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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

5 YUMA Questions Of The Day!

So  I threw out these topics of debate for anyone looking for "inspiration" and "ideas" on what to write about if their content is specific to YUMA because let's face it, there are MANY blogs about Carnival but we all don't need to mirror each other's content, variety is what makes reading the different blogs so interesting. And if I can find something new to write about 365 days a year since the year 2006 then surely the notion that there is only "so much" you can write about Carnival is a dead argument, mental laziness is not an excuse for regurgitation!

Since no one decided to use my ideas this time, let me ask this of the Trinidad Carnival Diary readers, specifically the ones playing in YUMA, but everyone can participate.

My 5 YUMA questions of the day:

1. Are YUMA masqueraders placing unrealistic demands on the band with outrageous requests such as lockers on the road?

2.How do YUMA  masqueraders feel about  the rumored float on the road reserved for only Individual masqueraders?

3. Drinks runners, are YUMA masqueraders in favor or not and who should have access to them, Individuals, Frontlines or everyone else?

4.Why are the men not in a hurry to sign up with YUMA as all female costumes are now SOLD OUT?

5. What are the top 3 YUMA ingredients for having a YUMAERIFIC time on the road and what would you give the band a bligh on if things do not go perfect the first year?

Slimdown 360

So this looks interesting, a meal delivery plan similar to Weight Watchers, E Diets and Jenny Craig but available in Trinidad. If any of you decide to try it let me know how the experience works for you:

Dear Saucy,
Masqueraders every year are faced with one obstacle, how to lose sufficient weight in time for Carnival. For those who are comfortable in the skin that they are in, we say no problem, love who you are because all of God's creations are beautiful. For those, on the other hand, who desire to lose some of that extra weight, there is a new service being offered in Trinidad called SLIMDOWN 360 that is much different from anything that has ever been offered.

It is very similar to those programs, such as Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem, seen on foreign television stations. Clients sign up for a package which includes 3-4 delicious, balanced, perfectly portioned meals a day, personalized workouts based on your exercise preferences, body monitoring to ensure that you are losing weight and telephone support. The meals go beyond typical boring salads. We boast of over 80 meals to choose from. Lasagna, cinnamon rolls, pizza and even cookies are available on our menu. We even have fresh homemade pasta that we knead and roll out ourselves! With over 80 meals to choose from, variety is what would prevent you from growing bored and falling off.

Now, all these delicious foods may make this program sound like another weight loss gimmick but we assure you that it's not. We can offer these delicious foods to our clients because they are made to adhere to a low Glycemic Index standard. Contrary to other weight loss options locally, we do not encourage the use of weight loss pharmaceuticals. We wish to promote a healthy lifestyle. Stick to a healthy nutrition plan and exercise and you can avoid all of the risks that come with those weight loss pharmaceuticals.

The cost? Well, most people would recognize that while on this program, they actually spend the same or even less than they would usually do on food. This includes meals, personalized exercise programs, body monitoring and telephone support. It is extremely hard to get a healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert anywhere in Trinidad for under $80 a day. Still for that $80 you don't get all of the support services that we offer.

More information is available at our website,
We can even be contacted at or 393-6662.

We look forward to helping out our fellow masqueraders.

The Slimdown 360 Team.
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