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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

So a funny thing happened on the way to the mall.....

There I was out to lunch and who could I bounce up at the mall but none other than Wyatt, the "unofficial" Island People spokesperson on this blog. Contrary to the hot debate raging under the topic "Silent on the issue of Size" Wyatt was very pleasant and accommodating to my queries on all the points I raised in that article.

I would first like to state that even though Wyatt has been quite forthcoming in discussing certain issues he just wanted everyone to know that he is also very much involved with other developments at the mas camp and as a consequence could not respond to the comments when people expected him to.

Also, we basically came to an agreement that the MAIN issue in all this is communication since he is saying that all sizes are catered to at the mas camp yet that information is NO WHERE on the website. It was also admitted that the size chart, which looks similar to Ronnie and Caro's is incorrect as Wyatt himself had ladies try on different bras at the mas camp and they did not match the size chart, for example a lady wearing an A cup is not a Small but an Extra Small according to his measurements. While it must be a great job as a guy to be measuring bra sizes I think that the costume designers should have sorted all this out BEFORE registration begin, Wyatt is one man on a mission but unfortunately he is just one man.

From the impression I got it is also quite disheartening to him to be constantly reminded of the issues that arose this year, while he feels that people are not giving Island People credit for the fact that they are trying to focus on improving for 2008. While I agree that there have been some changes people are not as easy to forget when something goes wrong and until Island People have proven themselves for Carnival 2008 the fact is that people will always bring up past events; Wyatt you need to grow a thicker skin and not take things so personal. No one is beating you up or assigning blame all on you.

So where we are at is they ARE listening, albeit it might be too late for some, and Wyatt is working feverishly to provide a helpful size chart and would like all masqueraders registering locally to come in for a fitting. He also indicated that masqueraders registering online can request sizes that are not shown as they have costumes up to XXXL at the mas camp! On the point of the website he did say that changes will me made to include ALL information concerning sizes and costumes. Finally, there was a costume adjustment center at the mas camp this year and there will be one in 2008 so in the event that changes need to be made to the bikini or belt provisions have been made for such.

It was nice running into Wyatt as we were able to agree to disagree and agree at the same time. Thanks for listening!

Oracle....Section I Revealed

Can I say again how I am loving the artistry and creativity surrounding the new band Oracle; it seems as if every few days they are revealing more and more of the costumes and a bit of the concept behind the section names.

Section I - Male
Section I male puts into form the experience of the initiation.Be it a new birth, relationship, career. The 'start' of it 'all'. A paternal energy,godhead,the colors are a mixture of innocence, fear,blood of life, apprehension and hope.
In a broader sense, section male is the counterpart to section I female. The immediate metaphor is that of the first peoples,
our ancestors who initiated life.

Section I - Female
Section I female is our 'mother earth' metaphor, first woman, Eve. She carries the responsibility of being the first 'stain' and exists within the divine dichotomy of 'she who bore us' and 'the one who cursed us'. We examine this role or responsibility in its previous occurences, asking the question, 'did Eve bight that apple?' and if she did 'who then is Gaia?' let alone 'Mary','Lakshmi' or 'Hera'.
All necessary questions along the path of finding self.

Stayed tuned for Section II which will be revealed in 1 day and 15 hours...and counting

Designs by Aaron Schneider & Scott Saldenah

Miami Carnival bands

For all those wanting information on Miami Carnival Bands, here are some websites that are up and running:

Island Elite

Generation X


China Mas Group

Mascots International

Break Awae' Krue

Major Players

You can view photos from the band launches on and and also check out this Miami Carnival blog that has lots of information and chronicles one masquerader's preparations for Miami Carnival 2007.

Calender of Events:

Sunday September 9th, 2007
at Lakeshore Park- 8501 S. Sherman Circle,
Miramar FL 33025

Thursday October 4th 2007
Bongos, American Airlines Arena - Miami
Featuring: Alison Hinds, Destra, Iwer, Fayann, Nadia Batson, and more...


Friday October 5th 2007
Featuring: Machel HD, Iwer, Benjai, Patrice, Zan and more..
Bayside Hut $30.00 Adv Tix

Saturday October 6th 2007
Area 51 (Metropolis Dowtown)
Featuring Alison Hinds, Iwer, Shurwayne, Destra, Biggie Irie, Naya George, Traffik, Atlantic, and more...

Monday October 8th 2007
Virgina Key Beach
Featuring Destra, Shurwayne, Iwer, and more...
$20 Advanced Tix

Monday October 8th
Bayside Hut
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