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Monday, August 06, 2007


Don't mind the front page is the same, Myths and Magic website is up people!

After playing around with the website all night I have to say I like the design but it is not very user friendly to persons on dial up. I have dial up at home and had to leave the pages loading while doing something else, then return to the page after the cross turned blue which meant that the page was loaded.The only good thing is that once the page has loaded it is saved in cache so there are no problems accessing the pages again and again.

The live ladies walking and posing in the costume to me was a nice touch, I got to see how some of the costumes moved, like Black Magic where the beads swayed from side to side. I did not experience any lengthy wait before the model did her thing and the option to view photos came up. I like that they did offer the viewing of photos in a non flash medium; I would not be able to stand another set of pages loading just to view the close up of the costumes! I hope the dial up users/non flash version of the website is launched soon.

If you are used to TRIBE one should have expected that prices do not go up on the website right away, so no surprise for me there expecting prices to be displayed. For Carnival 2006 and 2007 prices went up on the website at another date after it was loaded. I cannot recall checking the website before registering for Carnival 2005 as they were a new band and I just went to the mas camp to check out the costumes and signed up right then and there.

I did expect to see all the front line costumes, and in that area was disappointed. The front lines on show were Pixie Dust, Lady of the Lake and Mystique. It was nice to get more views of Lady of the Lake but I wanted a full back shot of the model without the cape wearing the back piece.

It would do the authors of the section's description to take note of Prettidolli's keen observations on Goddess of the Chase not being the mythical Athena as well as the definition of a Nymph.

Finally, it amazes me the amount of expectations and ideals are placed on the band TRIBE mostly by persons who are not even masqueraders, considering becoming a masquerader or used to be a masquerader. It is as if there is no room for error with TRIBE while other band are given lots of lee ways and excuses made with the justification being that their on road experience is all that matters. I have to hand it to TRIBE for trying to be innovative, even if it does not work out all the time they always try something new which is a good thing for their masqueraders as each year we can look forward to upgrades in service and amenities. And, the most important thing of all is that they listen to their masquerader's and try to effect the changes necessary the following year. As a masquerader I often point out their good and bad areas and I am not bounded by any type of band loyalty to sing their praises all the time, even in the face of any negatives I might encounter.

And for all those happening upon this blog for the first time, or just feel the need to vent that I write a lot about TRIBE note some facts; this is the band I play with and this is my blog so my opinion will be centred among my interest which happens to be TRIBE. When I opine about Island People their supporters say that I do not play with the band and thus should not have anything to say about them. While I will continue to speak about all the bands it is important to note that you cannot please people wheter I talk about TRIBE all day or about other bands therefore at the end of the day I will seek only to please myself. Secondly, there is content on this blog that includes all the bands that have launched so far and even those on the cusp of launching. I have been to and wrote about Ronnie and Caro, D Krewe and Harts as well as I give updates on Island People as the information is forth coming. At this point the photos of Harts costumes that I took at the mas camp are the only ones you can find online since their website is yet to launch!

I cannot write about a band that has not launched so when other bands start launching the focus will shift to them; as I did last year I intend to visit all the mas camps I can, take a look at the costumes in person and state my opinion. So to all those fed up of hearing/reading about TRIBE you can return after the 18th when I will have photos from Island People's launch and a whole new set of costumes to critique!

Frontline closeups

This afternoon saw me at Cascadia, again, the second of possibly many more trips until I see all the costumes. Unfortunately only three more frontlines were on show; Mystique, Goddess of the Chase and Pixie Dust. Butterfly Bliss, Black Magic, Phoenix and Silver Mist are still to be displayed.

I was delighted to see that Luna now has an upgraded headpiece that is much better than the headband though I think something more whimsical would suit the costume better. Information given is that an upgrade to the bra might soon be in works as well.

Since I just happened to meet up with other bloggers also looking at costumes we took a second look at Silver Mist with the fur and decided it is not that bad, it is certainly different and I can see it looking less conspicuous on smaller breasts, larger breasts, well it would certainly be a larger area of grey fur that might look like a rug!

As for prices, do you want the good news or the bad news first? OK, bad news is that all frontline costumes will require FULL PAYMENT upon registration, reason being that several people signed up for frontlines this year with only the down payment and never collected their costume. Bad news is that many of those frontlines that we are fawning over will be over any one's estimated budget.

Any frontline using lots of feathers, expect a MUCH higher price tag than expected, since I was informed one frontline costume used $600.00US worth of feathers in the headpiece alone.. .so you can imagine the final price!! Good news is that there will be frontlines on the cheaper side, one of them is a more popular section so that should satisfy all the divas wanting to be F.H.O.s next year, bad news is that it is a popular choice so I am sorry for those without a TLC card. Good news is that by next week we should get prices on all the costumes bad news is that many of us will realise we cannot afford the costume!

Now that part is over unto the review of the frontlines that were on display:

Goddess of the Chase - I could not be more in love with the costume! The frontline bra and belt has subtle upgrades over the back line such as different beads used on the bra and longer fuller beads on the belt. But that headpiece is just amazing... sigh. The bra is lined, I checked, so the pleather will not be rubbing against you skin, however the underwear is not fully lined, only at the crotch area.

Mystique- Love it, love it, love it! The colour is beautiful, a very rich shade of purple. Love the headpiece , love the belt (though I would trim that piece of braid on the right that is hanging in space) and I even love the wing/fin. The material on the bra is lovely, soft and not stiff as I imagined; the only thing I don't love but could live with is the feathers on the bra.

Pixie Dust - With a different headpiece this might work for me, I still think it is too much with the headpiece and the wings but other people might love it. Also it would be nice to have a bra option for those not wanting the Corsette. The colour is very pretty and I like the shimmery material used on the Corsette, wings and belt.

Hopefully when next I return to Cascadia all the frontlines will be up so I can get some close up shots of those that are missing to add to the album, which will be updated with photos from this afternoon.

Harts website update

All those waiting on Harts, the website is expected to be up safely by next Tuesday. I suggest that those overseas waiting to register contact the mas camp as based on registration Apocalypto and Sahara are the next two sections to be sold out within a few days,

TRIBE website update

I just harassed the mas camp first thing as they opened since other people were harassing me on when the website was going up (smile). The information I got is that the website will be going up today, however no exact time of when this will happen was given. My advice, clear cache and cookies and keep refreshing the page.

Which section to choose?

So I was expecting TRIBE's website to be up by now (it isn't) where I could view additional photos of the sections that I am considering to obsess some more. Imagine I went to the launch, have seen the costumes up close, looked at the photos I took, and those from every photo website, a thousand times and I still am no closer to making a choice!!

I am definitely playing in front line and my choices are as follows:

"Lady of the Lake" front line - I love everything about this costume, including the cape since I know I can handle it and rework it into a different style if needs be. It is gorgeous, dramatic and has more than enough costume for me. I don't need to add anything to this costume to make it scream "frontliner". The only thing I am hesitant about is not having a feathered headpiece.

"Goddess of the Chase" front line - This costume provides the ultimate headpiece for the masquerader that loves a huge headpiece, I cannot complain in that department. The one caveat is that I think the front line is missing other embellishments to make it complete, as is the rest of the costume looks like the back line minus the headpiece. I would certainly need to spruce up the "rest" of the costume on my own to take it to true F.H.O. standards.

"Mystique" front line - The least showy of the three in my opinion; it looks like an upgraded back line and not really a true front line with ALL the details that makes you say that one is "special". I love the colour, however, having never played in purple and it is one if my favourite colours. The headpiece is the most attractive thing on this costume, I even like the one "fin" and the asymmetrical design on the belt and foot piece. The only thing giving me some trouble is the feathers on that bra! I am trying to imagine what it would look like on me and I cannot picture it.

Those are my choices after looking at all the costumes, though I think a trip back to Cascadia today to look at the front lines might help me make up my mind! I have never had such a headache trying to decide on one costume before, usually I choose one section right off the bat that I am in love with but this time my heart desires all three!!! My friends are no help either, two have decided on Black Magic and my other friend who usually plays with me is willing to play back line to any front line that I choose but favors Lady of the Lake.

As a consequence I am asking for your help in choosing a costume so take my poll and let me know which is the BEST costume I could select. I made it so you could vote once a week, in case you change your mind as I have been doing a million times already, so you can come back and vote more than once. I cannot wait for the results!

Help me pick a section....which one is best for me?
Lady of the Lake Frontline
Goddess of the Chase Frontline
Mystique Frontline
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