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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Pulse 8 is ready for online registration...

Overseas masqueraders who were awaiting online registration with Pulse 8 can now breathe a sigh of relief, however don't exhale so quickly. Once again it seems that our sisters and brothers "across the pond" are being measured by a different yard stick than those living here in Trinidad, as is indicated per Pulse 8's website
Overseas masqueraders are required to pay in full for costumes by Jan 31st 2007

Now, I am quite aware that we usually have until the day of costume pick up to pay off the balance (for those who have not already done so) however it seems as if this is some sort of new trend. Even though I live in Trinidad and for now this is only being taxed on overseas masqueraders, what if in future we are all required to either pay for our costume in full or pay up come the end of January?

By extension I think overseas masqueraders should be afforded the same rights as those in Trinidad and for the life of me I cannot understand why they are being treated as if their money is any different than the average Trinidadian's. If anyone knows why or how these new policies are decided upon feel free to let us all know !


warrior like me said...

It's totally unfair. And I'm saying so not only because I have 3 sister living outside of Trinidad but because it's just not right.

If this is an attempt to avert risk, then it is very flawed. Int'l folks have way more expenses to get here for Carnival than the locals. And even with that, they are no more likely to pay down on a costume and not show up to collect it than a local is. In additition, its not likely these mas bands eating a serious loss because they sell what no one picks up. This year I know for a fact (and I telling it like it is, who vex loss) TRIBE sold shorts and bands ALONE (well they got the goodie bag too) to people and gave them $50 off (that's TT dollars eh). I understood though, and while it may seem ridiculous to some, we all need to remember its business (i did feel for the young men though). And those were just extra shorts lying around. They made more money in essence then.

I think if they want to avert risk, what they need to do is distribute costumes earlier. Whenever you want all your money, have my full costume ready please.

squeezle said...

Saucy girl, this thing have a lot of us New York folks in an uproar. Other than pure greed, I can't imagine what the reason would be.

It can't be to prevent credit card fraud. What makes them think that people in Trinidad can't defraud them?

I really hope this doesn't become the standard for all bands. It's a very unfair policy.

fiesty said...

Saucy when you find out please let me know. Why are we being treated so differently this year. Did something happen that we should know about.

Hottie Hottie said...

I think is because they figure people working for foreign money so we MUST be able to afford it and/or the know people away feel the pull to be home strongly and so will put up with almost anything to do so. What bothering me more is this follow fashion mentality we have. IP do it, so lewwe do it too. Lewwe eh wait and see what the backlash is, what people say, how they respond. They do it - eh heh! That is a good idea, lewwe follow.

Anonymous said...

yeah I'm real upset about it. I live in DC, I'm plannin to send the money home for someone to pay 4 me. I don't think any of us masqueraders shud put up with this and we shud basically boycott until it's changed but I already kno that that's not the kind of mentality Trinis hav. We cud never get together for a common good. Ppl will jus say 'eh heh u boycottin, well now is my chance to make sure I get a costume' It's ridiculous. I goin to start an email petition man cuz dis is real shyt. I am not folk too? I doh hav a friggin $800 plane ticket to buy?? I paid down on a costume dis yr and didn't end up comin home, but I sold my costume to someone, do they feel I want to thrwo away $150 like dat? As Warrior say, they make back their money so wat firetruck is their problem. steeeeupppps...I so vex eh I feelin to not even play mas again.

fiesty said...

Saucy tell me again what Dinah look like....the materials look cheapy. I called the store and they could guarantee me a spot but my sis says that she dont like the material, trying to pursuade her. Thanks

Anonymous said...

I agree with the previously echoed sentiments. As an independent student/Carnival Baby living in Toronto, it is chilling to know that these bands don't even weigh the notion that foreign masqueraders have more expense to cover than local masqueraders, under the assuption that "we have the big money" **steups** if dey only know how expensive everything is out here! I see my Carnival budget ruinning into $2000CAN EASY this year.

...I love meh Carnival too bad, doh get tie up, but me eh no bobolee nah, and these bands, as previously noted, just waiting to see the backlash of these decisions. Tribe better not play in dey rukun-kuh-tung-tun (lol) and try that nonsense next year, because as much as I love my "Tribal" service/perks =), and my Carnival...a line has to be drawn SOMEWHERE.


sexy eyes said...

whoa....that is totally unfair for overseas masqueraders to pay that kinda money all at once or even to be given a deadline you see y yall should play in Tribe!!!!!
But i sorry for those who have to pay all ah dat at once!

Anonymous said...

The person living in DC who have to send yuh money home. I live in DC too and I done send my money home for meh sis to register meh. What u waiting on? Send yuh money home dahlin. I was registered like a trini since mon. We need to find loop holes people.

Hottie Hottie said...

Anon, send me that petition and I will sign up.

Anonymous said...

at least they didn't say "give us your money in two days or else." lol

Bands need to just stop copying each other sheesh. What is policy for one should not be policy for all.

wonderfulkc said...

Shandy, I agree with u. At least Pulse 8 gave ppl extended time to settle their balances.

Anonymous said...

For pay in full questions about our band please log on to


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