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Thursday, January 31, 2008

IP Mas Costume Collection Schedule

I believe the folks over at Island People Mas are gloating over the smooth costume collection process this year; good for them!

Hi everyone,

We would like to make sure you know that Island People Mas costume collection is currently in progress and will end this Saturday 2nd February at 5pm. All costumes not collected by that time will be forfeited and all monies will remain non-refundable. If you are a foreign masquerader arriving after this time, you must send an email to requesting that your costume be held for you until 6pm on Sunday 3rd, after which, costumes will no longer be distributed.

If you are not currently registered but have changed your mind and want to be a part of the fun, you may come to the Island People Mas distribution center in the Jean Pierre complex on Saturday 2nd February between 5pm - 7pm to check if there are costumes remaining.

TIPS FOR FAST COSTUME COLLECTION: As you have probably heard, costume collection has been running very smoothly this year. But here are some helpful tips to make your experience as enjoyable and fast as possible:

1. The busiest time of day is from 5-7pm. We are open from 11am so try to avoid these hours if possible.

2. Rush hour traffic starts from about 3:30pm. Collect your costume earlier in the day to avoid traffic on the roads.

3. Please have your friends/family wait for you in one of our lounge areas while you collect your costume.

4. The entrance to our distribution center is on the West side of the Jean Pierre Complex, next to the Stadium.

5. Please try on your costume when you reach home (not while in line) and if you are in need of adjustments, please visit our adjustment center at our Mas camp located at #11 Stone street from 12pm-6pm.

6. If you have any questions, please visit our Information desk as you enter.


1. Please provide a Valid ID (or copy of a friends valid ID for their costume) in order to collect your costume.
2. Please provide an official Island People Mas Receipt or email print out in order to collect your costume.
3. Final Payments on all costumes must be by CASH or Local Debit Card only.
4. Black Widow Spider - Special Instructions:
Black Widow Spider Costume Distribution will be held at 1A Maingot Drive , St. Lucien Rd , Diego Martin (next to KFC) between the hours of 10:30 am - to 5:00 pm from Monday 28th January to Friday 1st February.


The V.I.P Lounge - Jean Pierre Complex
Please use the main entrance of the National Stadium, and follow signs to your right for Secured Parking. If you have questions during the days of costume collection, please call 868.625.6121


We are open from 11:00am to 7:00pm Monday, 28th January - Saturday, 2nd February


Monday 28th January

* Cheetah
* Dragon Lizard
* Kingfisher Bird
* Lion and Lioness

Tuesday 29th January

* Cheetah
* Dragon Lizard
* Kingfisher Bird
* Lion and Lioness

Wednesday 30th January

* Great Egret
* Zebra
* Portuguese Man-O-War
* Red Tiger

Thursday 31st January

* Great Egret
* Zebra
* Portuguese Man-O-War
* Red Tiger

Friday 1st February

* Polar Bear and Brown Bear
* Crocodile
* Silver Fox
* Overseas

Saturday 2nd February

* Overseas
* Sale of uncollected costumes 5pm to 7pm

Costumes not collected before 5:00 pm on Saturday 2nd February will be sold and all monies forfeited. Uncollected costumes will go on sale from 5pm to 7pm on Saturday 2nd February.

Thank you, we look forward to seeing you next week.

Island People Mas

Afrobella's Interview with Sandra Hordatt

One of the blogs on my list of "must read" is Afrobella's; when I did the roll call you would remember I listed it there. My hair is all natural now, so I have a personal attachment to any and all information dealing with the subject of natural hair care. Afrobella interviewed Sandra Hordatt for tips on Carnival Makeup and very graciously wanted me to share this interview with you ladies getting ready for mas!

Here is an excerpt, for the full interview please visit Afrobella's Blog:

Afrobella – I think the biggest concern for Carnival is getting your makeup to stay on. You glue on all these face jewels and glitter and then you’re jumping and waving in the blazing hot sun for hours. How do you make your look last through the sweat and the heat?

Sandra – I say focus on your eyes. Obviously you’ll be sweating a lot, so your foundation will probably melt. Make sure you wear sun block, and just do a really dramatic eye and it should last all day. So your first layer should definitely be sun block, then use a good creame to powder foundation. Set that with a loose powder. Then go out with your compact for touch-ups, those oil absorbing sheets, and a nice lip gloss. Good to go.

Afrobella – Is there any one look you’re really loving for this Carnival season, or does your inspiration come strictly from the costume the person is wearing? What’s the hottest makeup trend in Trinidad these days?

Sandra – Each costume inspires a different look in terms of color and theme. But I know, me personally — for Carnival Monday and Tuesday, I love glitter on the eyes. MAC and NYX have some fantastic glitter liners that are really easy to use.

Afrobella – Do you do airbrush makeup? I realize that’s become increasingly popular in Trinidad, among women who want to cover scars and stretch marks. What are your thoughts on that?

Sandra –I do airbrush makeup… I think it’s excellent for covering up scars. But on older skin it can be very… turkey-like. With the airbrushing you have to pull the skin taut. I don’t know if you can visualize what I’m talking about. Half the time you’d be better off with a good cream to powder foundation and a sponge.
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