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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Clearing things up..

It would be remiss of me not to make a statement on the “She Said.. ...He Said” post. I would hope that everyone understands that the opinion of one affiliate does not reflect the opinion of Island People Mas. That the judgment made by one individual over a simple comment does not take away from the fact that for the most part Island People masqueraders had nothing negative to say about their 2008 Carnival experience and that from registration to costume collection to on the road experience YOU all have stated you had an enjoyable Carnival experience with Island People Mas. Therefore, I would hope that as objective readers, you can separate the “drama” in that post from the Island People Mas family as my intent was not for anyone to have any ill feelings towards the band. I would like to also add that I have known Wyatt for a number of years and from what I know of him in no way can he be considered a racist, nor did I see anyone say that in the comments that were left on that post. Obviously he felt otherwise and we shall agree to disagree and let the whole issue die a natural death! Wyatt, I apologise for causing you distress over the whole issue, and I hope that it is clear that you will not be judged as being "prejudiced" or "racist" by me or anyone who read that comment.

Dear TRIBE....2008 version

Well, it took me long enough to write my “Dear TRIBE” letter, as always other bands wishing to take note can apply the recommendations made:

1. Extended hours for costume pick up – I know you all thought the hours of 5:30 to 9pm was catering to the after work crowd, but starting distribution earlier in the day would help alleviate the line up as one bounces around from station to station. I for one will gladly leave work at ANY time to pick up my costume, since fast track for me was not THAT fast.

2. Mobile snacks on the roads is needed, something between breakfast and “lunch” to ease the hunger pangs of masqueraders who skipped breakfast , must eat on time or who just like their belly!! I don’t know how much I can complain about the tortilla chips and peanuts, too salty, but the Mario’s of course is always yummy!

3. Hire a quality control officer; one whose job is to visit each and every costume being manufactured to ensure that the six feathers advertised on the headpiece is exactly the six feathers masqueraders will get when they open their box come costume collection day.

4. For the premium price we frontliners are paying, the “ultimate experience” needs to step up the game! Yes, the complimentary photographs were nice, thank you very much. But As I was reading WUZDESCENE Blog I saw her raving over these “luxury loos” called Andyloos featured at Brian Lara's fete, and I think it would be PERFECT at the lunch stop for exclusive use by frontliners and individual masqueraders . To your credit the PARC units were clean HOWEVER using one of those is like being a sauna!!! I am not fussy, so we will pass on the Ultimate Luxury design and go for the cheapest Andyloo set up, The Millennium.

5. Bring back the resting bus and get rid of the smoking bus! Smoking is bad for your health and really, that has got to be the most underutilized vehicle on the road. Masqueraders who were ill were forced to leave the band and find refuge somewhere else. I know this happened to one of the ladies in Lady of the Lake frontline and if there was a resting bus she could have used it to recuperate instead of making a trek from South Quay to her aunt’s house in Belmont and then having to find her way back to rejoin the band!

6. Please do not raise prices!!! Ok I can understand that everything is going up in Trinidad, I was shocked to see the price of cheese and milk when I went to the supermarket last week, so I know that this will be used as a justification for raising Mas prices once again for 2009. However, it would be nice to have costumes remain in the same price range as they did this year, or else I fear some people will be priced out of TRIBE. Personally I have no complaint with the prices for Frontline Costumes this year and will be ecstatic if they remain the same price for 2009 UNLESS we get some SWEET amenities as frontliners, such as the Andyloo lol.

7. Can we NOT have more masqueraders for 2009??? Even though I was to the front of the band, I did not even bother to walk any further to see just how massive it was but I have gotten enough reviews and complaints that the band was TOO BIG.

So, that is all I have to recommend really, I am sure others will put in their 2 cents on other concerns or advice that they, as masqueraders can give to bandleaders. Please note that though others may have different concerns and will make recommendations as such, these are the areas that I see need some tweaking in the overall sphere of my mas enjoyment.
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