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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Where Do We Draw The Line?

Have you noticed that the Bands these days are giving masqueraders more options when it comes to costume choices? With these new options comes with it  the chance for masqueraders to choose a costume according to their budget but it also brings a confusion of sorts on the hierarchy of "lines" when it comes to Frontline, Backline and everything in between. Masqueraders today love spending their money for the extra exclusivity of belonging to the Frontline club, not to mention the extra five minutes of fame afforded frontliners by allowing them to cross the stage first. But  the question has to be asked, is the appeal of the Frontline being undermined with all these choices.. and if we were to do a section hierarchy where does everyone fall in? 

First off we have the regular backline costume, which in some cases is not even "regular" as it comes with the option of a small or large headpiece. If you choose the large headpiece does that make you Backline Plus?


Backline Plus

Then we have the Frontline costume with the addition of extras like a backpack , wire bra or a much larger and grander headpiece than even the Backline option with the large headpiece. I call these the Frontline Fully Loaded:

Frontline Fully Loaded

But, there is a new category of Frontliners, the one with either a different body wear to the backline or just a bigger headpiece and none of the "extras" that makes you Frontline Fully Loaded, these are the  Frontline Lite: 

Frontline Lite

So, we now have Backline, Backline Plus, Frontline Lite and Frontline Fully Loaded. And if you are playing in YUMA the Backline also has the option of buying a BACPACK  (Taurus,  Oracle) or Collar (Pisces) which is also an option for Frontline and adds a whole new category, is this now the Mid Line? And in the Line Up is the Backline With Back Pack (Mid Line) a step ahead of Frontline Lite? Confused yet?

Personally I think Frontline Fully Loaded is the ONLY way to go if you are playing a TRUE frontline, GO BIG OR STAY HOME is our motto; to me if you are not Frontline Fully Loaded you are just a nicely decked out Backline Betty...sorry. However I know many masqueraders want the drama of the frontline costume without all the extras that they think is too much hassle on the road (blasphemy)! But I think we are reaching comical status now on how many "lines" there are in costuming for women and now  we want to  define exactly what each "costume line" means so masqueraders will know their place when crossing the great and almighty stage because honestly, none of this matters otherwise !

So, is having more choice a good thing or is this just going to cause more confusion and animosity on the road when you can no longer differentiate between the Backline Betty and the Frontline H.O. and everyone  else who paid good money for their costume extras and who want to be FIRST when crossing the stage? What does a Frontline mean to you and really, do you even care? Thoughts, opinions, weigh in! 

Spice Registration Day 1, YUMA Registration Day 2 and Harts Registration Day 3...

The race to Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 2011 heated uop yesterday as Spice joined the other bands launched thus far and started registration. There was a little hiccup online with Spice's website but this was remedied a few hours later. The only thing to note is that online registration is only for those living outside of Trinidad and Tobago, locals have to register in person.

After seeing Carnival Jumbie's photo of a solitary figure waiting to register when the mas camp opened around noon, I headed there after work to see if the crowds had picked up. I am happy to report that by the time I got there potential masqueraders were streaming in and out the Show Room and I also inquired of a few who were there if they were there to register and got the affirmative answer. So, it may have been a slower pace than their neighbor's one street over but looks like Spice is finishing this race slow and steady... well I hope so!

Since YUMA is walking distance from Spice I decided to see how Day 2 of their registration was shaping up. The show room was packed with people viewing costumes and I did see a few exiting the door that is at the separate entrance for registration.  Aquarius Individual was on show and when I asked if it was available still I was told ALL YUMA's Individual Costumes have been sold with the exception of Taurus Male. Way to go YUMA, those costumes are not cheap with a starting price of $12,000.00TT but they do come with promises of VIP service of the road and loads of extras. No wonder so many Individual Masqueraders left another band to go over to YUMA!

Harts Mas Camp was the quietest of the three, all withing walking distance of each other, but they also boast two SOLD OUT Sections, Chryscolla and Howlite.

Island People opens their Mas Camp tomorrow so it will be interesting to see their first day response and registrations continue this weekend with Island People Past Masquerader Registration and TRIBE's first phase of TLC registrations. Although TRIBE and Bliss have been pretty quiet I bet come Sunday TRIBE will once again hold the distinction of being the first band to be completely SOLD OUT for the Carnival 2011 Season.

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