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Friday, March 19, 2010

Poison 1, Poison 2... TRIBE 1, TRIBE 2?

Many of you veteran mas players may remember the year that Poison decided to split the band in two; one faction went to the Savannah Stage while the other did not. Exactly how the idea for the split came about and how it was supposed to work in theory was faded into my memory until I stumbled upon this extract from the Poison website:
click to enlarge

Looking back at it in theory  that was a pretty novel idea by Poison and I am thinking a proposition like that MIGHT work today for TRIBE if they have no desire to create another new band or reduce numbers. Please note the estimated number of masqueraders in both Poison 1 and Poison 2!

So, question of the day is do you think a TRIBE 1 and TRIBE 2 following two different routes but with same costumes will work in today's Carnival? Logistically,  what can you forsee is needed for this plan to work and what would be the positives and/or negatives if TRIBE were to split the one band into two?

Leave your thoughts and opinions on a comment below!


Jerome said...

Think they'll have to be a bit more innovative than this proposition. The first thing that comes to my mind is the fact that the route has shrunk since those days along with the stick by the route attitude the NCC, NCBA and NCDF now seem to have. So "cutting across back streets" may not be so simple.
If i remember correctly the poll you had the other day came out with the savannah being the preferred the route. So i think if they are splitting the band then both bands should follow the same route.
On the other hand, if they do split the routes it would be really interesting to see which one the public gravitates toward.
The on the move band in theory should be more chaotic, since I see no reason for the masqueraders to maintain sections.
And maybe just maybe, something like this could affect sales, because one of the bands will definetely have to be the more "inner" band to be in.

Anyways I really doh like Tribe, but they would gain tons of respect from me if they were to go way out of the box and do something like going to south mas, allyuh will have all the space in the world! They got the resources to change the entire landscape of carnival.

Auntie Nini said...

i could go for a 'savannah' band and a 'downtown' band. i have no desire to cross the savannah 'stage', and i like the downtown stage.

Lisa said...

Good idea to have two bands, but as
Jerome said, it presents its own challenges. I like the idea of putting a band in south, and it will be even better if people closer to south will decide to play
in that area.(Don't know, and don't think I trying to segregate southerners), it just sounds like a good idea. If I living close to south, and could be afforded the
same services from Tribe, in south,
and don't need to fight-up for registration in POS etc. I would go for it.

afro chic said...

LOL@ Anyways I really doh like Tribe

I like the idea of a TRIBE to go downtown and a TRIBE to go Savannah.

They just need to make sure the costumes in TRIBE 1 and 2 costumes hot as hell. Mix it up so that the hot designs/designers fall in both bands.

And have TWO Red967fm trucks, one for each band.

In terms of logistics though, like costume distribution, lunch stop...I eh know how that will work out.

Auntie Nini said...

The logistics aren't hard. Costume distribution will be the same as now, and the lunch stop can be handled either in two waves or the two halves of the band meet up for lunch

trinicandy said...

hmmmmm logistics can be worked out by an effective and efficient planning team

and on tribe end this could result in over 7000 tribe masqueraders in total giving 3500 to each band.

but this can also take away PLENTY masqueraders for oher bands hmmmmmmmm

joel said...

I like the idea providing that neither half of Tribe is deemed better than the other half. The costume designs & quality must be equal for both halves. I would hate for it to get twisted into Tribe 1 is better than Tribe 2. If anyone can pull off executing difficult logistics, it's TRIBE. I think they should explore it as an option for 2k11.

Empath said...

Overall, the NBCA needs to place a cap on numbers for ALL bands....for health and safety reasons. Both masqueraders and spectators should not be at risk of being crushed against trucks, rope, walls etc.

Two Tribes would be very monotonous to see, unless there were distinctly different sections....kinda like how Pokemon had different versions of the characters but it was the same game.

OR...the concept of one band being strictly for the savannah and another being strictly for downtown could work...but I like the idea of a Tribe San Fernando...that could help to revive interest in South mas which seems to be declining every year.

KayaKitty said...

I like this idea better than making two different bands because it allows people to decide what their priority is for their road experience and avoids a bit of congestion at the judging points. It also allows everyone to have both segments of the band to have the same costume choices.

The lunch park gets pretty crowded anyway once everyone is there and it is pretty congested when we are trying to get back on the road.

Distribution would probably have to start a bit earlier to accommodate the additional masqueraders. And if they really don't want us mixing from one band to another, we would have to have two sets of wristbands.

I don't think we would be any more chaotic in terms of being out of section than we are now.

I do like the excitement of crossing the stage, but I would be tempted to give that up for less congestion on the road.

Auntie Nini said...

it's weird how everybody is assuming more masqueraders. i just assumed a split of the too-big band into two, with the same number of masqueraders. two bands this size make no sense.


i was thinking the same thing! if Tribe did do this it should be to split the 5000 masqueraders into 2 not split then add another 1000 to each band whats the point in splitting then???
the NCBA would have to step in if this was the case, other bands need masqueraders too! this 2 band thing would wipe out a few bands for me that is not a good outlook for trinidad carnival they may aswell jus rebrand it and call it "Tribe Trinidad Carnival" and dun! i think what is needed is some of the current bands need to step up they game and improve thier product so Tribe dont have to be see big naturally Spice was a step in the right direction they just dont have the logistics yet, IP have vastly improved they just need to throw down some slamming designs for 2011 and all who flocked to Tribe will flock back to from once they came :-)

Currently for 2011 i see a very scrappy Carnival coming our way with all these new bands coming up the only one im interested in seeing is Skullduggery! i wanna see Mac Farlane get some competition.
thats my outlook.........

mjsbunny said...

I suggested exactly the same thing- a cap on numbers of either masqueraders in each band, or of the actual numbers of bands.

And I agree with Auntie Nini. I thought it would simply mean splitting the already massive TRIBE into to two, with no new numbers. Because if they increase numbers, what would be the point of splitting? It would just end up being yet another large band on the road.

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