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Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Now that Pulse 8's website is up I thought it would be fun, since I was vex this morning, to post a few pics of my favourite costumes so far for 2k7 Carnival from the websites that are up and running.

Harts (minus capes):


Benin (the one on the left with the short headpiece, I also like the Male)

Pluse 8

Wicked Waitress

Sapphire Ice

TRIBE (still waiting for Frontlines to make a final decision)




Jab Jab

Pulse 8 Website is now up!

I tell you the people who read my blog are quicker than me because I was just alterted that Pulse 8 is now fully online. I like the website, though the music and flash are slowing down my work P.C. , the whole bar scene is quite clever with the product placement and subtle advertising of their sponsors.

I also noticed that the downpayment is $800.00 and all the prices are now posted (there was no price for Love Potion #9 when I went to the camp.)

Good job Pulse 8, so far they are sticking to deadlines: the mas camp was opened on Wednesday the 6th only three days after the launch, less than a week later the website is up and they were opened for registration the day their mas camp doors welcomed the public. A very good sign of things to come and I hope everything else is as organized for their potential masqueraders total Carnival experience. See, there are bands out there that know how to get the job done in a timely and effective manner.

TRIBE's Website updated again ...

The site was really giving a little trouble before, like I could not go to page two of the costume photos, but now I see they have fixed that problem and added the components of the male costumes listed. There is also this this announcement posted:
Please note Wholepieces, Tankinis, and Hot Shorts are available in ALL sections except Jean & Dinah and Imp.
Tankinis and Hot Shorts are available in Imp..

There is an additional cost for these special request options.
These are:
Wholepiece - add TT$100.
Tankini - add TT$75.
Hot Shorts - add TT$40. (except Fireman - included at no additional cost)

Begging them to take yuh money

Well, I never read something as ignorant as what I read on the Rumshopmadness forum this morning and it get me vex, so vex I considered joining the forum to post a response but I already know that it will come down to a strong defense for a stupid point. So, since I can post whatever I damn well please on my blog I will say what I have to say here. These are quotes from a poster on that forum regarding Island People's silence on registration:

"I don't think anything suspicious is going on with the amount of time they're spending to put up stuff.
People are so ready to hurry up and come n harrass the damn ppl, the ppl cyan even ketch themselves.
Patience is a virture. If people can't wait then tell dem find a next band.
I was never a fan of this launching early crap, so they can take as long as Dec. if they want.
I rem. buying my 2k5 costume in January while in TnT, now everything is one big rush to get in de band, and to put a downpayment down in august/sept.

"When the time is right, they will make their announcement and broadcast their movements. Until that point, people need to relax and have patience.

Let me stress this point, Islandpeople isn't begging masqueraders to come play with them, it's the other way around, and if people don't like how they're going about their process, they are more then welcome to venture to one of the many other masbands in TnT.

When they launch they launch their website, I don't understand why people fretting up themselves.

Ip is not the only band in Trinidad, this band as well as many others get too much attnt.

If ppl don't like their customer service skills, find a new band, n move along!!!

All these options of mas in TnT yet we stay focused on 2.
I done!!!"

Hear nah, so what I am understanding it is OUR fault for harassing the people why they taking their cool time with releasing information,? And on top of that they are not BEGGING us to play with them is the other way around, so as a result they can treat their masqueraders like crap if they like ? And if the masqueraders can't handle that treatment they are free to find a next band?

Well, I am not playing with Island People but I find for those who are that is real nonsense. I am not attacking the band just the sentiments being echoed by people who are willing to excuse what I see as pure discourtesy to masqueraders who are willing to fork over thousands of dollars to a business place.

If information was forthcoming there would be need for a barrage of phone calls or emails from people who support your business so it is inane to say that WE need to stop harassing them like they did not know the steps that follows a launch, have your agenda organized so that things will run smoothly, and even if you have hiccups at least INFORM the public.

And secondly, I am stunned that someone would be so boldface to say THEY not begging US to play with them, it is the other way around and if people don't like it they can go to another band. If someone tells me that about a company I was going to spend $3000.00 of my hard earned money on I would be hot footing it to another company. That sort of smug attitude does piss me off to no end.

It amazes me how everybody is now a mas expert and saying when mas bands should and should not launch. I am playing mas donkey years, and when I started playing "big people" mas I have been going to Harts band launching in August and registering for my costume soon after. I don't know about registering in November and December, though I know it happens with other bands.

The fact is nowadays is not long time days when the number of people playing mas was much less and you had comparatively less bands. Now we have more bands with more masqueraders and in order to get organized AND allow people time to pay for their costume most bands are now launching earlier. What is the big deal in that? Do you really think you as a mas band leader, can show up in December to place an order by the company who is making the bikini or headpieces and get them made by January when they are also making the same for other bands? There are so many little things that go into bringing a band that the masquerader has no idea of, and if you not organized as a mas band you will fail in your delivery.

And what about the stress on your pocket, imagine you have to fork over $900.00 in December to pay down on your costume and in January you have to pay off the next $2100.00? I know lots of people who use the early launch as an opportunity to save or make payments towards their costume. I for one stretch out my costume payments over the months, budgeting accordingly so I won't have to "feel it" when I have to pay off the balance.

So, I am not blaming Island People for the mentality expressed by that poster, I just think it is a damn shame that they are willing to accept and excuse mediocrity. I am not forking over $3000.00 of my hard earned money in silence, if people need to be called out for doing crap I opening my mouth and saying so until they get their act together. But, honestly, if it were me, I would really take that advice and find a next band to play with!If you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.
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