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Monday, September 01, 2008

And the Juan Pablo plot thickens ....

Apparently news reaching me is that Juan Pablo is NOT the the original designer of the Jumbie and Rays of Light headpieces. I was informed that he was only contracted to produce them. The designs were done in Trinidad by the designer of the section, taken to Juan last year and they have now showed up in his catalog this year!

Juan is the feather supplier and the designers are, understandably, furious as he is now mass producing THEIR designs! Oh lawd, the drama never ends. Well, he sure had me thinking that HE was the designer of the headpiece, for that error I apologize to the real designers, and I am sure a lot of other people were thinking the same too!


shandygirl78 said...

Wow, IP really were on top of their game for 09. They hired Juan Pablo to produce the Rays of Light headpieces last year yet the costumes/headpieces will not be needed in large quantities till next year.


The thing is Saucy some people who cant design a sheet of paper or stick 2 pieces of paper together (im not saying this is the case here) call them self’s designers, they go to producers with an idea saying they want it to look like this and that, and then he or she has to do their interpretation of what these people say they wanted, and sometimes it looks better than what the so called designers wanted but they take the props for it. I was hanging out with a producer in Trini and seen this for myself, the question I asked him at the time is who’s design is it after you make it look 10 times better than the original concept.

Lady said...

I'm pretty sure I spotted four of Island people head piece design from Sahara 2007. Nubians, Mirage, Cacti.
Goodness! Trinidadians too cool with their intellectual property. How easy is it for someone from say Australia to visit Trinidad for carnival realise they could make a mint by replicating costumes wholesale in another part of the world. But then again this is what happens when we start out sourcing carnival people run away with your ideas. Added to that with the advent of band websites people any part of the world can get hold of a design and replicate it somewhere else for fantasy parties, masquerade balls etc.
Trinidadians need to be careful with their intellectual property first it was the steelpan, now people thieving costume designs.

And I agree with mas assassin, some people call themselves designers and can't do sh$t. Thats why I respect bands who for years despite the changing taste of masqueraders for intricate skimpy costumes they stuck to their old tradition of making their mas in their camp, labouringly sticking on feather and beads. But things have changed our taste has change, their is the internet and there is out sourcing of carnival.that is the price we would have to pay.

dougla_1 said...

Saucy, I can't say anything better than what mas assassin and lady said. They have the words of the day, for me :)

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