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Friday, March 19, 2010

Poison 1, Poison 2... TRIBE 1, TRIBE 2?

Many of you veteran mas players may remember the year that Poison decided to split the band in two; one faction went to the Savannah Stage while the other did not. Exactly how the idea for the split came about and how it was supposed to work in theory was faded into my memory until I stumbled upon this extract from the Poison website:
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Looking back at it in theory  that was a pretty novel idea by Poison and I am thinking a proposition like that MIGHT work today for TRIBE if they have no desire to create another new band or reduce numbers. Please note the estimated number of masqueraders in both Poison 1 and Poison 2!

So, question of the day is do you think a TRIBE 1 and TRIBE 2 following two different routes but with same costumes will work in today's Carnival? Logistically,  what can you forsee is needed for this plan to work and what would be the positives and/or negatives if TRIBE were to split the one band into two?

Leave your thoughts and opinions on a comment below!

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