment in a safe atmosphere

Do you guys provide Monday wear
Yes we provide Monday wear to ALL masqueraders. Stay tuned to our page as we will reveal Monday wear soon

Does DKrewe visit downtown
Yes we are a competing band and visit the following judging points
  • Adam Smith Square
  • Victoria Square
  • Downtown ( South Quay)
  • Queens Park Savannah

How can I register
Registration can take place either online via our website : or at the camp 87A Ariapita Avenue. ( next to wendy's)

How much is the downpayment to register
Downpayment for males and backline costumes- $1000 TTD
Downpayment for frontline costumes- 50% of the total cost.
Deposits are NON-Refundable
Remember if you are registering online, your registration is NOT complete until your downpayment is received.
Please note if you are registering and require a corset for either Elegante or Warrior, you MUSTsupply your OWN corset.
For Warrior : A WHITE corset must be supplied by the masquerader.
For Elegante: A BLACK corset must be supplied by the masquerader.

D krewe is committed to listening to your concerns and answering your questions. We have set up a Blackberry Messenger service that will address any questions that you may have. Scan the image below with your blackberry or add us via PIN : 21C573AB


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