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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

One of these things looks ...

.....looks just like the other!!!!

Snow Owl

Katie Price aka Jordan
(Dwight Yorke baby mama!)

Hmmmmmmm, even the belt looks almost the same!!! Shame, shame, shame on the "designer"!

Anyway, I forgot to review Snow Owl, which I think is pretty nice costume except for the silver octopus legs coming out the back...why? Is that suppose to be a creative way to mimic wings? No, I don't think it looks cute!

Not a bad costume, even though Ms Jordan showed up at her book signing on July 18th wearing it first!!

Photo Source: The Daily Mail


princessredz said...

LMAO!!!!! And I'm laughing at them both...

Maybe Jordan got a glimpse of TRIBE costume designs before the launch? Maybe she will be the Snow Owl individual?

Oh dear, I can't stop laughing at this one.

buublenut said...

Saucy you good!!

SLK said...

lol sourcing from the Mail... oh dear oh dear oh dear!

empressnatts said...

LOL LOL LOL good one saucy

Lady said...

Sauce...where do you ever get these things. lol......

Carnival Diva said...

SHAME! lol, but i guess inspiration have to come from SOMEWHERE!

afro chic said...

Oh gorm give the designer some credit nah...I doubt she put that costume together just ONE WEEK before the launch.

xVx said...

i noticed that. but jordan aka katie rice has trini connections.

jt said...

and body have any idea when tribe site will be up and running

oh the most important

any body heard what the prices will be like
boy oh boy i have NO MONEY NON what so ever and meh master card MAX OUT but where there's a will there's a way

Carnival Diva said...

LOL...lawdy, how yuh gonna do that and you know this is coming girl? lol
well when i called the camp i was told that an email will be sent out to masqueraders after lunch with ALL info about registration and prices etc.
Is it after lunch yet? lol

jt said...

am not sure if is me you responded to but if it is firstly I am a MAN any how i brought a new car yesterday and just came back from paying the insurance and it broke me any my wife they kill me with price but some thing will work lol
i'll sell my computer lol

tribe better hurry up and send that email

Carnival Diva said... it's u i responded

Anonymous said...

well when tha main components of the design are feathers and appliques don't you expect to see repetition over and over?

to be honest it is kind of funny to look at everyone compare and contrast different variations of the same designs over and over. come now ladies let's be honest, there are only so many things that can be done with feathers and appliques (I notice the beads are now an andangered species).

I seriously doubt that jordan and the ghastly mickey mouse ears wire winged snow owl have any connection whatsoever and I am sure the designers can back me up here.

Saucy aka "The Sauce" said...

Mas-ah you maybe need to take it in the Spirit if which the post was done! LOL

If I see something that reminds me of a costume I point it out!

I did the same with Blk Widow spider and the legs and the body suit last year among other costumes many times over.

I am really beginning to think that people are getting too serious about the fun aspect of this blog!! A little piccong and heckling and ole talk is all part of it.

Have a laugh and move on..

And I will continue to compare and contrast feathers and appliqu├ęs because all that is part of he fun of Carnival for ME. I can spot differences in costumes that my husband thinks I am nuts for pointing out.. that is just who I am and I enjoy it!!

Carnival Diva said...

well somebody put this woman in ah costume now! :)

ms. hershey said...

all i can say is THANK GOD the designer of Snowy Owl didn't use that ghastly body suit Jordan had on as part of the costume. imagine how THAT would have looked with the spider legs coming out of the back!! LOL!!!

lawd, yuh have to love carnival. LOL

Trinimade said...

Saucy girl you have me rolling here.Girl we can't help bur love you for what you do....Keep it up ...and people stop taking things so serious.gosh lighten up nah! lol

Tr|n|gYa| said...

Ummm...where's the snow? lololololol

dcarnivalbaby said...

I dont know where the HELL you does get all your info. YOU MUST HAVE EYES EVERYWHERE!!!!

Anonymous said...

but A A, I have just as much fun counterpointing. It was my impression that this was all part of the back and forth.

But to be honest I do not think the designers would really appreciate us ripping apart their designs just for the 'fun' of it.

Saucy i love you to death but that does not mean I won't strongly counterpoint, part of my 'fun' is to hear the responses to my observations. But if we just having 'fun' with it I will not put such serious effort into my opinions, ok?

peace and love

Saucy aka "The Sauce" said...

lol Mas-Ah as long as YOU know that we are not seriously ripping dem apart.. but then again I guess we do!! We are one picky bunch I tell you, but it is not done with ill intent.

My "fun" is not to rip the designers apart, my fun comes from the whole obsessive Carnival experience. I think you might have misunderstood that.See you do not know me personally and before I even had a blog I had the same attitude for Carnival.

I cannot tell you how many trips I make to mas camps to view my costumes from all angles before registration or how I will examine the headpiece or belt or bra to envision how I will look, how the materials will hold up the effect in the sunlight.

And don't talk for when I have more than one choice!! I make a slide show of all my picks, and look at them over and over until I am sure of my decision. I take my carnival costuming seriously; I don't go for the hottest section or what my friends are in I go for what moves me.And strange enough it gives me endless pleasure to be such a crazy obsessive Carnival junkie lol.

Anonymous said...

Ah ha ! but I do know you personally (dramatic music builds to a crescendo in the background).

Saucy aka "The Sauce" said...

well then you should know how I am, I doh have to explain myself further lol ;)

MsGray said...

You know, A Snow Owl is a gorgeous creature. Some come out all white, some speckled with black. When this creature strutted down the catwalk on Sunday Morning, and announcer said it was a snow owl I nearly dead.

What in the heck are those swirly thingies sticking out the back about???!!!

And the headpiece in particular reminds me of something out of a Dr. Seuss book. Does it not look like the hairstlye of one of the ladies of Whoville?

I don't hate it eh, just find it a little bizarre.

Good satire Sauce!!!

S said...

HA HAAA! real kicks here.
But i think the swirls sticking out the back are supposed to be the snow blowing in the wind. like wisps of snowy wind, like in a storm, right?.. at least that's what I thought it was when I saw it. I didn't think wings at
But it reminds me more of Legacy's Snow Witch or whatever that monstrosity was this year (that only Fayanne looked good in simply because she has a fab body).

Anonymous said...

but ah not understanding wat it is she trying to accomplish with dat one? She need to reexamine her look whoever put this look on her needs to be shot..... She looking like ah hot mess

kim said...

Hey Saucy,
I was wondering if you could help out the less-knowledgeable folks out there and remind us who designed which Tribe costumes last year. I want something to reference so I can have an idea of the quality to expect. This will factor into my decision on which section to play in. :-)

Richard said...

ok so before anyone has a stroke or heart attack, this show owl design was done by a NEW, YOUNG,designer that recently finished school, this design was done over one year now and wasn't used because, the kid was still in school and needed no distractions, so snowy owl was don quite some time ago, and put on hold till now.... hope this helps.

Saucy aka "The Sauce" said...

LOL @ Richard.

Don't you think it funny that Katie Price has a VERY similar "costume"???

Carnival Jumbie said...

Saucy like we cut from the same cloth yes cause the more I speak out loud in public, the more I sell out myself and my obssession with Carnival .

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