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Friday, August 24, 2007

TRIBE Registration Day 2

These are the sections still available for registration today:

Luna - Male & Female
Titania - Male & Female
Pixie Dust - Male & Female
Myths of Babylonia - Male & Female
Autumn Sprite - Male & Female
Amalthea - Male
Butterfly Bliss - Male

Island People's website is up!!

From the website, check it out NOW:

Is your manliness your animal and your instinct your soul?
Is your femininity your animal and your instinct your heart?

Our natural instincts have given us the ability to protect, to care and to nurture. However, as we traverse the world we are taught to think, evaluate, and decide.
Pride becomes ego,
Companionship becomes possession,
Survival becomes greed,
Love becomes jealously,
Sex becomes death…

If we could just observe the lives of the

1. The Zebra
2. The Fox
3. The Crocodile
4. The Lion
5. The Lioness
6. The Bear
7. The Kingfisher Bird
8. The Black Widow Spider
9. The Dragon Lizard
10. The Tiger
11. The Great Egret
12. The Cheetah
13. The Portuguese Man-o-war

And all of the animal kingdom, we may learn something that could save ourselves, our environment, our planet, our soul… Do not mistake your animal instincts for animal behaviour,
Your instincts are pure


So now that I have gotten a chance to explore the website I like that there is lots more information available, such as where and at what time the band will be leaving on Carnival Monday and Tuesday. I also like the FAQ section which addresses the question of what improvements have been made to the band since this year's Carnival.

There is also registration information and it is good to know that online will available simultaneously with inhouse:

Online registration is available to potential masqueraders that do not reside in TRINIDAD. All local registrations are to be processed at Island People Mas Camp at #11 Stone Street.

Deposits and Prices will be released on Sunday 26th August 2007

Registration for past masqueraders will start on
Monday 27th August through Thursday 30th August 2007

Registration for new masqueraders will start Monday 3rd September 2007

Dates are applicable for both online and in-house registration

The one hiccup is waiting until Sunday for prices and there is no information on what the deposit is for regular and frontline costumes, but I think people have a fair idea of what to expect by now.

Brian Mc Farlane update

Earth, the 2008 Carnival presentation by Band of the Year winner Brian Mc Farlane will be launched on Friday September 14th via the official website . This follows a private media viewing which will take place the previous day on September 13th. Earth, it has been intimated will tell the story of the planet and all that it has undergone,

This year will see Mc Farlane introducing Loyalty Cards to his faithful masqueraders and those who have not yet received information on these Loyalty Cards should contact the mas camp at Registration for Loyalty Card holders beings on September 14th and continues to September 23rd. Open registration begins on September 24th, Republic Day in Trinidad. Overseas masqueraders can register online on the dates for Loyalty Card holders and the general public at large.

The Mas Camp located on 49 Rosalino Street Woodbrook will be open during the hours of 11a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday to Saturday and from 3:00p.m top 8 p.m. on Sundays and public holidays.

Roll Call!!!

So now that TRIBE's first day of open registration is over,the time is here for a roll call! I want to know who is registired in TRIBE, Harts or any other band and even those who will be registering next week for Island People. Just leave a comment with your band/section choice for 2008.

Roll call for 2008 Carnival

Caisoqueen - Black Magic
Tiffany - Black Magic
triniting - Black Magic
shandy - Black Magic
gtwarrior - Black Magic
sagagyul- Black Magic
drew - Black Magic (Monday)
socaholic - Black Magic
*wasp cousin - Black Magic
waspwidfirecracker - Silver Mist Frontline
Carnival Jumbie - Silver Mist Frontline
lovechild - Silver Mist Frontline
darkie-ann - Silver Mist Frontline
babsb - Silver Mist Frontline
Sexelise - Silver Mist Frontline
Jaded Teardrops - Silver Mist Frontline
Mistysilver -Silver Mist
QOS- Silver Mist
D Spirit - Silver Mist
drew - Silver Mist (Tuesday)
Mystique - Mystique Frontline
sumatie - Mystique
sexy eyes - Mystique
TrinInIgYaL- Mystique
quicksilver - Mystique
Kevian- Goddess of the Chase
analisef- Goddess of the Chase
Prinzez Diva - Goddess of the Chase
Deedee - Goddess of the Chase
Gracia - Goddess of the Chase
DC Trini - Lady of the Lake Frontline
mj- Lady of the Lake
shells - Lady of the Lake
LB- Lady of the Lake
DC Trini - Lady of the Lake
NatashaC - Lady of the Lake
*shells friend - Lady of the Lake
Kaya Kitty - Water Nymph
dajewel1982- Water Nymph
wajang - Water Nymph
Tru- Water Nymph
Trini By Injection- Water Nymph
Kira - Water Nymph
*shells sis, cousin & 3 friends - Water Nymph
Ms Trini Passion - Isis Option A
South Reds - Isis option B
TriniAries - Isis option B
*shells friend- Isis option B
dougla_1 - Myths of Babylonia
TRIBEANU - Myths of Babylonia
Jay - Myths of Babylonia
Keitrini - Almathea
Carnivalvirign- Almathea
1sxytrini - Almathea
ms. hershey - Almathea
socadiva - Autumn Sprite
candy - Autumn Sprite
dinah- Autumn Sprite
*shells sis & friend - Autumn Sprite
*shells friend - Mystical India
Brownin - Sun Goddess
Jo-Ann - Pixie Dust
Mel - Pixie Dust
Chell - Pixie Dust

squeezle -Apocalypto
jumbie- Apocalypto
meg - Coming to America
jap - Coming to America
TriniPrincessa x4 - Apocalypto
Prince Namor - Geronimo

Ronnie and Caro
applesaucebaby- Wild Fish Frontline
*applesaucebaby crew - 30 people in diff sections
Another Trini to De Bone - Wildfish x 4

Island People
Leah - Kingfisher
Sommer - Kingfisher
cb - undisclosed
Nikki-ann- Cheetah Frontline
S- Cheetah
Natasha - Silver Fox Frontline
Franny- Black Widow Individual
trinizeta- Black Widow
tabita-ann- Black Widow
Divia - Dragon Lizard Individual
Prima Donna - Egret Frontline
triniwifey- Egret Frontline
Monique- Zebra
Shannon - Zebra
SaundraQ - Zebra
trinijam - Lion
Allison- Ann
Ms Q
Island People crew (50+)

The Oracle
Afro Chic
Aruban Haitian Girl
Trini Orisha Girl
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