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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The Bra Size Issue... AGAIN

Every year another band has another issue when it comes to bras!

In 2006 it was the infamous sizing issue with TRIBE and their bra cup restrictions for the sections Tales of Benguela and Nylon Pool front line; this one brought scathing commentary from Terry Joseph which accused TRIBE of being racist and was the topic of discussion on many a radio call in show.

In 2007 Island People and their bra sizing were also put on blast, though to their credit Wyatt was very pro active in trying to get a proper sizing chart to ensure that masqueraders were able to choose their bras with more information on what the S,M,L,XL sizes translated to in actual bra sizes. Of course, no one made a fuss about the bra sizes, no scathing commentary, no call in programs, it was only my lone article on the subject which you can read here.

Now it is 2008 and the bra wars is still a hot topic with another band, this time newbie SPICE.
I have been informed by one of the bloggers registered in the section Paprika that her well endowed friend (she wears a 44 DDD bra) has been told by SPICE that:

1. Her bra size cannot be accommodated in the section Paprika.
2. That she is not allowed to bring her own bra to be decorated, even though she offered to pay extra.
3.There are no other sections where her bra size is "available" or where she can submit her own bra to be decorated.

Needless to say this potential masquerader is very disappointment as all her friends are playing with Spice and at this point she is the odd man out because of her bra size.

To tell the truth I am totally FED UP of this whole issue of bra sizing. Is it THAT difficult to afford a masquerader willing to submit their own bra AND pay extra the courtesy of being catered to? Not to mention that a custom made bra can be made in Trinidad by the swimsuit manufacturers, of course this brings with it other issues such as having one bra made for one masquerader at possibly cost instead of wholesale price, as well as going through the effort to have this done.

And if the fact is the band really only wants to cater to a certain aesthetic when it comes to their masqueraders, man up and say so, let people know you have a size limit instead of wasting their time! There are many tactics bands have been using to ostracize the larger cup sizes to make them feel unwelcomed from ever since the bikini bra top made it's way into mas. A masquerader cannot force a band to change their policy, the only recourse is to take your money somewhere else !

Not to mention that the bra sizes available ONLINE for certain costumes only go up to a 36B... is Spice trying to send us a message here? This was one of the flaws pointed out when I observed their online registration process last week and I came to their defense when a blogger wanted to know if "based on those notations in this post, it appears as if the band is catering only to smaller sized people. not necessarily, true, but that's the way it is looking. But don't want to stir that pot as I "heard" similar accusations against TRIBE and other bands so....interesting.....inquiring minds and conspiracy theorists want to know...".

Today I am doubting that a band touting themselves as being headed by all females would be so insensitive to a request made by a sister female on such a sensitive subject!



hey saucy i too am concerned and this is not looking good :-( i am here again heading up a large group from uk with girls sizing going upto a 36G bra i have sent a msg to nicholas of spice on facebook as there dont seem to be no direct way of contacting the people running the show they say they are the missing ingredient in carnival but they seem to have alot of missing ingredients withing they band! this may see us jumping ship quick if we cannot be catered for we in the uk a small band in comparison and we managed to catter from an 30A cup right up to a 44JJ why cant it be done in trinidad after all most my bras came from there lol

carnivalbaby said...

This is very disturbing on so many levels. I would hope that potential spice masqueraders whether small busted or not have the courage to stand with their larger endowed fellow masqueraders and take their business elsewhere. Needless to say I am disgusted by reading this, and to think this band is headed by women...go figure!!!

SocaDiva70 said...

Didnt A representative from Spice "Hot" I think her name is.. when I asked the question if they would cater to the fuller breasted woman, and she said yes it wouldnt be a problem becasue their were other options such as tankini's corests etc etc, and then I asked about the possibility of providing our own bras, again if think the reply was didnt forsee a problem but would have to double check on that.... needless to say she didnt get back!!!!!!


JJ said...


"Frontline costumes only go up to a size 36B"

"No whole piece, corset or tankini options are showing in the drop down menu."

"Male costumes only feature the waist size and that goes up to 40inches."

aaaah!!! the conspiracy theorist is validated!

thanks. it would be great to get a response from the band. such beautiful hot costumes it has and all...

buublenut said...

Too bad her friends can't get there money back and all play somewhere else.

This happened to a friend of mine once and it caused her and other to jump up with another band - she too offered to bring her own bra and was ok with less jewels and offered to pay more but they still said no....I never understood that.

When it comes to spening your money how you are treated is so important.....hmm order the biggest bra they offer and then when you get the costume home take it apart and redeoctae your own

rika said...

Yes, I saw this on your chat last night, and am glad you brought it to the forefront.
I also looked on Spice's website last week and saw that their FL bra sizes only went up to a 36B, yet the options for their BL/'ladies' bras go to a 40 DD. I mean, wow, are my breasts not good enough to be in your frontline costume??
I don't understand how they initially come out as an all female band, yet do not cater to so much of that population... they definitely do NOT have the spice.

Anonymous said...

Something has to be done about this whole thing, because I refuse to get a breast deduction to cater to these mas is sad that at this point a time, this woman would have to go in search of another band and be seperated from her friends.

Anonymous said...

Lol...I meant reduction!

Lady said...

Here we go again....
Year after year this bra issue come up.
How difficult could it be for newer bands to learn from others' mistakes. All bands I now believe went through their period of bra size turmoil, what my question is is it that expensive to carter for the larger sizes. If a band says they are not trying to ostracise people based on their larger cup size shouldn't they then offer costumes bras in larger sizes.

That said, as a business woman I believe that there would be an additional cost attached to decorating a larger bra that, is a given. What I'm wondering is if that cost is past on to the masquerader if people would pay the extra or feel offended.

Again people should be man and woman enough to stand by their decisions and product. If bands don't believe in offering larger bras based on cost of production/decorating etc. they should say so. Added to this if the y simply want certain size women to be in a certain section they should just say so as well.

By the way isn't Paprika's designer someone with enough bra bacchanal experience???

MoNi said...

I cannot believe this for of bias is still lurking around today.I'm not playing in Spice but I'm soo disappointed that as a new band they are creating these type of issues on themselves. I'm also shocked to know that they have desginers that came from different bands and should know these type of situations will come up once they decide to branch off.

Saucy I commend you for not holding back your tounge on any band and there misgivings....good looking!!!!

dajewel1982 said...

hmmmm....interesting....i honestly thought the following were mishaps from their payment update and would have been fixed:

"Frontline costumes only go up to a size 36B"

"No whole piece, corset or tankini options are showing in the drop down menu."

"Male costumes only feature the waist size and that goes up to 40inches."

because i thought that the size/type options were not complete, i wanted to make sure when would the site be fully functional. so, i messaged nicholas asking when would the site be FULLY-functional for masqueraders to place orders. he responded that the site was ready...hmmm....

i did notice that masqueraders of different sizing were registered in SPICE, though. if they were tankini, bikini or corseted? i don't know.

nonetheless,that is BOLDFACE of said designer of paprika to tell the masquerader that foolishenss!!!

dajewel1982 said...

lady, triple ditto for "By the way isn't Paprika's designer someone with enough bra bacchanal experience???"

Voluptuous Masquerader said...

Hello All,

Well you all KNOW how I feel, as this is an issue that is near to my heart, or should I say to my big boobs. LOL. I have posted my feelings on my blog, so I wont repeat them here.

Thanks Saucy for letting me link to you blog.


Touch said...

spice is simply discriminating agaist people of a certain's not that it's hard for them to create a bigger size it's simply to tell you that "we think you're to big to play in this band" and that we are trying maintain a certain image for our band.

dougla_1 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
dougla_1 said...

"And if the fact is the band really only wants to cater to a certain aesthetic when it comes to their masqueraders, man [or woman] up and say so, let people know you have a size limit instead of wasting their time!"

Well, for frontline yes, STATE the obvious! I would, and I would have the right of first refusal based on shape and CERTAINLY NOT COLOUR (so there is NO confusion where my mind is on this.) There are quite busty women with luscious bubblenuts (yuh know backsides ;)) that could and do blaze frontlines I imagine, but they must be the "coke-bottle" aesthetic. And please be certain I would refuse skinny women in frontline too. There are far TOO MANY skinny women who look less than sexy in bikini mas.

And on a related note, I have seen fabulous big women play individuals, but then again they are working with the mas makers to cover up and highlight certain areas of the mas and body integration. "Go big, [go brave], or go home!" :)

DC Chica said...

I guess Pamela Anderson and the Hef's Girls Next Door can't play in Spice either.

What would they do if tons of Trini women started getting implants?

carnivalbaby said...

LMAO @ dougla_1

NYC Yahdie said...

I know the young woman that was referred to in the post. She just mentioned to me that she is still unable to get a costume and is not going to play mas this year at all. She told me that they emailed her told her that the costumes are already made and no more orders cant be made.This is reallly unfortunate!!!

HQ said...

What a disappointment, especially from a band that purports to be women-centric.

dajewel1982 said...

whoa, the costumes are 'already made'??? lol!


well i just had a msg from the spice team and have informed me they can accom upto a 38H bra size! so i glad for that we can stick where we are if they dont there will be trouble

Saucy aka "The Sauce" said...

bachanalmas Richard and Anthony, the designers of 8 of Spice sections, contacted Anya today to express their concern over the issue.I was informed by Richard that Anthony took a great interest in the matter. He intimated that Spice was "scared" when they saw the bra size as they are new and had no idea where to get certain sizes outside the range they catered for.

Richard and Anthony subsequently gave them the information on which local producers do indeed make bras of all sizes so I am happy to report that NOW they can accommodate all sizes.


even better saucy maybe they should have done that before they launched lol would have saved all this trouble its not like women have suddenly devloped breastes above a certain size lol come on man i thought these band leaders and designers had experience? but im glad its sorted and the girl mentioned earlier can now play her mas

Curlylocz said...

One bad experience reaches more ears than one good experience. Spice better hope it's not too late for them. They should've did their homework. Now, that poor girl not even playin' mas because of one band's insensitivity. I wonder if they would've made this accommodation if Richard and Anthony didn't bring it to their attention?

cute dougla said...

Even if they have the size available "all of a sudden" she should go to another band. It is clear that this was an after the fact thought and the decision was made only after Saucy took up the issue...let's all learn from the silver mist disaster!!!

Hot said...

ok....the first thing is that there are ALWAYS two sides to a story and it is usually a good thing to a hear BOTH sides BEFORE drawing a conclusion.

1. Let's face facts extra, extra small and extra, extra large in the broad scheme of things are not common sizes. Small, medium and large are the most common sizes and that's a fact.

2.Spice initially catered for all sizes based on a pre-determined RATIO and this was guided by the norms of the industry. In other words, the sizes and the quantities allocated to each section were gauged against the normal sizes bought by masqueraders using a base of every 1000 masqueraders as a guide.

3.The band is catering for 2500 masqueraders and the sizing ratios for both male and female were guided by the overall ratio outlined and referred to above.

4.The very large sizes and very small sizes in many of the sections sold out early.

5. The band has a policy that stipulates that we will not allow masqueraders to provide part of their own costume for decoration as we simply cannot guarantee adherance to our quality standard. Furthermore if we have to charge for it the cost in our view would be prohibitive.

6. The band was not unprepared and this sizing issue was thought out in advance.

7. Many of the bands supporters, family and friends are full figured and are playing with the band so to allude to some type of discrimination is purely cantakerous.

One masquerader can't get their size because it is sold out and people let fly all kind of wild accusations.

Its really a shame.

Saucy aka "The Sauce" said...

Hot what is the extra extra large size in REAL bra sizes? 40DD? I am not familiar with costumes coming in S,M,L etc as the band I play with takes the size according to inches for the belt and actual bra sizes so I do not know what is the "norm".

When I first visited the mas camp I specifically remember asking if costumes will be made according to the bra sizes of the masquerader and not according to "what sizes we have left/available" and was told yes the costume would be made according to the sizes the masquerader registers for.

How many times have I heard of the "ratios" and "projections", what ratios and projections are you using seeing as this is a new band and does not have a history? I suppose these figures are what is needed by your producer?What about the days when a masquerader could walk into a mas camp, put down their size and get a costume, not get what size is left!

So am I to assume that 44DDD was sold out in every section, since the young lady was told that she could not be accommodated in NONE of the sections that were not sold out?

And it was only when Anthony, the designer called Anya to tell her where to get the 44DDD bra that this matter was resolved.

Clearly the sizing issue was not thought out well enough when you only have 36B left on the website for frontlines!

And what is wrong with giving your own bra to be decorated? I have done it in the past and the bra was in "adherence to quality" and if I, the customer am willing to bear the cost of making sure my bra fits then why don't you subtract the cost of the bra from the price of the costume and cater to the customer?

None of the facts you have stated refuted that this young lady was denied a costume, which is what I wrote about. The other side to the story is you justifying this.

Saucy aka "The Sauce" said...

and p.s. one dis satisfied POTENTIAL masquerader is one too many!!! Her dis satisfaction has led to Spice being put on blast; think about it!

DeRedting said...

Once again this bra issue comes up. Once again I will provide my reasons for paying my money to TRIBE. My first year with TRIBE they messed up my bra I am a bountyfully breasted lady and the bra they provided did nothing to cover or support the twins. I had to spend extra money to buy a tube top. Guess what I had a conversation with the designer of the section and the very next year the issue was fixed. The designer herself is also in possession of a hefty rack so she too understands the pressure of getting a well supportive bra for a big girl. Since Spice is supposed to be a breakaway from TRIBE one would think that they would carry the customer service aspect into Spice. Quite frankly I would refuse to play with them even if Spice givin the costume to me. If a big busted woman eh good enough to play in yuh band den I keepin my money and will find another alternative.

The sad part is that people does pay money to have boobs like mine, someone spoke about Pamela Anderson Lee earlier lol yet in my own culture where bigger busted, big bottom women are not the exception have to fight. Good Grief!

Hot said...

Saucy, the last response was a dictated response that I took from M, just as this is. He says that if you need further clarification or information on this matter you can feel free to contact him

1. The Band fully agrees that one dissatisfied masquerader is one too many and will work as best as it can to find mutually acceptable solutions to the challenges that are presented.

2. The band has absolutely no record of a masquerader attempting to sign up WITH A GROUP who was refused a large costume size and as a consequence was unable to play with her friends. This simply never happened.

3. The band has on record ONE SINGLE masquerader who called in by phone and wanted a particularly large size in PAPRIKA and was told that that size was sold out. This masquerader then became very irate and abusive even when offered the size in another section. For the record Paprika is already nearly fully sold out even after being expanded at the end of July to accomodate additional persons.

3. The record will show that the Band has had hundreds of masqueraders,including full figured and small figured persons sign up with the band without problems so far. We have had people with triple D and H sign up. We know of only ONE that wanted a VERY LARGE size in Paprika and was told that it was was sold out and was offered the size in another section and REFUSED.

4. As for decorating the bra, this is not something that the band felt it was prepared to take on in its first year as it presents aditional challenges and logistics.

5. Finally, the components for most of the band's costumes have already been ordered and these include bras, shorts, etc. Most of our suppliers gave us an order deadline of 31st July 2008. We are a new band and did not expect to sell out by this date so what we did was use our judgement based on our experience and trends that we know of from our years in mas and worked a ratio for the sizes according to our expectation. As we speak bras are being produced as are men's shorts. The sizes for these orders were based on the best GUESSTIMATE at the time and was guided by the experience of those in the band who have it.

The band can only sell what it has.

And there was no subsequent promise to provide anyone with a 44DDD bra in Paprika nor will there be as these sizes are sold out. Unfortunately this is what happens when people wait too long to register. I strongly suspect there will be more disappointments and that sadly some will blame it on the band and its management rather than their own tardiness.

Saucy aka "The Sauce" said...

De Red Ting Spice is not a breakaway of TRIBE, have you ever had to order a S,M,L,XL or XXL bra from TRIBE? NO you order by BRA SIZE no matter if it is 55FFFGHQZY.. you type/write in the size when registering and no one tells you oops the ONE size we pre ordered in that bra is sold out... next!

As someone who has been playing mas for umpteenth years I am flabbergasted that a band can only sell "what it has". I thought a costume was a custom made item, made for me based on my sizes.

I am utterly disgusted by this "pre-ordering" of sizes as it reeks to me of just another way to keep the "plus sized" masquerader out.

When the stipulated token XXL bikinis are sold out the majority of S,M and L can be accommodated.

Hot I wish you all the luck in signing up and selling out with full support from the "normal masqueraders" that fit the remaining sizes of Small, Medium, and Large whatever that translates to on your sizing chart.

Kilah said...

I doh care what explanation they come up with there is no possible rationale for having up to a size 36B as a frontline option. In a curvious Caribbean society that we live in there are soooooooooo many women that fall over the 36B limit...and clearly these women are not welcome in any frontline section of Spice they are however directed to the (back of the bus) no pun intended. I mean if that is not implied discrimination I don't know what is. So I decided to post my dissatification on the group's FB wall. I am so glad I gave in to my friends peer pressure and decided to just follow them into Tribe cause my first time mass experience would have been horrid if I had to discover the hard way this is the MISSING INGREDIENT.

So this is what I posted on the group wall.

Well me and size 38 D bra cup decided to go looking online for Frontline registration options....and you want to know what I discovered....anybody want to know...anybody curious????????? Well let me tell you what I found out...that me and my size 38 D are not welcome on the frontline of any all backline for me. And there I thought if I got to C for carnival I would be good... apparently not!!!!!!!! So thanks alot...I discovered what the missing ingredient just a pity though I have been boasting to all my friends and person interested that this is the new band to try even trying to convince other friends with die hard allegiances to other bands to come over...well yess!

Anonymous said...

I going out on a limb knowing that i am likely to be attacked!

But just for discussion purposes - In terms of the price of and mark-up on a costume itself. Is it even fair for an A cup/ 26 inch waist, to pay the same price as a G cup and whatever size goes with that?
Especially as I imagine everyone expects a certain level of embelishments?



im sorry but this person hot if you are affilated with the band what you are saying dont make sense on one hand you saying it was thought out from early the sizings in your band were mainly s, m, L? then on the other hand you saying that the xs and xl sizes have been exhausted already and we still got how many months till carnival??? so then this prediction of sizes clearly didnt work and i would ask you as the missing ingredient in carnival how you could pre determine sizes if this is your first year what are you basing it on???? it seems to me like you all pre determined you only want a small set of larger ladies in de band and who left oh well they can go else where now dont get me wrong my peeps are all for jumping wit you guys because of the costumes we seeing but if they cant get they sizes which i will confirm before placing even one order we jumping to the next band


rw and b it is fair for them to pay the same as a larger lady i make mas in the uk and when i buy beads appliques etc i average it out and base it on a 38" waist and a 36D Bra size so the ones who fall below allow that lil extra for the ones who fall above where u use more materials on one you may use way less on another thats the nature of it when i bought my bras from tnt a 30a bra cost exactly the same as a 44G bra but u prob use 3 times as much material to produce it its the nature of the business

dajewel1982 said...

no offense, but can we use proper usage of periods, commas, etc?? i am having a hard time following some of the responses...thanks!

Anonymous said...

ooooohhhhhhhh Bachanal. I see!
Ya learn smthn new every day!

squeezle said...

I am really sick of all these pathetic excuses! In fact, I find them downright insulting!

First and foremost, this pre-ordering business is thoroughly ridiculous. If your supplier has a deadline that makes it impossible to provide your PAYING CUSTOMERS with a proper fit, find a better supplier.

Secondly, how can you claim to be ordering sizes based on 'trends' and 'projections' when the bra size issue comes up every single year??? It is blatantly obvious that the 'trend' is towards larger bra sizes!!!

Every year masqueraders complain about the lack of larger sizes. Does it not make sense that you would need to order MORE of them???

This is either a case of very poor business acumen, or outright discrimination.

I am sorely disappointed in Spice, and horribly embarrassed that I ever thought to recommend them to anyone as a legitimate option for Carnival.

Kilah said...

I am really believing SPICE to care about anybody besides the people they catering know after I posted my comment on their facebook group it was promptly removed rather than the issue addressed. I have seen several favourable and unfavourable things posted in Tribe group people complaining and never have I seen they deleted people complaints...well yes...more and more I'm regretting that I even told anybody about Spice hummm I'm truly becoming a firm believer in Tribe...let Spice go ahead and continue to get more missing ingredients........steupsssssss!!!!!!!!!

dajewel1982 said...

but didn't TRIBE have certain bra limits for frontline as well?? if i remember correctly, its was pheasant.

dajewel1982 said...

wait, i was wrong!! TRIBE offered a bandeau option up to a certain size, and then the regular bra option for the rest of the sizes.

ms. hershey said...

what never ceases to amaze me are the absolutely lame excuses these bands come up with year after year when it comes to them trying to discriminate against potential masqueraders & getting caught doing so. they love to talk about how their suppliers are to blame or how they follow "sizing trends" or other measures of foolishness when in fact, we all know it isn't so. it's an obvious lack of foresight or a simply mindset of "we don't give a damn as long as we're getting paid and getting our band known". well take care that your band doesn't become known for discriminating against the very people you need to be catering to. i'm of the mindset that the customer is always right and i'm sick and tired of seeing these bands who somehow feel they are doing us a favor by "allowing" us to play mas with them as though we are getting our costumes for free. last i checked, mas costs money!

the way i see it, women with small busts, big busts, small hips or large should be able to play their damn mas without having to stress because a band chooses to discriminate. it seems as though many of these band leaders and designers have completely forgotten that the women they are catering to are shapely. maybe they need to take their eye off of mainstream media and stop believing that a band full of a bunch of size 2 women is the way to go. it's pathetic already & it's a slap in the face of the masquerader who is not a size 2 or an A cup and still wants to feel beautiful for carnival and enjoy her damn mas.

Hot said...

Guess some people see what they want to see and beleive what they want to believe.

But when you have a 31st July deadline to place your orders and you have to use an estimate, common sense would tell you that it is better to order more of the more common sizes and less of the not so common ones.

This is what new bands are forced to do in their first year. Its only after you are around for a while and have developed track record that you can use that as leverage over suppliers to get later production dates.

You are free to criticize as you wish, but at the end of the day it won't change the fact that orders are already placed and the band can only sell what it has.

Frontlines in Spice comprise a maxiimum of 15-20 costumes. If you allocate 3 to extra big sizes that's 15% of avaialble costumes in the case of frontlines with 20 costumes and 20%of avaialable costumes in the case of frontlines with 15. Now, if you put aside 3 in each frontline section for extra small sizes the same average will apply and what it will mean is that overall you would have allocated 30% -40% of your available frontline costumes to extra big and extra small sizes.....hmmmmn now what could be discriminatory about that?

As I said in an earlier post it is quite obvious that some of you are just bent on being cantakerous rather than looking at this matter objectively. The big sized and small sized persons who registered EARLY have their costumes and will have a ball on Carnival Monday on Tuesday. Let this be a lesson to the latecomers who want to come ONE month after the band opened for registration and expect to get their size in a frontline of 15-20 costumes. Hopefiully better sense will prevail from this discussion and in future

afro chic said...

All of dat tripe and yuh eh address/explain why kilah's post was deleted from the Facebook group.

I really hope allyuh/Spice prepared for the fallout.

Kilah said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kilah said...

Thank you Afro....thank you again...cause I was wondering the same somebody with some kind of courtesy couldn't take a minute or two out of their busy schedule to explain this...was that to much to ask for???? Really where is the customer service? I mean ok delete it that is their right but even if I had gotten a message or something telling me the position I would be fine, and understand they don't want to much controvesy...but to delete it and ignore if me a potential masquerader question isn't important is in such POOR!!!!!!!!!!!! taste. I would also have you know I was Spice's biggest supporter checking their FB group regularly for updates looking at the sections that were released as a sneak peak...and I with one rude action went from being their biggest support to biggest not what you say but how you do things....actions speak louder than words. If someone affliated with the band had come out and address this issues by either posting something on the website or a mass email to FB memebers or an update on the group no one would have had an issue...but whether you want to acknowledge it or the way my inquiry was dealt with is totally unacceptable in a customer service environment.

carnivalbaby said...

Hot full of it oui...and to top it off they deleting people post from facebook and coming here to call people cantankerous. Why not address this issue on YOUR facebook group? If I were Saucy I would surely exercise moderator privilege and delete too....

Squeezle, Ms. Hershey well said.


im not meaning to sound like a broken record but why are thay using thier deadlines as an excuse for not being able to cater for all sizes? if a band as big as tribe can do it right up until they sell out why de hell cant spice do it? if your supplier is demanding a seemingly un realistic deadline 7 months prior to carnival my suggestion was to find a new one? or at least order the predicted small mediums and larges and then order your odd large and small sizes from a company that can produce them to order??? is it rocket science?


im not meaning to sound like a broken record but why are thay using thier deadlines as an excuse for not being able to cater for all sizes? if a band as big as tribe can do it right up until they sell out why de hell cant spice do it? if your supplier is demanding a seemingly un realistic deadline 7 months prior to carnival my suggestion was to find a new one? or at least order the predicted small mediums and larges and then order your odd large and small sizes from a company that can produce them to order??? is it rocket science?


this person hot needs to quit while they ahead i think they are only damaging what rep the band has left by coming back and saying certain things! lol if this is thier spokes person i feel sorry for them make a statement and dun

HQ said...

I am surprised at Hot's chastising people for not registering early...excuse me, but isn't Spice a new band? You should be thankful that people are registering at all, not expecting people to register early! How arrogant does that seem?

It might not even have been that masquerader's fault...didn't she say she is playing with Spice cause all her friends are? She might have had to wait for her friends to make their final decision!

Also, we all know that the costume prices are grossly inflated, even taking into consideration what has to be paid for security etc. So if a couple of bras have to cost more than average to produce, so be it! That argument does not even make sense in light of the fact that the masquerader is willing to provide her own bra to be decorated!

Thank goodness for Tribe & IP! This is madness!

Curlylocz said...

I posted this on Spice's facebook page August 21st. The question asked was what do you think will add to your carnival experience with Spice. By the way, I'm still waiting for a response from my question on their blog...

"Talk is cheap and when it comes to playing mas, no one wants to hear talk. Is action we lookin'. Overall, I'm impressed. However, I have to take issue with the blog on your web site. Several people have asked questions pertaining to registration, costume prices, etc. and I haven't seen a response to any of their inquiries yet. Not good. I inquired about overseas masqueraders paying for costumes and have yet to receive a response. One girl sent in her order for a costume in a section that's now sold out and hasn't received a reponse to date. Not good Spice. Online (and timely) communication is top priority for me because many masqueraders are not from Trinidad and Tobago. It would be nice to know how overseas masqueraders can pay for costumes without having to email 50 times or run up my cellphone bill calling Trinidad. Thanks."

Hot said...

Hq its easy to be an armchair critic. Do you really think alternative suppliers were not sought. I put it to you that new bands who have not pre-ordered are going to face serious supply problems.These problems will ultimately affect their masqueraders and some will not say nothing now and will instead take orders that they can't supply because they need the money and will choose to gamble at the expense of the masquerader and deal with the problem at a later date. This is not the SPICE approach. I assure you that SPICE masqueraders will face no such problems. The band's policy is that it will not take an order, nor money for an order which it cannot supply.

If the pre-ordering method adopted by the band is not acceptable to some then so be it, but you all have a wide variety of choices, so if your size is no longer available don't complain just move on to another option, its really that simple.

Curlylocz, the official band email is, its says so on the website. The blog was never meant for questions, nor facebook. The band tries as best as possible to address questions posed in these mediums, but I assure you that correspondence sent to the admin email address will receive a response within one day.

Curlylocz said...

I don't mean to nitpick, but I don't see why Spice would not have used the blog as a means of communication with its potential masqueraders. If you're trying to build your notariety as a band, I'd think you'd want to use every means available to make sure customers have their questions answered, etc. even if it's in a forum that it wasn't meant for. Different people use different methods of communication, and they may all not take the form of an email. But hey, you do you. Good Luck to you and your band.

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