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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Carnival Jumbie's Post of the Day..scratch that, POST OF THE WEEK!!!

Tribe Registration at Rosalino Street- August 2005
What Lies Beneath

This one is a MUST read, Carnival Jumbie could not have said it ANY better if the words had come from my own mouth *applause*. Take a read of Carnival Jumbie's blog the topic of the day "Tribe Registration 2k9- Who's In with the In Crowd".

And to add to what Carnival Jumbie said, lets walk down memory lane when we, both she and I, had to hightail it up Cascadia at God alone knows what hour to make sure we were the first ones in line to register for our costumes of choice (click on the links for the archived post):

Drama Free Registration - 2006

Coming to you Live from Cascadia - 2007

Live Update from Cascadia - 2007

Back from Cascadia - 2007

Carnival Jumbie TRIBE Registration aftermath - 2007

As I expressed to Carnival Jumbie last night, there can be as many rumors or people stating as fact that pre-registration has begun, this is not the first year rumors have been circulating stating that, people complain every year about it. But I know we can surely expect that at least ONE costume will be available in the popular sections when registration starts, right?? TRIBE has never slapped a SOLD OUT sign on any section when registration begins.

So, if I know I want that ONE costume that might be still remaining in THAT section that I want complaining won't do me much good!!! For the past three years I have been present front and center for registration, apart from the 2005 Fiasco, I have been in the top 10 of arrivals at Cascadia. The luxury of sleeping in my bed and bouncing in there at 10 o clock does not apply! THE EARLY BIRD CATCHES THE WORM! If you are overseas and online plant yourself in front that PC and click refresh until you get carpal tunnel syndrome; when registration opens you will be the first to know and hopefully the quickest to input your data!

People, you know where you have to be come Saturday and what you need to do. If this is way too much drama and hassle to get into a Carnival band for you, there are several bands already launched and open for business where you can leisurely stroll in and select a costume without fighting any crowds! Not to mention there are bands still to launch! The panic, anxiety and unnecessary drama is just way too much hype, and it is mostly the people without TLC cards stressing out themselves to the point of mania! People seem to forget that TRIBE is NOT the only band in Trinidad and Tobago, and that they definitely won't die if they don't get in!


elsa said...

I only have one question:
Is there any hope for someone wanting to register to play mas with Tribe for 2k9, who lives overseas?
Is this possible? Or are we coming to Trinidad to play mas with Tribe is a lost cause or what?
I am hearing so much of this famous TLC card. Without this famous TLC card is hopeless?

Saucy aka "The Sauce" said...


buublenut said...

I have decided that this is a wee bit much for me and way to early in the season to make a decision. I am going to wait till some more bands come out and look around for my costume. I know that I will cernitly find a costume that I will fall in love with AND NO MATTER WHAT drinks will be flowing on da road :)

With that said I will also pay attention to the resale of Tribe costumes (hoping that people are not looking to make a buck)

Can't wait to hear the aftermath of registration....

dajewel1982 said...

just to be safe, what time is registration will be OFFICIALLY commencing on saturday???

Saucy aka "The Sauce" said...

good going bubblenut!! I know you enjoyed R&C last year and with all the bands to choose from masqueraders are spoiled for choice.

ahm jewel, unless you think I got an email from TRIBE with registration details I really cannot answer that question :/


dajewel1982 said...

oh, ok, saucy. i know that registration starts on saturday, but, for some apparent reason, i thought that i missed the memo on what time it started...can someone tell me 1) what time their mas camp opens on saturday and 2) do they usually open earlier for registration??

Anonymous said...

I find that Tribe needs to do some explaing on their part as to why they are reducing the size of their band. It doesn't make any sense knowing that there will be new people wanting to play with their band. In my opinion they really need to strategize their business so that there are no slip ups on de road and at costume collection.

dajewel1982 said...

jv, they are downsizing because many said that the band was too big this year. i thought the band was too big, this year, as well.

Christina said...

Yes Ronnie and Caro was great and is a good choice for those wanted a med size band. I am waiting for there launch and hopefully find something I love (maybe a FL!!!) I also want to look at Pulse 8 as I have heard good things but think I will stay away from Evolution.

dajewel1982 said...

yes, stay far, far way from evolution!!!

Tr|n|gYa| said...

I cosigning with dajewel...the band was TOOO BIG for 2008. It was madness..the parading didn't even feel cohesive, and security definitely had their hands full trying to contain the band.
Realistically speaking, and I don't mean to incite any fire to an already hot topic, but I just CANNOT see how non-TLC holders going to get past the hurdle of meeting a sold out band after this weekend. I have a lot of disappointed friends who are potential first-timers, but what everyone needs to understand is that Tribe's math just not adding up. You have a somewhat large percentage downsize that is much less than the population that holding a TLC, far less for those waiting with glistening hope that they will get in for the first time. Plus you have people who slacked on getting their TLC card- and NO I am not talking about those people who have been running down customer service since earlier on in the year for their card. I'm talking about the snoozers who thought it was all a game when Tribe said they were locking off their TLC pickup date, and wanna argue now because you didn't go when you had the chance.

Steups...the plot thickens yes!

Carnival Jumbie said...

It is more ironic that one of those forlorn ppl who in Tribe reg line from last year now has their own section! Proof that she used to go through the regular channels like everybody else. Now tell me, if I come from lining up and now had a section would I not want to make sure my ppl safe?

DC Chica said...

I think panic is fueled by rumors and hysteria. Just go to the source and get the info you need - and be realistic.

When I last lived back home, I played in Tribe in 2005 - got my costume on the second day of registration (which sold out in a few days - a short time back then lol).I havent lived back home since, and was able to play with Tribe this year (at the last minute BTW, and in a costume I loved). All my friends still play with Tribe, and mas is not only about the costume for me, its also about the lime. If I'm coming home for a couple days, I'll be where my friends are and enjoy d mas with them. If my friends were playing elsewhere, I wouldnt go in Tribe and jump up by myself. Thing is, I agreed that the band was too big this year - and my reference was comparing Tribe in 05 to 08. Being over here, I feel for those abroad, who for some reason or the other, are unable to get TLC cards. Some people work, others have school, not everyone jump ship to IP. A SMALL quota for online registration only seems fair IMO. But at the end of the day, if I could have gotten a gorgeous costume in Tribe weeks before Carnival this year, there is hope.

And there are other bands - I gave Tribe a shot in its first year (didnt cross the stage til late late late) and still wanted to play with them the next chance I was able to.

masvirgin said...

Please educate me ladies. How can a band be too big? Not enough security? Then get more. Not enough cohesiveness then make more sections with fewer people in each section. Not enough seamstresses? Then hire more.

Please let me know what I'm missing. I'm a newbie. Thanks.

DC Chica said...

Masvirgin - for me, it was the same reason I left Poison - but Tribe wasnt close to that point at all. I'm not saying that I want to play with a small band either - but IMO the lunch break for Tribe is where it all fell apart - not enough food and as for using the bathroom.....

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