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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

I am back.. and lots to catch up on!

Here is hoping everyone had an excellent long weekend celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday. I know I had a most relaxing weekend in my little bubble of paradise. Back to reality, unfortunately, and there is so much to catch up on in the Carnival world!

First off, I see that the Government of Trinidad and Tobago announced that part of the 5.3 billion dollar cost cutting measure in face of falling oil prices upon which the 2008/2009 budget is based, will be putting the $750 million Carnival Centre on the back burner. Between you and me, the Carnival Centre has always been on the back burner! If plans had proceeded as they should when they announcement came in 2006 that construction on the Centre would being forthwith, mas would have been back in the Savannah for 2009!

Instead the powers that be have been haggling over the Centre since 2007 as the Savannah lay bare in the wake of the Grand Stand being demolished. And while construction never started on the Centre, mas on the streets was proclaimed to be a success; clearly mas back in the Savannah has never been on the agenda. President of the NCBA (National Carnival Bands Association) Owen Hinds has proposed to finally ask the question for which we masqueraders have been anxiously awaiting and answer, as reported by the Trinidad Express:

"Preparations for Carnival 2009 have already started taking place. The Parade of Bands remains on the road but we want to know if we could go back to the Savannah. All this will be discussed at the meeting," he said.
Let's hope once and for all he gets an answer; will mas ever return to the big stage at the Savannah ?

Ok, so unto some more pleasant news, if you are a member of Mas Jumbie's Facebook Group from now until December 15th they are running a special where you get 12% off any section in their 2009 Jouvert presentation "Diabolus Imperium"

Simply print and write in Christmas Promo and mail with payment. Those wishing to pay via credit card, contact for a payment link.

This offer excludes past masqueraders (2007-08)

1) Luxuria- TT $440; Luxura w/Wings -TT $493
2) Cupiditas- TT $440
3) Superbia- TT $326; Superbia w/standard- TT $387
4) Ira-TT $326; Ira w/standard- TT $387
5) Accedia- TT $326; Accedia w/standard-TT $387
6) Gula- TT $387; Gula w/standard- TT $440
7) Invidia- TT $326; Invidia w/standard- TT $387

Annette Mark-754-366-1933
Ann Dardine-868-744-3660
Barry V. Pierre- 868-360-1659
Tisha-Marie Dayal- 868-484-6368

In the SOLD OUT Section Update two more sections are gone in Harts, Simurgh and Zaranka leaving 10 more sections left!

Ami Club Wear has in stock these awesome thigh high boots in silver, bronze and gold.. only for the daring F.H.O. who can rock heels..hmm maybe these can be your "crossing the stage" boots!

And finally, Island People Mas is all into the spirit of giving for Christmas with a charity food and toy drive for underprivileged homes and children. More about how you can contribute below:
Islandpeople Mas invites you to share a ‘little heaven’ with the little ones this Christmas. We are teaming up with the Rotary Club of Maraval in their Children’s Learning Centre Christmas programme, for a toy and food drive. Our collective efforts will bring smiles to the faces of 12 differently-abled children and joy to the hearts of their families, who come from economically-challenging situations. The toys and the food hampers will be presented to the youngsters and their parent/guardians at the Learning Centre’s annual Christmas concert on December 19, 2008. This is how it works:

Toy Drive December 02- 09
All you need to do is drop off your toys at the Mas Camp: 11 Stone Street, Port-of-Spain. Now this does not have to be an expensive undertaking, for those of you who have children or family and friends with children, you can donate previously-used toys (used toys must be in good condition). See it as a way to create space for those shiny new toys you intend to purchase for your children/family/friends this Christmas and in the process you have an opportunity to bless others less fortunate than ourselves.

Food Drive December 09 – 16
Christmas in Trinidad and Tobago is synonymous with sumptuous food and other delicacies. However, for some this is only an experience they can dream about. We want to positively impact this situation, if only briefly, by contributing hampers to the 12 families of those children who attend the Learning Centre. We are kindly requesting that you donate foodstuff (dried foods, canned items) and toiletries to this cause. A box will be provided for collection of the items at the Mas Camp.

Presentation December 19
Islandpeople Mas will be there our local Santa to deliver our basket of goodies to the young ones and their families at the Learning Centre’s Christmas concert. Don’t worry you won’t be left out, we’ll be sure to send you the photos.

Mas Camp Opening Hours:

Mondays – Fridays 1:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Saturdays from 12 noon – 3:00 p.m.

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