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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cosmeticon Prime Carnival Makeup Pricelist

For the Divas that need their makeup professionally done for Carnival, take note of Cosmeticon Prime's prices:

Carnival 2K10 Services Price List:

For the benefit of clients who need makeup services performed for parties, fetes and other events, at Home makeup services are being offered from mid-January to Carnival Sunday night.

Clients who are unable to meet appointments on Carnival Monday and Tuesday mornings and wish to have their makeup services performed at home (Carnival Sunday night or Carnival Monday night) will also receive a 'Carnival Pack', this would include: Jewels, Adhesive and adhesive remover and fix-it spray. Any Carnival Pak can be customized to meet the clients' needs.

At Home services for events can be made by appointment for the Carnival Season beginng mid-January - February 2010, cost based on nature of service requested.

Eye Lashes : TT$50 per person (Basic Lashes) - TT$125 and up per person (Premium Lashes).
Stretch Mark Cover: TT$150 and up
Full Makeup application (including all the above services) TT$350 and up.
Face Makeup only TT$250

* All makeup services are airbrush*

Carnival Monday and Tuesday Services include: Airbrush makeup, Jewels, Body glitter, Basic False Eye Lash Application. Stretch mark and scar cover available at an additional cost to Basic services, and only by prior notification when making initial appointment.

Airbrush makeup for both days : $375
Airbrush makeup for 1 day $225.
All applications include, jewels, glitter and eye lash application.
There will be Custom/Premium Eye Lashes available for an additional cost e.g. colored and metallic, the lashes included with the eye lash application will be basic lashes.

Should you be interested, please submit a copy of your costume(s) so that I can obtain any additional product(s) etc. for you. or

The Reality of All Inclusive Package Promises

Looking at the different websites for All Inclusive Carnival Bands that have launched thus far, it's hard not to notice the link for the package options which are part of the price we pay for our costumes.It really makes me wonder if these inclusive package promises sway masqueraders in any way to play with one band over the other or if anyone makes note, post Carnival, if they got what was paid for and advertised.

Truth be told I no longer look at or even bother to compare what is listed under the package details with what is actually provided on the road, I do not think for TRIBE the basic package details listed on their website has changed much over the years, with the exception of the removal of the air conditioned resting bus. I know for sure TRIBE is not giving Monday wear, that masqueraders will get a goody bag, lunch, breakfast, some paltry snacks and drinks on the road. As for "premium bar" that term can be used so vaguely and loosely that once they have in stock my "drink of choice" (Johnny Walker Black) I am not checking the bar to see what else is available. Off the top of my head I do know they serve Baileys and Alize but cannot tell you what brand of vodka or rum they serve or what is classified as "premium". I have never once used the mobile bathrooms or the shuttle service, but I do use the Cool Zone on Monday.

Basically the package is not really the selling point for me, though I will appreciate getting what is advertised even if I never use it. I do like the unadvertised amenities such as the nice set up at the lunch stop for the ladies restroom with full length mirrors, sunblock, safety pins, wet wipes etc. as well as the umbrellas and blankets provided to sit under/on. And I am sure other masqueraders appreciate the rolling road party truck and sponsor vehicles like the Heineken Club Zero where they can basically remove them self from the road and party in air conditioned comfort if they choose to do so, seriously I have never even bothered to see what that was all about!

These are the package goodies advertised by the following bands, the ones who bothered to list them on their website for potential masqueraders, I noticed not all bands have listed what the all inclusive package entails:

Island People:
Hot breakfast on Tuesday, meals on both days, munchies, finger foods & cutters everyday.

Premium drinks and cocktail on custom made bars placed strategically throughout the band.

LTB (Locate the band) Service - Call the LTB hotline at anytime Monday & Tuesday.

Shuttle to the band - All day Monday and Tuesday.

Security detail

Different this year would be meal chits to identify the food of choice by masquerader at registration. All meals would be prepared to be tasty, lean and healthy.

Unlimited drinks, unlimited fun, unlimited good times.

Six 40’ trailers powered by Trinidad’s best sound company’s with music from top twelve DJ's in the land.

Moving bathrooms with exceptional powder room service and amenities.

Survivor packs / ’goodie bag’

Impeccable Service

Fully stocked Premium bars with an endless supply of Alcoholic and Non-alcoholic drinks

A wide variety of food choices (Monday - Lunch, Snacks) (Tuesday – Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks and Dessert)

Highly-trained Security Team and Roping of the band

High Energy DJ Team

Complimentary Shuttle Service to the band (for latecomers)

Spice Goody Bag (Carnival essentials and keepsakes)

On-site Paramedic Team & Ambulance

Mobile Restrooms

Spice Cool Zones

Roaming Photographers

YOUR Spice Costume!

And of course, The Missing Ingredient!!!

Ronnie and Caro

Lunch on Monday

Breakfast on Tuesday

Lunch on Tuesday

Snacks – sweet & savory


Liquor soaked Prunes

Tequila Shots

T-shirt/Vest or Baby Tee for Monday

Reusable Backpack


Mobile Bathroom

Well Trained Security Detail

Premium Drinks

Vodka, Hennessy, Baileys, Scotch…

Premium bars with an unlimited supply of alcoholic & non-alcoholic drink

Lunch on both days

Breakfast and Snack on Tuesday

Private security team

On-site paramedics

Mobile restrooms

TRIBE Cool Zone ©

Complimentary shuttle service to the band

Roaming photographers

Goody Bags

And of course your costume.

Premium Bars

Zesty Meals and Cutters

Cool Zone

Luau Style Road Party

Red Cross (just in case)


Sexy Chicks


Mobile Restrooms

'No Nonsense' Security

Leisure Vehicles 'for the weak kneed'

Pulsating DJs

Unlimited Fun

Chick Magnets

So, I am pretty curious to know as a masquerader do you pay attention to what is advertised as your all inclusive package? Also, what has been your experience in getting everything that is listed on your band of choice's website when Carnival Monday and Tuesday rolls along? What are the "tasty, zesty, healthy" meal choices that you really get for breakfast, lunch and snack as well as what "premium" drinks does your band serve? Do you use any or all of the services provided such as mobile restrooms, resting buses, cool zones or shuttle service and do you find them useful or just another annoying truck to take up space on the road? And finally, what are the REALLY important services or amenities you would like included in your all inclusive package, if it is not already included?

For me, the ONE thing I would really, really love to have next year (2010) is a frontline/individual masquerader resting area (apart from everyone else) at the lunch stop where frontline and individual masqueraders (who pay a whopping price for their "costume extras") can have a place to shed their backpacks and headpieces and have them stashed in a secure area; I will never forget the woman who SAT on my tail and headpiece this year and gave me attitude for it, not having any respect for the costume! And I know it may be too much to hope for but, Andy Loos for the frontline and individual masqueraders will just be heaven!

Leave your comments below, and include the band you played with!
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