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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Island People Registration Day 2

So, I went back to Island People's mas camp today to register a friend in her section of choice; being an overseas masquerader she did not want to wait for online registration as well as she wanted me to try her bra on for correct sizing as we wear the same size.

I must say when I arrived I was pleased to meet no crowd as yesterday, though there were lots of people waiting to pay as well as inside the mas camp looking at costumes and registering.

Island People uses the sizing of S,M,L,XL etc. however if you are lucky enough to be able to get to the mas camp they have a very nice area set up for bra fittings. The girls there also assit you in measuring for your correct belt size as well, and once correctly fitted they give you a slip of paper with all your measurements per the S,M,L sizing guide which you take with you to the next stage of registration.

After being fitted, you join a line to get your masquerader card:

There were several attendants entering your personal information as well as costume choice and sizes into a computerized system; I can understand now that with the loss of power yesterday how this would have halted the system. This part went very smoothly, once all the data was entered you are given a printed out copy which you must sign to ensure that all the information is correct.

Once that part was over payments were made to the front of the mas camp and this is where the wait was. There were two lines, one for cash and the other for cards, but since people were in most cases registering more than one person and they had to receive a receipt as well as sign for each one it held things up a bit. It was also hot as this portion of the camp is open air, but we were offered refreshments while waiting.

Overall the wait was not that bad, and I guess because it was the lunching hour many people were there due to the fact that they could get time off. I am sure during the non-peak hours things would move faster and I advise anyone thinking of going, to try registering at any time after 1PM and closer to when the mas camp closes.

I hope everyone was able to register with as much ease!


Triniprincess said...


You are the best!!!!

I noticed on the website that you have the option to "do your own bra"

Great move IP

babydoll said...

I agree that the registration process today was much better. I was able to register online with ease within a matter of minutes.

dajewel1982 said...

glad to hear that registration is easier today!! also, am very much pleased to hear that IP gives you an oppurtunity to supply your own bra! great move!! i have to admit that i really liking the aesthetic appeal of their site!!! although we have discussed how the costumes look on film vs real life, i really appreciate how the poses are not just poses, but are action and candid poses from so many angles so as to give a potential masquerader an idea as how they would look come carnival monday and tuesday. very innovative!

Curlylocz said...

Hey Saucy, you know if any sections sold out yet?

Tanisha said...

I really appreciate all the info on this blog - thanks Saucy!

I have a couple questions though. I'm in Barbados and unfortunately can't quite get fitted for my costume. If I wear a 34C bra, what size top should I get? Medium?

And if they measure you for the belt surely there's some kind of chart to show which size is best... Last year I had to stitch in my belt because I could pretty much walk right out of it it was so big!

And lastly, does IP provide Monday wear as standard, or do I need to order the hotpants as an extra??

So confused... :S

TriniVice said...

hi tanisha...I've had issues with the IP bra sizing in the past and really it's hard to say. 34C is such a common size yet is different for if you think you're a large 34C I'd say the medium should fit well..but if you're on the smaller end of a 34C it might be a little big. On their old charts they do equate a 34C with a medium bra though. As for the comment..mines is always too big as well so this year I wised up and ordered a small! For monday mas, they usually provide the boy/hot shorts so you do not have to order an extra pair unless you want to wear one on tues. Hope this helps! :)

Angelboots said...

Im an overseas masquerader from the UK and there is no sizing chart on the IP website. So my three friends and i have no idea what bikini size we should be choosing, and we are very busty girls.

IP have a no refund or no size change policy so therefore they should have more information about what 2xl, 3xl constitutes in terms of size, so people can make an informed choice. It would also help if they picked up their phone, or responded to emails.

I have also been unable to download the sizing chart on this site.

Lets hope none of you see me with my boobs flying about at the carnival in an ill fitting costume :-(

Tanisha said...

Thanks trinivice! I think I'll stick with medium top as larger bra is better than a too small bra... Based on experience!

innerouterdivaPON said...

Check Winnie The Pooh up in de mix!! TOO SWEET.

Tanisha, yesterday I registered a friend of mine and she is a 36C cup. They recommended extra large for her, but it turned out that the large bra was the better fit. I would suggest that you go large since 34C is in the same IP sizing bracket as 36C. Also, if you have someone who can try on for you it might be a good idea because it really does depend on how you like your bras to fit (cleavage, lift and all that good stuff lol).

Tanisha said...

Thanks! I love how I can can real-time, real people answers.

IP should consider having someone on this site to answer questions like that for us foreigners...

A-Luv said...

Hey Tanisha am ah masquerader of ip and am ah 34C also, when i went to register i also tought it would of been medium but from ip chart 34C was under large.

Triniprincess said...

Angelboots I wear a 36DDD and had to get the 3XL and I wear a size 6/7 panty and their large panty/shorts works for me. I hope that helps.

But keep calling or send them an e-mail you DO NOT want to order the wrong size bra - NIGHTMARE!!

Triniprincess said...

OH and I just realized that POOH went and register too - Pooh not missing nothing lol

baltimorelady said...

I am in Baltimore and I tried registering online today.They told me that I had a reservation for 24 hrs.My issue is once I go to the PayPal website, which I already signed up for, How exactly do I send the money to Island People?Should a charge automatically show up on my paypal account?PLEASE HELP!!THANKS!!

trinidoll1 said...

You have to send it to

afro chic said... how much band Pooh playing in?

Triniprincess said...

AC I wondering the same thing. Like Pooh going to be a multi-band F.H.O.

babydoll said...

Rays of light sold surprised!

Trinidad & Tobago Club Association Windsor said...

To those who paid via PayPal have you received an email from Island People confiming that they received your money? I sent in the payment but have not received anything. I eh like how they have you sending in money and there is no verification. Nex ting they saying dat yuh ent pay for your costume.

ericka said...

signed up for 2 costumes by accident online. how do i know when i pay through paypal that i'm not committing to pay for 2 costumes?
does price include leg, wrist jewelry and head piece?

trinidoll1 said...

If you paid through paypal like I did, you will see that under the, it will list them as a verified paypal account, this is the same method we used last year...I printed out my receipt for proof...there shouldn't be any issues.

rika said...

ericka - I would suggest you just put in payment for one costume and in the message/comment section reference why and what happened

Also, for all who registered online before today, the 'Measurement Guide' is now up so if you guessed your sizes, LIKE ME, you may want to check that

ericka said...

where did you see option to do your own bra? live out of country and arriving 3days before carnival, is this an option for me?

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