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Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Dummies guide to choosing the right section in TRIBE

After several years of keen observation I would like to offer some advice to the Carnival Virgins, and those not so virginal, on choosing the right section in TRIBE. One thing I do love about Island People is the story they tell about their theme, which basically reveals how the sections are placed in the band. So, you know in advance whether the costume you are head over heels in love with is section number1 or section number 15 bringing up the pee pee truck.

With TRIBE it is a wait and see situation, and you only know the section line up upon collection of costumes. Much to my detriment I thought I had chosen a section that would be at least in the top 5 but learned it was second to last!!! Some of you may not care where your section ends up but I do not like it in the back! So, some last minute changes, taking everyone by surprise I might add, I sold my original costume and lo and behold ended up in section #1. Let me just say that was by pure coincidence, I did not get any inside information ... I just picked the right section THAT time around.

So here are my tips ; please note that this does not guarantee that your section will not be #15 but it just my advice based on patterns set over the years; they might very well change it up for 2008 now that they know we on to them !

1. Pay attention to the sections that are always placed closer to the rear of the band; from my observation the same designers have been bringing up the rear for the past three years. If you have the TRIBE booklet it lists each section and the designer of the costume. Learn those names!

2.The "Big 3" designers in TRIBE, Lana, Monique and Gail always have a section to the front of the band and one that ends up closer to the back. Case in point, Monique had three sections in 2007, Fancy Sailor #1, Dame Lorraine # 12 and Fireman #15. Gail's sections were Warrior Spirit #4 and Jamette #13. Lana's sections were Jab Molassie #5 and Dragon #6.

3. One of Monique's sections is always section #1. In 2005 it was Mojave, 2006 Nylon Pool and 2007 Fancy Sailor. So if you are playing in Lady of the Lake, Black Magic or Amalthea chances are your section will be first!

4. If your section is hugely popular and it is larger in numbers than other sections you will not be placed first. I have noticed that these sections are placed in the top 5 however.

5. Sections are not placed according to how quickly they sold out, Fireman was one of the first sections to go and sections that did not even sell out up until the close of registration were placed before Fireman.

6. If the President or some other notable celebrity, Dignitary or Official is playing in your section you will be in the top 5, if not section #1. In fact the section order might even be switched to accommodate these persons.

7. Peter Elias section will NEVER be in the back, somehow he is always in the top 10!

And here are some tips for picking the right costume:

8. Ladies who plan on wearing stockings should closely examine the embellishments on the costume of their choice. Rhinestones look pretty but they shred up the mas tights like a razor! Masqueraders in Sunken Treasure and Jab Molassie this year can attest to that fact, the former costume having rhinestones falling to the front which "ate" up the crotch area of the tights!

9. If you need extra support for the breasts avoid the sections that use the cheaper spandex bras. Some sections use real bras ( I already listed them in an earlier post) and I think the brand used was Wonderbra this year,. Lots of ladies were loving the enhanced look of the cleavage.

10. Goddess of the Chase is a hot costume with a pleather bra and underwear. From my examination the underwear is only lined at the crotch area, so if you plan on wearing these without stockings know what you are getting your nether regions into!

11. Costumes with lots of feathers are gorgeous but if it rains, as it did this year, the feathers not only go limp but the dye will go running down your face from the headpiece! Also, feathers close to your skin will get wet from sweat and stick to your body. Not cute!

12. Wider waist bands that sits low on the hips flatter ladies with more "meat on the bones" better than the ones cut like a V.

13. When you are measuring for your costume waist band measure where you would like it to sit on your hips and NOT your waist measurement!

14. Tall headpieces look fabulous but remember they will be prone to gusts of wind, leaving you holding it down while fighting with the wind. Shorter ladies even find it uncomfortable when trying to walk through the band or being in the midst a crowd of people.

15. Ladies choosing costumes with wings or backpacks remember other masqueraders will not be as considerate in protecting the fragility of your appendage and will freely bounce into you without care. I have seen broken spokes on back packs and wings sagging; if you are playing a Frontliner fight for your space to be a F.H.O., hog the front and make sure none of the Backline Bettys get in your way by standing your ground!

Feel free to add your comments, tips and advice!

Now THIS is a tease.. release your Animal Instinct!


Island People Mas, 2008

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TRIBE Registration infoblast

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1 - TLC REGISTRATION DATES & TIMES (TLC Smart Card holders):
· Saturday 18th August, 2007 – 12:00pm – 6:00pm Online & In-house (Cascadia Hotel)

· Sunday 19th August, 2007 – 2:00pm – 6:00pm Online & In-house (Cascadia Hotel)

· Monday 20th August, 2007 – 6:00pm – 9:00pm Online & In-house (Cascadia Hotel)

TLC Smart Card Holders are assured a place in the band ONLY if you register during the period August 18th –20th, 2007.


· TLC is non-transferable

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2 - OPEN REGISTRATION (Non-TLC Smart Card Holders/ New Masqueraders):

· Thursday 23rd August, 2007 – 6:00pm - 9:00pm Online & In-house (Cascadia Hotel)

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