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Friday, July 18, 2008

Getting Ready To Fly.....

Yesterday afternoon I paid a visit to TRIBE's mas camp to collect TLC cards on behalf of two friends who are overseas when what could greet my eyes but the construction of giant birdcages!

Inside the mas camp had been transformed into a painted aviary and using my powers of deduction I surmised that each bird represents one of "Bird of a Feather's" 16 sections. And we have;

Toucan & Bird of Paradise
(obscured by open door)

Spangled Cotinga


Green Honeycreeper

Scarlet Ibis

Blue and Red Macaw


Orange Canary & Owl &Flamingo

Green Amazon Parrot

7 more days until the launch and 7 more MONTHS until Carnival, are you ready to FLY!?!?!


Moi said...

aye girl....meh pores...deh humming bird too...LET'S GO LAUNCH!!! LOL

Tr|n|gYa| said...


afro chic said...

Dat alone making me feel to go to the launch!

sexy eyes said...

I am totally excited :)

SAGAGYUL said...

Ready to blast off! Can't wait to touch down in TNT next Saturday!

MoNi said...

I'm so ready too spread my wings and flyyyyyyyyy!!!! I can see myself flying through the sky with the wind benath my wings

chris said...

Saucy, have I told you lately that I love you? hahahahahahaa. THANKS sooooo much for that! I will miss the launch but will be home the week after. Can't wait to see the costumes close up. I already bought my boots which will be decorated to suit.

I already know that I will be in either Pink Flamingo or Scarlet Ibis! Woooooooooooooo

Sherry said...

OH GAWD!!! I'm sooooo EXCITED!!!! lawd fadda! I love all of the birds they've chosen to portray so any section i get into will be wonderful. i just want PLENTY feathers!!!! i'm loving the murals on the walls... amazing.

dougla_1 said...

Quite impressive! I appreciate the effort and results most sincerely. This looks like alot of love and work for the theme here; and I can picture the beauties (and or couples) inside (if that is the intent) the individual big bird cages at launch!

I notice the Magazine in the Blue and Red Macaw picture. I still haven't seen the pic of me in the Tribe 2008, souvenir mag, todate :(

quiksilver said...

i went for my tickets today. there were about 6 othert people in the line. the sketches of the birds look good though!

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