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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Oracle Section VI

I absolutely love this section and cannot wait to see the real thing! Prices will be revealed tomorrow along with section VII.


We are allowing a simple process of good or bad decision making to turn into a world wide problem.This section represents bad decisions we make about our own future, usually fueled by the experiences of sections III, IV, and V. As well we use this as a metaphor for the victime of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, our thousands of brothers and sisters who may ultimately face death from the same process that brings us life. Every effort need be put into finding not just a cure, but a way to heal the mindset that allows this sort of decision making to prevail. the medicine will cure the disease, but what will cure our minds?


Sticking our heads in the sand and pretending that all is well, is one option. The other is to accept what is, throw away the stigmas and embrace, realistically, openly, honestly embrace the problem. What are we leaving behind for our kids? what role are we going to play in their futures? Section VI focuses on the repercussions of decisions that we make which clearly do not serve us, decisions that we regret. Funnily though, decisions which we were almost sure we would regret before making them. we damn our subconscious with these actions and then feign surprise when we meet up with the ramifications.

Roll Call Update

Anyone who has registered and would like to be included on the roll call please leave a comment! Thanks.

Roll call for 2008 Carnival

Caisoqueen - Black Magic
Tiffany - Black Magic
triniting - Black Magic
shandy - Black Magic
gtwarrior - Black Magic
sagagyul- Black Magic
drew - Black Magic (Monday)
yazzy662- Black Magic
*wasp cousin - Black Magic
waspwidfirecracker - Silver Mist Frontline
Carnival Jumbie - Silver Mist Frontline
darkie-ann - Silver Mist Frontline
babsb - Silver Mist Frontline
Sexelise - Silver Mist Frontline
Jaded Teardrops - Silver Mist Frontline
Lulu - Silvermist Frontline
Mistysilver -Silver Mist
QOS- Silver Mist
D Spirit - Silver Mist
drew - Silver Mist (Tuesday)
Amy - Silver Mist
Krissiegirl - Silver Mist
Mystique - Mystique Frontline
sumatie - Mystique
sexy eyes - Mystique
TrinInIgYaL- Mystique
quicksilver - Mystique
Kevian- Goddess of the Chase
analisef- Goddess of the Chase
Prinzez Diva - Goddess of the Chase
Deedee - Goddess of the Chase
Gracia - Goddess of the Chase
Goddess - Goddess of the Chase
Princess Redz - Goddess of the Chase
DC Trini - Lady of the Lake Frontline
Carla - Lady of the Lake Frontline
mj- Lady of the Lake
shells - Lady of the Lake
LB- Lady of the Lake
NatashaC - Lady of the Lake
*shells friend - Lady of the Lake
Kaya Kitty - Water Nymph
dajewel1982- Water Nymph
Tru- Water Nymph
Kira - Water Nymph
*shells sis, cousin & 3 friends - Water Nymph
wajang- Water Nymph
Ms Trini Passion - Isis Option A
South Reds - Isis option B
TriniAries - Isis option B
*shells friend- Isis option B
dougla_1 - Myths of Babylonia
TRIBEANU - Myths of Babylonia
Jay - Myths of Babylonia
Dinah - Myths of Babylonia
Mia - Myths of Babylonia
Keitrini - Almathea
Carnivalvirign- Almathea
1sxytrini - Almathea
ms. hershey - Almathea
socadiva - Autumn Sprite
candy - Autumn Sprite
dinah- Autumn Sprite
Pearl Princess - Autumn Sprite
*shells sis & friend - Autumn Sprite
MohiniCruzan- Mystical India
*shells friend - Mystical India
Brownin - Sun Goddess
Janelle - Sun Goddess
Mimi - Titania
Jo-Ann - Pixie Dust
Mel - Pixie Dust
Chell - Pixie Dust
Katrina - Pixie Dust
JT- Pixie Dust
AA- Butterfly Bliss

squeezle -Apocalypto
jumbie- Apocalypto
meg - Coming to America
jap - Coming to America
TriniPrincessa x4 - Apocalypto
Prince Namor - Geronimo
Trinigurl - Prince of Egypt
Mritz - Prince of Egypt
GirlBlue - Prince of Egypt

Ronnie and Caro
applesaucebaby- Wild Fish Frontline
*applesaucebaby crew - 30 people in diff sections
Another Trini to De Bone - Wildfish x 4
Afro Chic - D Mang

Island People
cb- Kingfisher- Frontline
trinizeta - Kingfisher Frontline

Leah - Kingfisher
Sommer - Kingfisher
cb - Kingfisher Frontline
Nikki-ann- Cheetah Frontline
S- Cheetah
Natasha - Silver Fox Frontline
Trini S- Silverfox
Ursula - Sliver Fox
Neesha- Silver Fox
tabita-ann- Black Widow
mayching - Black Widow
Divia - Dragon Lizard Individual
Prima Donna - Egret Frontline
triniwifey- Egret Frontline
Monique- Zebra
Shannon - Zebra
SaundraQ - Zebra
trinijam - Lion
Nikki- Ann - Cheetah
Ms Q - Zebra
Island People crew (50+)

D Krewe
Jan - Climax
Aruban Haitian Gyul - Seduction Frontline
Baccahanalmas X 21 - Fantasy

Mc Farlane
Tacariguagyul - Fires of Rage

Kim - Rouge
VX- Tantalize in Teal
DeeDeeB- Orange Appeal
Kuntreegal- Mint Passion
Malicious Jade - Green With Envy

Pulse 8
Trini Orisha Gyal- Ganawa

2 More Sections Sold Out in Harts

Gone are Pirates of the Caribbean and Sahara. Interesting is that one costume is on the cheaper side while the other is one of the most expensive ones.

In total Apocalypto, Geronimo, Jewel of the Nile, Pirates of the Caribbean, Sahara and The Good the Bad & the Ugly are all sold out with Harts to date.

Oracle Section V

This one is female only and the sections are being revealed faster, almost as an exciting lead up to the launch! Next section coming in 13 hours! Stay tuned to the website.


We are usually responsible for the messy situations we get into, yet from the depths of our own self doubt and insecurities we sometimes find it difficult to allow others to be happy. We tear them down in whatever way we can just so we can feel a little better about ourselves. This 'method' of dealing with insecurity only harms our progress even more. How poorly we must feel about ourselves if the only 'good' we can 'experience' is in the down crying of others, who, more often than not, seem to have achieved that which we wish we could, bless them and continue on with the journey.

Wee International presents the Untold Story

New band for Carnival 2008,Wee International held their media launch for the presentation "Passion, Lust and Lies - the untold story" at Coco Lounge last night. Though the venue was a bit challenging for the proper viewing of costumes, Coco Lounge is one of the newer liming establishments in Trinidad catering to the crowd that wants to just socialise among friends with a good cocktail. While the ambiance was great, seeing the costumes as a guest at the launch meant peeking over the tops of others heads as the space was very tight.

The theme of Love seems to be popular this season and as a consequence the section names were familiar. Albeit the costumes reflected nothing of the theme some of them however were a departure from the feathers, using plume less headpieces and leaving the beads behind in favor of fabric which made for some interesting designs. I like Unfaithful, yet another black costume, Deception and Fatal Attraction which reminds me of Sonia Mack's Morocco!!

After the formal launch I was able to chat with the men behind the scenes of Wee International and they were somewhat hesitant to let the public know that Wee is a combination of the sections La Flor and Prestige Promotions from the now defunct Poison. To me it gives some credence to the band as I had no prior knowledge that anyone involved had any experience in bringing any type of mas. The target for maximum masqueraders is 1000 to 1500, a deliberate attempt to keep the numbers under control to meet their expectations of keeping it intimate. Wee intends to bring to the table costumes that are affordably priced as well as offer the product to an international market with chapters in London, Ireland, Bahamas and New York.

Here is a bit more on what Wee has to offer:

Born out of the desire to re-introduce the family vibe to Carnival,Wee was created. Wee International a group of foreign-based Trinbagonians joined forces to bring back that down home, family vibes of a West Indian love affair we have known to be Carnival. Having witnessed the changes over the years, in attitudes and behaviors to what Carnival represents Wee welcomes the challenge to expose the masses to the true meaning of Carnival and what Wee know CARNIVAL to be.

Wee are dedicated to giving the individual masquerader that personalized experience, through an intimate small band. Wee are the alternative to the big band, big market oriented environment.

Wee will be featuring – everything (well... everything, except the kitchen sink) to make your time with family and quality friends a blast!
All inclusive:
- Unlimited drinks (beverages, premium drinks)
- Food
- Mobile rest stops
- Black tie full service attendants
- A-Class security
- Transportation to meet Wee.
** All inclusive to a well made, well managed cost effective product**
Wee are about creating an environment that always you to you have the most fun! Join us in experiencing the real thing - Wee ting - Wee CARNIVAL

For more

chubbie 50 In reference to the association of La Flor and Weeinternational I would like to stress that the two organisations are in no way affilated WEE was spawned from one part of the La Flor /Prestige Promotions effort to portray a section in Poison for a two year period there after there [sic] separate ways.



Eternal Love

Burning Desire



Seductive Dance

Secret Fantasy

Forbidden Pleasure



Fatal Attraction



Prevention Tips for Slaves to Mas

These very useful and excellent tips come courtesy JJ aka Angostura (because she is bitter about missing Carnival in 2008). I would like to say thanks to her for her contribution as masqueraders often overlook these areas in preparations for mas and her attention to the little details means invaluable advice to all:

When I first got into long distance ( 5-10K) charity races a few years back, I discovered all these behind-the-scene secret remedies and prevention formula walkers and runners use. Unfortunately, I forgot these tips after my first foray into serious Big Carnival and I came home Carnival Monday in Trini 4 years ago with all sorts of chafing, sore toes, blistered ankles. Man it WAS NOT PRETTY. Since then, I have always stocked my suitcase with an arsenal of preventative treatments,which if not sold in Trini, for the locals, can be ordered online.

Oh yeah, but first, I was catching up on the blog and saw the dilemma with the cage bra and potential nipple exposure. This would really only apply to those FHO and IHO in cage bras, but I have some Maindenform brand pasties that I use with backless evening dresses . But I did a search and discovered there are some silicone ones that may be better and longer lasting called Nipple Concealers

For chafing between the thighs, groin area, armpits, I suggest these products you put on BEFORE you leave for the road and if it can fit, would be great to keep a small amount in your pouch, backpack or wherever for emergencies, if needed:

The products are Body Glide, Runners Lube and Bag Balm (okay, this product is ordinarily for animals and was sold in feed and hardware stores b/c is was designed for cows udders when they chafed from milking machines, BUT since then, humans discovered that it is DE BEST for chafing and the company now sells the product in small canisters for humans. It’s made of all natural and safe for humans.)

For the Feet, especially for those wearing boots, it maybe essential to have the proper support to prevent and maybe ease the suffering from chipping 2 days straight.I remember having red blisters on my ankles and black toe one year. Black toe is the condition caused by your toes rubbing against the front of the shoes. VERY AKIN TO WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU CHIP ALL DAY. I discovered a product made by bandaid that is EXCELLENT for blisters and toes:

Finally, I am pro-nane and land on the front of my feet when I walk or run and for that my padding gets calluses and chafing often Dr. Scholls makes a product out of moleskin that you wrap around the feet.

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