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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

TRIBE Issues a Statement - The Tribal Spirit will not be broken!

The Tribal Spirit will not be broken!

Dear Masqueraders,

TRIBE sincerely thanks you for your continued patronage of the band for Carnival 2012. Remember TRIBE is your band and every decision made is in the best interest of you - Our Masquerader!

The TRIBE team expresses its sincerest apologies to you, our masqueraders, who may have felt your Carnival experience was compromised with the band being prevented by the Officials from crossing the Savannah stage. The Savannah stage incident was unintentional and certainly regrettable. Rest assured TRIBE will be working with all the major stakeholders to ensure that this will never occur in the future.

Our masqueraders are our first and foremost important stakeholder and despite incomplete and inaccurate reports, we wish to advise you of the facts surrounding the band not crossing the Savannah stage before we respond to any other stakeholder.


On Carnival Tuesday morning the band left its start point en route to the official route when it encountered several other bands, which were now assembling on the official route (Abercrombie St.). Assembling on the Official Route is a violation of the rules outlined by the NCBA. Due to the fact that the official route was blocked by such bands that were not even moving but now assembling, the TRIBE Road Management team took a decision to make a detour (to Frederick St.) in order to keep the band flowing and to move the tail of the band out of the way of other bands. This action resulted in the officials choosing to penalise TRIBE for not sticking to the official route despite the fact that several other bands who also flouted the rules were allowed to access the Stage. However, TRIBE does acknowledge and take responsibility for deviating for the official route.

Later on in the day, the TRIBE team was informed of the reversal of the decision preventing the band from entering the Savannah, but the Road Management team could not at that point take the band back to the Savannah for what would have been a lengthy wait.

Please be assured that TRIBE made every effort to gain entry to the Savannah Stage for our masqueraders within a time frame that would have been safe and minimised the wait. Enduring a 4 hr wait with all the 'unsafe' incidents that usually take place during this period was not an option for our masqueraders.


This is a time for change, a time to improve and re-structure the management of our Trinidad Carnival. This incident highlights a major problem that Parade and Road Management teams struggle with every year - the fact that there is a "rat race" to the Savannah Stage every Carnival Tuesday morning, with several bands flouting the rules and assembling on the Official Parade Route creating a Carnival Band Gridlock! The problem is growing with the increased number of new bands, all trying to start as close to the Stage as possible. This massive convergence of bands in and around the Stage is a most serious concern for the Parade management and a huge disadvantage to those bands that start at their designated Start point (TRIBE Started on Stanmore Ave.).

TRIBE's Management wishes to assure you that we will continue to work towards creating the Ultimate Carnival Experience for you - the Ultimate Masquerader. We also wish to thank you for rallying with us despite the disappointment of not crossing the stage and transforming it into one of the greatest street parties throughout the streets of Port-of-Spain!

The TRIBE team thanks our wonderful masqueraders and the many members of the media (foreign and local) who left the Savannah stage to come to capture the Spirit of TRIBE on the road, a Spirit that will never be broken!


Still...The Ultimate Carnival Experience!

Trinidad Carnival 2012 Band Of The Year and Road March Results

Road March
1. Machel Montano - “Pump Yuh Flag”
2. Fay-Ann Lyons-Alvarez – “Miss Behave” 
3. Neil “Iwer” George – “No Pain” 

George Bailey Band of the Year (Large)
1. “Sanctification – In Search Of” – Brian Mac Farlane
2. “Carnival – The Golden Years” – Trini Revellers 
3. “Flight” – Legacy 

Band of the Year (Medium)
1. “Exodus – The Second Book Of The Bible” – The Words and Associates 
2. “Jus Friends” – Jus Friends 
3. “Dis Is We Thing” – D Harvard Revellers 

Band of the Year (Small)
1. “The Iroquois Nation” – Tribal Connection Cultural Promotions 
2. “Xante Trinbago Xante” – Rosalind Gabriel & Village Productions 
3. “Festivals of the World” – BOSS (Belmont Original Stylish Sailors) 

YUMA "Press Play" Carnival 2012 Review

Its hard to believe that only a few hours ago we were all still chipping down the road, celebrating another incarnation of Trinidad Carnival. This year I decided to jump ship from a band that I played 'marse' with for three years to try out the 'All Inclusive' package. Needless to say, I choose YUMA and it was quite an interesting experience.

Costume Collection: A++
I must commend YUMA for their extremely smooth costume collection service. At no point did I have to quarrel, curse or beg anyone for any piece of my costume. By the time my receipt was scanned, the costume was already assembled and ready for you by the time you made it to a CSR. Although I was one of the few who didnt get all of the stuff in the goodie bag, thats just an oversight I believe....I dont know why grown people quarreling and vexed because they didnt get corn curls or free condoms...anyways YUMA great job on distribution.

Costume: A++
I just loved my male Azteca love loved it. The glue however is too weak though...come on folks...use magnatac...its messy but its stronger.

Carnival monday: C
Hands down this was the worst carnival Monday I have ever had in my 6 years of playing adult mas. I commend YUMA for arranging a very close meeting point near the savannah but clearly someone did not THINK that the trucks would not have been able to turn the corners! Not only did this kill the vibes but it was also very dangerous as at several points they nearly pulled down wires and damage the roofs of nearby buildings.

Crossing the stage was 'meh'. I dont know if it was because it was so early or because the stands were empty or what - but it was the first time that I have walked across the savannah stage. It was weird...we had to wait for the music to arrive while on stage and I even heard a friend complain that the end of the band didnt get music....again it was strange...I really dunno what happened there.

Lunch! Well boy where to begin having all of those masqueraders on the bridge to enter St. Mary's Grounds was so dangerous...god forbid if it did collapse....and I think that is a very real possibility. Next, there were no signs at the 3 tents to get your food! So people had to go up to the tents to figure out what was being served. Once I joined the queue this is where people's true colours came out. Common sense dictates that you cannot serve food into boxes with scores of hungry people in front of you in the hot sun. It just wont work. Case in point...for those of us who received 'box lunch' as children, we know that the food is prepared early in the morning and packed into the boxes and then placed into the insulated boxes...where they can stay safe and warm for at least 8 hours....So can someone explain to me why suberb catering got that stupid idea to dish it out on the spot? S-T-U-P-I-D!

Next...the behaviour by some masqueraders was just unacceptable. I would love to use a very inappropriate word for the behaviour I saw, but lets just say it was gutter trash behaviour. I saw men fighting with caterers. Women cursing the caterers. People skipping. Men cursing women. People throwing down food....yes ...people so vex they throw down the food. It was so bad, my cousin came to me from the Hakka tent in they threw her down as people scrambled for food. At one point I saw a short fat girl climb onto the table and started to curse curse curse....really guys? YUMA this is totally unacceptable and you must not use those caterers next year and ensure that security is there to monitor the lines!

Carnival Tuesday: A+++
Despite me having to run to meet the band in time...I must say YUMA, you did extremely well on Tuesday. Crossing the stage early was epic...I have not crossed that early since Tico Skinner and Harts how many years ago! Road vibes was just awesome...drinks both alcoholic and non-alcoholic were just flowing...Iwer on stage was just EPIC! Lunch was much better organised and I must give Danielle Jones two thumbs up as I overheard her on Tuesday discussing some of the changes they made between Monday and Tuesday. Heading to St. James and Mucarapo on Tuesday was a great idea but sadly we were beseiged by stormers once we headed down the avenue. Thats a consequence I guess when you head in that direction at that hour of the day. I am curious to know how in the world did stormers get legit yuma wrist bands....I point fingers at masqueraders....come on folks stop spoiling the fun for others and it will only result in yourself getting extreme difficulty to get into the band next year.

All in all I give YUMA an A....They have definately made up for their shortcomings last year and most importantly to me the road vibes was on point. I would definately play again with them in 2013 if given the chance.

See you guys next year

Trinidad Carnival 2012 Photos

Listing of some websites/Facebook Pages where you can relive the Carnival memories! And if you find a link to photos online do not hesitate to post it in the comments:

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Carnival Tuesday Photos

Click on the photo below to see just some of what you missed if you were not in YUMA this year. For the record I had an awesome time in a fabulous costume, review to come soon of my Monday and Tuesday Carnival 2012 experience.

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