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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Carnival Updates

So, I was informed that YUMA completed their photo shoot last Friday and it was "hottttt just like the costumes", so I get it, so I selling it! But between me and you I can attest that YUMA is going to be a feathered and blinged out astrologically celestial experience; lets just say from what I might have seen it is Brazil meets Showgirl meets "out of the box"  in the stars! Word is YUMA imported models from the good ole US of A for their photo shoot ; new, fresh, gorgeous, faces... hmmm. I am thinking I need to see some pics of these models that rendered our local models useless! Certainly money is not an issue for YUMA, humph!

Tomorrow , July 7th, Spice holds their Media Launch at Zen Rooftop. Surprise surprise I was invited, so look out for photos from the event and a little bit more revealed about the "Spice Signature Collection". Hopefully they will keep with tradition and show some costumes!

Round two of TRIBE's photoshoot takes places this weekend, double the band, double the costumes I suppose! And little birdies are whispering that the band launch might also be a double as well, two times the costumes? I don't think my heart can take all that excitement in one night! Oh, and for all of you who complain about traffic to Pier 1, take note TRIBE's launch will not be held in the West.. new location to be revealed soon!

Carnival 2011 has just gotten an adrenalin shot! 

And Here Come The Bandwagonists!

1. Bandwagonist
A bandwagonist is someone who mindlessly goes along with an action or idea, without any real reason other than other people are doing it.

Immediately following the delivery of TRIBE's email into several thousand people's inbox's last evening and the subsequent post on the blog, my facebook stream lit up with the question "TRIBE or BLISS"?.The question  extended to persons who have never played with TRIBE contemplating which band they wanted to be in, and  even the masqueraders who had sworn off playing in TRIBE altogether.

To say I was amused is an understatement, especially since I heard that according to TRIBE's poll many masqueraders were satisfied with the size of the band this year, so how come now everyone is all abuzz over the smaller more intimate experience? The bandwagonists are already hitching their wagon to the latest and newest thing, Bliss is on everyone's lips (even though some are clueless as to what Bliss is about) and I know for sure many of them will be disappointed.

Among even the die hard TRIBERS, who by the way think they have every right to expect first dibs on either band, the choice is not an easy one. They are not simply lining up like sheep to get into Bliss just because it is new; one has to consider where your choice of designer is, which costume grabs you, where your friends will want to be and even if you want to go to the Savannah or not. For me first priority will always be which costume I fall in love with, everything else secondary. My main concern at this point, even as a veteran masquerader is getting into the band when I have finally chosen my costume, and if I am worried that alone should tell you something!

The reality is that the numbers are basically the same, the options have just been doubled. What this means is that it is the same amount of spots total distributed in either band. If you did not get into TRIBE this year, think for one second how much harder it will be to get in NEXT year with even less people being catered for. And, if TRIBE is offering Bliss because their loyal and faithful masqueraders have complained about the size of the band, what makes you think that there will even be an option for the marish and the parish to get in? I foresee mass hysteria of epic proportions when people come to the realization that they may not actually  have a choice. I fear that no common sense will prevail especially on the TRIBE facebook group,  I feel sorry for the TRIBE committee members already!

My hope is that  TRIBE actually makes having a TLC count  next year, factoring that into the registration  process for both bands. I cannot tell you how amazed I, and many others were, to see some faces that never played in TRIBE jumping up in the most sought after costumes THIS year. Bandwagonists boasting about their links to get into TRIBE before a card carrying TLC member rubbed many people the wrong way, especially when these bandwagonitsts historically had nothing good to say  about TRIBE,  or TRIBERS, having previously being aligned with another rival band. If you are offering pre registration TRIBE, offer it to the people who HAVE been playing with you since 2005!

And my advice to the newbies, who complain every year about how unfair the process to get into TRIBE  is, start looking at alternatives because everyone simply cannot play in TRIBE or Bliss! You have to be realistic, I am just saying. For 2011 we now have a record number of bands for you to choose from if you want bikini and beads mas. There are the newcomers like YUMA, Oasis and Gems plus the stalwarts like Island People, Legacy and Harts. Then we have the bands with  strong public support like Spice, D Krewe, Trini Revellers and Pulse 8 . And if you want a smaller, more intimate experience take your pick from Dream Team, Wee International, Ronnie & Caro, Kaotic or Trevor Wallace. Not to mention there are even smaller bands like Genesis and Carvalho Mas

So, don't be a sheep and act as if Bliss is the second coming of THE ONLY BAND TO PLAY MAS WITH all over again people! Explore ALL your options, be practical and temper your expectations to reality. Above all else this remains true; TRIBE cannot accommodate every single masquerader just because they  now offer two SMALLER bands......let common sense prevail or God help us all after July 24th!
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