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Friday, February 24, 2012

Déjà Vu 2012 - Last Lap All Inclusive

Skaircrew Promotions say "we doing it again!" Déjà Vu 2012 - Last Lap All Inclusive. Private residence, Top of the line security, Premium Drinks and Food with Sophisticated Swagg! Entertainment by Roy Cape featuring Blaxx, Benjai, Iwer George and other surprise guest artists. DJs D'Bandit, Foreign Base, Platinum Sounds and GB Productions. DON'T MISS IT!!! Limited advance tickets $500tt and $600tt @the door.

Date: Saturday February 25th, 2012
Time: 6PM - 1AM
Place:1 Grove Road,Valsayn North, Trinidad
Visit our FB page (Skaircrew Promotions) or email for ticketing information.
Skaircrew Promotions

They Call me Mrs Fete :LIME All Inclusive - The Review

Fete : Hyatt Lime, Hyatt Regency Hotel Port of Spain
Price: $1200.00 General, $1900.00 VIP
Date: February 15,2012

Held at the waterfront of the Hyatt Regency hotel in Port of Spain, the entire fete is spread out along the hotel’s boardwalk. Parking is designated at the hotel car park if you arrive early enough there are no lines to get into the car park but there is a bit of a wait if you arrive later. Parking attendants were on hand to direct you to parking and you took the elevator to ground floor if you were parked on the top level.

The entire décor is in harmony with the dress code for the fete, white with a touch of lime. Tents were decorated with the Lime logo banner and lighted with green lighting. Bars were draped in white and lime fabric with the lime logo most prominent. Lots of green lighted areas and lighted trees which added a glow to the entire venue. The champagne bar was an entire separate area with white chairs and couches to lounge on and shrouded in a fog cloud; very cool effect. I also liked that everything was in harmony with theme down to the plates we were served on were green.

This year they added a bar at the dining area which was never crowded and gave very prompt service. In addition there were three more bars including the huge circular bar. Nuvo Bar, Champagne Bar, Angostura Bar as well as other drink stations for tequila shots were set up throughout the venue. You were never far from a bar or drink station even though the layout is very spread out.

Wow, LOTS to eat. On entry you were greeted with canapés, always great as I am a fan of finger food. As for the main menu, from the top of my head there was a wild meat station, soup station, Indian station, Chinese station, Richards Bake and Shark, Tandoori, gourmet doubles, regular doubles, Arabian Station and also a desert area. I am sure there were other menu items that were available that I missed out on. This was one fete I ate at, my choice was “Far East” the Chinese station and I also sampled the Tandoori later on because they had naan.

I must say the lines for food by the time we got there were LONG, especially at the more popular food stations. Far East was popular as they were serving both shrimp and pink salmon. The shrimp was delicious, succulent and a good size. The servers did not skimp on a serving either, you got as many as you wanted! They also had those pot stickers that I love so I really enjoyed the food at the Far East tent. The Tandoori was good as well, though the naan did not live up to my expectations. Chicken was tasty.

The only caveat for the food as I mentioned before were the lines. Maybe the organizers can look into setting up food stations on both sides of the venue serving the same thing to avoid a crowd at one tent.

The only band I went stage side for was Kes though we did take in Kerwin Dubois’ performance. Kes was great as usual; glad to see he kept in theme for the fete (pet peeve of mine) and dressed accordingly.

Crowd Vibe:
I don’t know if the layout has a part to play with the general feel of this fete but depending on where you were you were either liming or feteing. Stage side during performances there was a whole lot of dancing and feteing taking place. But if you walked throughout the venue there were people liming in little areas; along the waterfront sitting and chatting, at the Champagne bar, by the food court. And ever so often you would find some people dancing in their area as well. This is a more mature crowd as well which has it positives and negatives; you definitely get the feel that you are at a more upscale fete than any of the others I have been to. You would not see anyone dropping to the floor and rolling, ever!

Eye Candy:
I always like to see how the women and men interpret the dress code at this fete, white with a touch of lime. In fact I put a lot of planning into what I am going to wear as well; dressing up for this fete is part of the fun. For the most part everyone looks very nice and then there are those who flout the rules and dress in some colour like red! I would put eye candy rating around a 7; there were some head turners of both sexes for sure.

I used the hotel’s bathroom, which was pretty easy to get to. Full length mirrors, proper CLEAN toilets, and air conditioning. One could not ask for more.

Makeup and massage station were available again this year and I saw many people taking advantage of it. The VIP area also got goody bags I heard, but since I was not in VIP cannot confirm if this is indeed true.

Overall Rating:
I would give Lime a 9 out of 10. It is a premium event priced accordingly but you do feel the difference compared to other events once you have attended Lime. Everything is done on a scale that goes just one step beyond what is normally expected. The only thing that faulted the event was the line up for food, too long a wait especially at the prices you are paying. This took away from time that could have been spent enjoying the fete as well as the ability to sample the variety that was on offer. Overall I had a good time and my little crew brought our own vibes. I hope the food situation is sorted out for 2013 as I have already heard many people saying they are returning to Lime next year.

They Call me Mrs Fete : Fall Out - The Review

Fete : Fall Out, La Soledad Maracas St Joseph
Price: $550.00
Date: February, 14 2012

La Soledad in Maracas St Joseph was the venue for Fall Out. I first heard of this venue when Caesars’ Army held Lush and Mai Tai at this location. Maps provided by Fall Out made finding the venue easy however they should have indicated that shuttle service was available from car park 1 but that there was also additional parking at the venue. In this case the shuttle service was very prompt and efficient, no long waits to get to and from the event. I am always a fan of having more events in the East, cuts down on driving time for me.

La Soledad is a nice albeit somewhat smaller outdoor venue with a paved courtyard area surrounded by trees. A gravel path leading to the main venue and there were some grassy areas so ladies in heels had to be particular in navigating the venue. Stairs led to an area up above where the restrooms were located.

There was one main bar which I did not visit for the entire night since there was also a dedicated Nuvo Bar, Johnny Walker Green Bar, Hennessy Bar and Baileys Bar; of course Nuvo was my drink of choice. I thought for the price paid the drink selection was more than adequate, I went to All Inclusive fetes that were priced more with less selection.

Two main food tents were set up on entry along with a doubles stall. One tent served Indian/curry/roti including curry crab and dumpling and the other served lasagna, pastelle, salad, chicken etc. I did not have any of the food as I did not want a full meal but reports were the food tasted very good and second helpings were had by my guest. My only bit of advice would be to offer more finger food items for the women like me who were not going to be eating a full meal at a fete the week of Carnival.

Also it would have been nice to have an area to sit down and eat, there were only a few chairs so most people had to stand with their plates.

There were no performances (up until the time I left) and we enjoyed the D.J. music very much. I am not sure if those foreigners who came in that week were interested in seeing a live band but having seen live bands practically every weekend I appreciated a chance to just dance to nonstop music.

Crowd Vibe:
This is a fete that is top of the list for many overseas patrons so there was a very high foreigner turn out which is a good thing since they were ready and roaring to fete! I also saw some local faces in the mix but generally an overseas crowd.

Eye Candy:
Off the charts for the women and men! There were some very well dressed and good looking guys and gals at this fete.

Bathroom facilities were more than adequate they were located on the hillside for ladies with actual bathroom stalls not the portable ones.

Overall Rating:
I would give Fall Out and solid 8 out of 10. It was a very good fete with no major mishaps or incidents in a nice venue. Shuttle service worked, drinks flowed and the people were nice to be around. The only thing was the availability of light “snacking” food and the lack of a sit down dining area. For the price, a fete I would definitely attend again.
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