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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Island People Mas - Closer Look At Your New Heroes

Island People Mas Previews The New Heroes

Thank you everyone for the wonderful feedback! We are all about giving you what you want! So with that said, we have extended Pre-Registration until we open the mas-camp and release the larger photos of the costumes. So you have until about lunchtime Tuesday to Pre-Register and GUARANTEE the costume of your choice. Visit to pre-register now!

Monday, August 29, 2011

YUMA Question and Answer

Here is a compilation of Questions and Answers specifically asked of YUMA designer Richard Dookhdeen from Richard and Anthony Productions on the Trinidad Carnival Diary Facebook Fanpage. If you are not a Fan you are missing out on ALL the action over there, so what are you waiting on, join now: 

Does Apache Frontline come with a bra?
  • Yes the Apache frontline option comes with a Bra, a red based pink sequined bra in the size ordered when you register.
What are the sections that are offering corset options in YUMA?
Heavenly Sword Frontline, at the launch, the tiara the model wore looks different than the one shown in the professional pics. Which one will be offered during distribution?
  • The option shown in the professional pics/website will be the option delivered, often we re-style a costume for ramp, to create a desired visual effect.
Is the monokini for Luxor Frontline adjustable?
  • The monokini is also one of the infinkini options, meaning you con tie it to achieve a custom fit.
Is the Tyris Frontline bottom that salmon color seen at the launch or gold as seen in the professional pics?
  • The bottom for TYRIS is the Coral shown at launch.
Do the Frontline costumes that have wire bras have the option of having a regular decorated bra instead?
  • The Frontline costumes do not offer a full bra option as far as I know , but I am sure if you call the production department , they will be happy address that concern for you.
Can masqueraders order tiaras matching their section to wear on monday at an additional cost to their large head piece?
  • Any additional items for costumes such as tiaras , can only be confirmed through the production department, they will be happy to answer this question for you.
For Apache what is the standard MALE headpiece if you pay nothing extra?
  • The standard male head dress for Apache male is a native american HEADBAND , this can be viewed in our showroom.
Can any thing be done to help spice up the back of Tyris Frontline.The back of the collar seems a bit plain... The front of the costume is so sexy that I don't just want the back looking boring... You get these beautiful colors at the front then the back of the collar is standard?
  • The back of the collar has since been addressed and is no longer "plain" .
Have there been any changes made to the Luxor Backline headpiece or will it remain the same as seen in the photos
  • Luxor Backline has NOT been changed
I heard that there are no other options for Backline costumes such as: monokini, tankini. I have a friend that does not want a 2 piece. Is this correct?
  • There are no special options/ alternatives to Backline costume other than those shown in house, on the website, or at the launch.
Would the Luxor Backline bra remain as a halter? I really hope so. I remember Taurus last year looked like a halter but we got a normal bra.
  • Luxor , Tyris and all the other Bras in YUMA are multiple adjust, style bras,they can be adjusted in several different ways to ensure a custom fit.
The "small wings" for the Final Fantasy Frontline, are they the same size as those from the launch? Or are they a bit smaller?? Would you guys be offering a back photo of that costume with the wings?
  • Final Fantasy Frontline wings are the shorter of the wings shown at launch, the premium frontline are the wings that go all the way to the floor.
Is there a backpack in Spawn Frontline? I didn't see one at the mas camp on the mannequin...
  • Spawn Frontline is one of the back pack optional sections in YUMA , meaning , the backpack is an addition to your costume.
Can you tell me what the size range is in inches for S, M and L bottoms. Thanks in advance.
  • uUually we go by industry measure which is : Small-28-30, Medium- 31-34,large- 35-38 But  I urge you as requested by YUMA to put your Waist and Hip sizes on your registration card .
Can I get a wire bra done for Call of Duty Backline or can I pay and get it done myself?
  • Call of duty does NOT come with a wire bra option for the Backline as far as I know .
I would like to know if the Apache Frontline headpiece is the same as the Backline large headpiece as appears in the professional photos... thanks!
  • There are differences between both versions of the Apache shown , the regular option is a bit shorter than the Frontline option and the Frontline has a bit more embellishments

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Angel Wings

"Angels" still looking for wings ,the ones pictured are sold by Juan Pablo Collection for $250.00 US and they can elaborate or make the wings smaller in any colour. For information on details,additional photos as well as shipping visit the following websites and send them an email:

Friday, August 26, 2011

Explosion Carnival ... Teaser Video

Explosion Carnival Launch Postponed

Good day,

We would like to personally notify you of our decision to postpone our launch in light of the recent curfew regulations. We want to ensure the safety of our patrons, supporters and team and as such, felt that this decision was best. We will continue to monitor the current state of affairs and based on this we will make a decision as to when the new launch date will be. We have made a public statement via our Facebook page and will continue to keep you posted of our future plans. Thank you very much for your continued support and concern. We hope you enjoy the remainder of your day.

Kind Regards,
Explosion! Carnival
#72 Ana Street
Port of Spain, Trinidad

Tel: (868) 680-HEAT, (868) 480- HEAT

Thursday, August 25, 2011

UK Carnival 2012 Airfare Sale

Island People Mas Offers Pre Registration

IPMas 2012 is all about giving you real vibes on the road, stunning costumes, and exceptional customer service. We thank you for your enthusiasm and patience as we prepare to give you everything you’ve asked for!

As we put the finishing touches on the new and revamped costumes, we’ve been receiving numerous requests from people anxious to register even before seeing the new Heroes. Due to the curfew in Trinidad, we will be releasing the new costumes and opening our mas-camp for full registration on Monday 29th August. Until then, we are offering you a Pre-Registration opportunity which guarantees your top costume choice while saving you some cash.

Here's how it works:

1. Starting Thursday 25th August at 12 noon, Past Masqueraders will be able to Pre-Register online at or at the IPMas mas-camp for an open-section registration. New masqueraders will be able to Pre-Register from Friday 26th August at 12 noon.

2. To help ease the tension during the State of Emergency, we’re giving you a $100TT/$15US discount off your costume when you Pre-Register before Monday 29th August.

3. Select a costume or select “open costume” and pay the discounted deposit of:
$1100TT/$185US Backline & Males
$1500TT/$250US Frontline

4. When we release the new costumes next week, you will finalize your registration by picking the costume of your choice. (Registrations will be finalised in the sequence corresponding with your Pre-Registration number.)

Note: Although we haven’t released our prices yet, we can tell you that they range from:
Frontline: $4,995 TT - $5,995 TT
Backline: $2,995 TT - 3,995 TT
Male: $2,895TT - $3,395 TT

Once again, you’ve asked for it and we’re happy to listen to your requests and cater to your needs. Thank you for your input, we love having you as part of the team shaping your 2012 IPMas experience.

For more info please contact us through our Facebook Page, our BBM (Pin 26F2C411), Phone 868.622.8145 or shoot us an email at Our mas-camp is located at 50 O’Connor street on the corner of Warren Street in Woodbrook. It is open until 6pm.

IPMas…Real Vibes!!!

DISCLAIMER: This is a one-time offer valid for the first 300 people to Pre-Register. Deposits and/or payments made during this Pre-Registration offer are non-refundable. Please note that costume prices are subject to change. Final costume selection for Pre-registration must be completed within two business days after the release of the new costumes.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

YUMA registration Info Blast


We are pleased to announce the YUMA Carnival 2012 viewing & registration process.

Costume viewing at the # 12 Alcazar Street Showroom will be as follows:

* Tuesday 30th August 3-6pm
* Friday 2nd September 3-6pm
* Saturday 3rd September 1-4pm

Past Masquerader Registration*: September 6th- 10th
Online & General Registration: September 13th - 20th

Past Masqueraders must be on the 2011 masquerader roster. No exceptions.

Floor Member: TT$1500
Frontline: TT$2000
Online: 50% of costume price

All masqueraders will be required to provide the following information for registration regardless of relationship with the band:

Hipband (Belt) Size (32", 34", 36" etc)
Bathing Suit bottom type ( Bikini, Thong, Boy short)
Bra Size (30A, 34B, etc)
Bikini Bottom Size (XS, S, M, L, XL etc)

Some Front Line Costumes will require fittings which will be identified at the camp.

Waist Size (32", 34", 36", etc.)


* Anyone charging a fee of any kind to register persons for costumes is NOT an official representative of YUMA. Potential masqueraders are HIGHLY recommended NOT to utilize such services.
* There are various headpiece and costume options this year (tiaras, backpacks etc). Be certain you register for the costume type you desire as switches will not be facilitated.
* Payment at the camp will be via cash or linx. (Only Online Registration will credit cards be accepted).
* NO exchange or switching of sections/ costumes/ costume type registered for
* NO refund of deposit for any reason
* NO changing of measurements or sizes
* NO costume transfers
* Wire bras are not available in sizes larger than 34C. DD cups NOT available for wire bras
* Be certain to provide your own accurate email address and phone numbers to ensure your receive communication from the mas camp
* You can prevent fraud. Report any person attempting to re-sell costumes.
* YUMA's committee does have priority registration. This process does leave room for future levels of registration (past masquerader and public)
* Due to numerous instances of attempted fraud, YUMA reserves the right to refuse registration, request ID from registered masqueraders and/or to contact registered masqueraders for verification purposes at our discretion.

YUMA 2012 - Where real players come to PRESS PLAY!


YUMA Management Team

Ronnie and Caro 10% Discount On Costumes

Ronnie ad Caro is opening their mas camp and launching the website on Friday August 26 , for TWO days ONLY you can get 10% discount on your costume. Down payment is $800.00 and the special offer runs from August 26 to August 27 ONLY.

‎"PARASITE" Frontline

‎"MARDI GRAS" Frontline

‎"PHAROAH" Frontline

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