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Friday, September 19, 2008

Sold Out Section Update

TWO more sections sold out in Harts!

Pulse 8 Mas Camp Visit

I missed out on Pulse 8's band launch since I was not in the country that weekend, so I eventually made it to the mas camp to take a close up look of the costumes, mainly because several bloggers are interested in Pulse 8 and wanted my opinion on the costumes in person.

On the website I will admit none of the costumes "blew me away"; for the most part they are good enough costumes, I don't even think there is one I do not like, it is just that to ME nothing stood out to "wow" me. In person I got to appreciate little details that are not clearly visible on the website such as the beading used and the different types of feathers on these costumes.

After visiting the mas camp I had two minds about actually writing a review or posting photographs because clearly Pulse 8 does not appreciate anyone taking photos of their costumes in person. We were repeatedly drilled by someone who appeared to be in authority at the mas camp as to WHY we were taking photographs. When I indicated that it was to get a better, close up photograph of the costumes I was directed to look at the costumes on the website and was even handed a costume booklet!

If a band does not want publicity why give it to them was my thinking? What harm is there in taking photographs? I have not had a problem with any mas camp that I have gone to thus far and to be honest the photographs on their website are hard to navigate and do not give you a detailed, close up view of the costumes. To show how ignorant this particular person was when coming to what masqueraders desire when choosing a costume, a question was asked about viewing the back of the costume and we were told by the same person that "nobody wants to see the back of the costume as the front and the back are the same thing". I don't know about that gentleman, who I guess is clueless, but as a masquerader I do want to see the back! I can appreciate that the costumes are displayed in a particular way and because of that the back is not visible,but do not insult my intelligence by saying the back and front are the same; so I guess the BACK of the bra is the same as the front with cups right?

In addition no one could give me a clear answer as to if the INDIVIDUAL costume (looks like a frontline to me) is just ONE costume as the word INDIVIDUAL suggests or if there will be more than one made; I was told that usually they do not have many of THAT costume made, maybe one or two, five for the most... ok then!

Okay, enough of my mini rant on mas camps who get in a tizzy when people take photos, it is a pet peeve of mine. On to the costumes! After seeing them in person my choices would be Flaming Sambuca, Caliente and Explosive Ember. I so wanted there to be an individual option for Flaming Sambuca as that costume is pretty; I love the jeweled belt. The gems are held together by fishing nylon so it creates a skirted effect instead of falling like individual strips of beads, I would personally snip the nylon so the beads would fall looser. I am not feeling the plastic molded base of the headpiece but that is a minor critiqueExplosive Ember is a pretty shade of purple, I like it because the frontline creates impact with the big back pack. The other costume I like would be Caliente, not really a fan of the two different workings on the bra cups however it looks very outstanding and I can see the sequins glittering in the sun.

Hot Ice is also another one that looks good but the headpiece kills it for me , same thing with Hot Tamale which has a really nice fabric used for the bra and it is just wooden beads and cord; interesting details but the headpiece is the same exact thing as another costume in another band, just a different colour. I like the beads used on Tombouctou as well as the colour, do not like the fabric draping however. I like the beads on Pepperpot as well,something about the colour combination does not make this one stand out. Bush Fire I also like but too much fluffy stuff on the costume! Spicy Wasbai has great accessories and Sexy Samba is my least favourite of them all.

I was able to get close up photographs of SOME of the sections which you can view HERE; enjoy!
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