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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Elements Costume Prices...

I take back every single thing I said about Spice prices being too hot; please note that I stand corrected!

For a debut band they are probably priced the most competitive FOR the quality and caliber of costumes I have seen so far; again this is based on the NEW bands where we have nothing to judge them by but costumes. Kaotic will rank second only because the materials used according to their creative director Ricardo Gomez is not as expensive as those used in Spice's designs.

Elements, prices are listed below and you make your own judgment, I will say that for FRONTLINE they are pretty expensive considering most of them consist of Boas that sell for $75.00TT at Samaroos, as in the case of Jubilee I just cannot see a $1400.00 difference for more boas. Also Cabaret, the non drinks inclusive section is pretty pricey!! At that cost it is best to play with a cheaper costume that is fully inclusive.. but that is just me!


Male - $2450.00
Female - $3395.00
Frontline - $4695.00

Male - $2450.00
Female - $3350.00
Frontline - $4695.00

Queen of Hearts
Male - $2500.00
Female - $2995.00

Female – $3395.00
Frontline - $4795.00

Male - $2500.00
Female - $2750.00
Frontline - $4350.00

Treasure Island
Male - $2450.00
Female - $3250.00

Cabaret (FOOD ONLY)
Male - $1895.00
Female $2650.00
Frontline - $3900.00

Lady Luck
Male - $2500.00
Female - $3195.00
Frontline - $4350.00

Male - $2300.00
Female - $2995.00
Frontline - $3250.00

Male - $2650.00
Female - $3495.00
Frontline - $4795.00

Caesars Palace
Male - $2350.00
Female - $2695.00


empressnatts said...

Dey was smoking Crack cocaine when they decided on the prices?? Nah man..come again Elements. Well at least you could of wow some potential masqueraders (not me) with cheaper prices and build your following. They need to get into rehab to get off that high they on.

carnivalkris said...

c'mon... cabaret is just RIDDIKULUS. if anyone knows the reasoning behind having that one section as non-inclusive of drinks, then please share. what are they tryin to do?. crash and burn before they even spread their wings,

trinicandy said...

but wait ent them is a new band .......steups and them costumes need to be redesign

carnivalkris said...

Not bashing you all, just i have to agree with empressnatts, start off cheaper and build from there. i mean if i was "wowed" i may have been tempted tuh wrench myself from my preferred band of choice and pay the money, but for now i'll stick with my first choice.but still all in all, to those of you playin with elements, i wish you all the best and looking forward to seein the band on the road,


I hear rumors of sections already sold out and pre-registration started the day after the launch!!! Good luck to anyone trying to get in this band!

carnivalkris said...

carnival enthusiast, yuh think that may be a marketing stunt?

Tr|n|gYa| said...

Mirage Frontline - $4695.00

Just within my budget :)..wait, I'm hoping that we're talking Pesos here, right? =/

ms. hershey said...

but who de hell tell Elements that those "costumes" were worth the money they're asking??? they are definitely bugging out with these prices. aw heck naw!!!

Camille said...

oh my... not even thinking of playing with them because the costumes are of poor design quality... they should have priced them at $1000.00 for back line and $2000 for front... the cheaper the better because they are not up to standard...

Carnival Diva said...

i really have no words

joe said...

One word for Elements and those prices, Ambitious! LOL

Carnival Jumbie said...

if there were two OK costumes in the bunch would not rush it to make sure you in one of the two?

Hot said...

Hi All,

Ask yourself something. If a band cannot deliver when it comes to costume design and quality, how are they going to be able to deliver when it comes to the on the road experience? Those in the know will tell you that delivering the on the road experience is the harder of the two. So if a band already has clearly failed in terms of costume design and quality, are you NOW going to further GAMBLE your Carnival experience money?

Not to mention paying ridiculously high prices for sub-standard quality? Seems like some people are trying to become millionaires overnight.

carnivalbaby said...

Im with you carnivaldiva.. i really have no words, lol

Sasha W said...

hmm, my frontline hummingbird is cheaper than the ONLY costume that I find passable (FL Bellagio). That is SCARY. I really wonder if they think they have enough friends willing to pay that kinda money. Or enough rich blind people in Trinidad maybe?

Sea-an said...

wah? mirage is over 4000.... I just waitin for Ashton Kutcher to jump out and say "You've all been PUNK'D!!"

chris said...

nonsense, pure and simple. steups...

the chris said...

People jokey yes... So let me get this right... the prices are too high "for a new band"... hahahahaha.. WIN!

Everybody is a Carnival expert in this land. Hey miss frontline hummingbird, I hope you can find the 4feet of space you need around you so you can actually enjoy your carnival experience. How big was tribe this year?

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