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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Ronnie & Caro's website is up...

Click on the photo for Bakkanal


SLK said...

i see my ex's brother model for them - he looks good, same can't be said for the costumes he's wearing!

trinigal102 said...

I have been following your blog and waited patiently for your comments on the C2K9 designs. I must say that you and your partner in crime…Saucy Diva, are the most negative and supercilious voices out there. As nationals Trinidad and Tobago it is only right that you should promote the culture which I guess was the point in putting up your blog. But in reality these blogs have cause more distress as people like yourself take the creativity and hard-work that designers mould into presentations for the new year and destroy it with the stoke of a pen and the punching of keys. It is a true disappointment to the nation that one person could hate her fellow country man so much as it go on the internet and insult their genius. I hereby challenge you, Afro Chic and your (L) partner Diva to design a section for Carnival 2010 that encompasses more that just …as you put it a fedora for men and feathers and boas for women…see if you can come up with three female sections…uber frontline, frontline and backline….and a male costume that sticks to theme and vibrancy of the mas…

Saucy aka "The Sauce" said...

trinigal102 please note that the purpose of MY blog was never to promote the culture of Trinidad and Tobago.From inception the blog has always been about me voicing my opinions, whether people agree, disagree, like it or not.

This blog is not intended to influence anyone to play with any one Carnival band over the other. This is a place to come and get a little carnival info (how ah buy it is how ah selling it), look at some costume pics, "listen" to me talk about mas and occasionally vent or speak my mind. Keep the comments clean, no insults as this despot will exercise the moderator privileges. Use with caution!

It is incongruous to me that we should be expected to LOVE each costume in every band just because it is our "culture"!! We, as masqueraders, are paying LOTS of money for these costumes and it would be remiss of us to think that we should accept whatever tripe that a bandleader passes off as a "costume" for us. Maybe the blog has now given people a forum to express how they feel and that is irksome to those who think their designs should not be critiqued, so now we "hate" Carnival? Ludicrous! I challenge you to write about Carnival 365 days a year for 2 years straight non stop, let me see how much passion can come from your pen and keyboard!

With so many "designers" turning to Juan Pablo, China, India and Brazil tell me where is our "culture", genius and creativity there when I can easily pick out each headpiece and backpack on a website advertised in MIAMI?

By the way Afro Chic DID approach Ronnie and Caro to bring a section in their band for 2009; male, female and frontline.

afro chic said...

You and your partner in crime yes! LOL. Allyuh too jokey again...

And yes I did approach Ronnie & Caro to do a section, as I love the vibe of their band and the level of service they provide.

I would not go into the details of how/why that didn't that pan out :)

And I know for a fact that Saucy assisted a designer this year with one of their designs.

Needless to say you need to get your facts straight before you open your mouth, or in this case, before you start to type. :)

JJ said...

"your (L) partner Diva"

um, what is this (L)? just curious if this is code for some word. I'm not being facetious, or anything :/

babydoll said...

Well put Saucy and Afro Chic! Your opinions are well respected among all those who read both your blogs daily. I personally look forward to logging into your blog habitually as a devoted reader! Your work is too be commended!!!

Ny2Cali said...

Agreed Babydoll- if it were not for free speech and the sharing of ideas, how would things change...?

The only thing certain in life is why not add your two cents so that things sway in the direction of your choosing-

Besides everyone is entitled to their opinion- I do not see this as "hating"- And anyone can start a blog and develop a following. The more the merrier.

The readership and following of the commentary on blogs, particularly this blog, shows the value added. As a reader, I recognize that this is one person's opinion, but I have found over time that this person is current, responsive and accountable. Bravo Saucy- Thanks for putting so much into it.

Tr|n|gYa| said...

Hear nuh, today was the WRONG day for me to see this post.

What is (L)? What is uber frontline? What are you talking about?

Not for the life of me will I ever understand why bloggers such as trinigal102 seems to believe that this blog is a "paid opinion meant to be objective to the public".
There are some things that I will never agree on with Saucy and AfroChic, but the positive note of this blog is that I can say how I feel, and take a little banter on the side from others.
So if a costume is garbage, we as the paying masquerader community are supposed to act like sitting ducks and quack our approval? If it were a "genius design" then there would be no opposition!

Trinigal102, I RHEL shame that your name is ever so close to my screenname, because the amount of peasantry ROT you contributed in your mal-intentional statement is astounding!

Better than that eh!!!
**backing-up of troll spray truck ensues**


dougla_1 said...

trinigal102, check yuh contents ;) I love Saucy's Trinidad Carnival Diary. It is her love, her mind, and she is extraordinarily fair in her opinions. And she is most tirelessly helpful (with a strong lean to budget conscious…she isn’t rich in cash!) in trying to help her readers enjoy themselves in bringing out their own creativity to make their "dressing up" look fabulous on the road.

And for me, I love Trinidad & Tobago mas and culture too much to not criticize the production and presentation of them when they are wishy washy and mediocre. Any, and any thing just won't do; we have a rich legacy, standards, and aspirations to uphold. :)

HQ said...

trinigal102 has to be joking...are u serious? If you really followed these blogs as closely as you say, you would see that both Saucy & Afro Chic have both positive and negative comments about each band. And the critiscms are always well thought out and precise, both of these bloggers don't just say that they don't like a costume, they specifically point out why in great detail.Also, most of us readers are not sheep, I can look at launch photos and see for myself what I do and don't like....that's why these are called opinions! Expressing opinions should promote honest dialogue, not promote "distress" (which seems rather extreme to me!).

just a thought, but me thinks that Trinigal102 might be a designer who has, herself been critisized on this blog for bringing one of the less favored designs? The comment screams of hurt & haterade.

I love what both of you guys have done for carnival, especially for overseas masqueraders! I am not able to attend many of these launches even though I play every year, without your critiscm, I would not know a lot about the detail and construction of the costumes. Thank you both for voicing your opinions, and please continue to do so!

Anonymous said...

Now Trinigyal, what you are asking of saucy and afro chic is the very thing you seem to have a problem with, the allowing of freedom of expression.

It is clear in your statement you have been hurt. It is clear that you do not agree with the opinion held sometimes in this blog, this is your right.

But to attempt to take away saucy's own freedom of expression is in turn asking us the readers to like, approve of and admire almost any and everything.

You know what is funny though? not once did you say that they were telling lies, not once did you accuse them of being fibbers!

so what are you really saying?

even if a costume is a repeated remake of bad, glistening with lack of effort and misuse of design,
what would you prefer them do?


for the sake of the culture as you put it? don't you find us as trinidadians pretend enough anyways?

we pretend all sorts of things that are currently costing us dearly, yet on a most basic level, and on a PRIVATE blog, you are asking the proprietor to PRETEND?


To give you (should you be a designer for the above mentioned band) the license to get away with any two ostrich feather and piece of fringe?

I do not agree with saucy on many premises, but, that is my business, as it is yours if you do not agree here.

If you take away saucy's right to opinion you take away the blog.

and then what are we left with?

pretending to like your desings.

not for me!

Malicious Jade said...

Wait Wait Wait! I ain't wake up sick from me bed and see this! trinigal102, are you sick too? Do you need Alcolado?

Do you understand what a blog is?
Do you know the meaning of the words - freedom of speech?
Do you understand that without blogs such as Saucy and Afro-Chic and others who have a LOVE for Carnival, and who promote the QUALITY of Carnival and not quantity, we the PEOPLE, would be taking anything that comes along, spending money that we work so hard for, on crap.

If that is de case, I might as well glue two piece of plastic and some beads together, charge $4,000 and call dat mas.

And I think you are mixing up promoting the mas vs promoting the culture.

You sure ya don't want some Alcolado?

Tr|n|gYa| said...

mas-ah...PLEASE do not mistake Trinigal102 for the ORIGINAL Tr|n|gYa|.
My verbal composites are well-thought out before I type. The similarity in name is as far as the mistaken mirrored-vision should go :)

Jade, ah love it!

innerouterdivaPON said...

Saucy, let me quote Dr. Seuss who wisely said, "Be who you are and say what you feel because the people who mind don't matter, and the people who matter don't mind".

I think it is both your blessing and your curse that your blog has become so popular that you have obtained somewhat celebrity status. Sadly, in some people's opinion, this means that you (AC and your (L) partner Diva (what is that about?) can no longer voice your opinions like the general public is free to do. You have been given great responsibility grasshopper, and so you must now be politically correct in EVERYTHING you write so as not to offend any of the hundreds of people who at any given time will have a different opinion from you.

Since the above is damn near impossible what else can be done but to ignore the negativity and do you. Sweetheart, DO YOU!!!

Trinigal102, counteract negativity with positivity...not more negativity. If you think that Saucy, AC and other bloggers "are the most negative and supercilious voices out there", then you be a positive voice. Write a blog bigging up the designers etc. I am sure this will be more effective than coming on to someone's intellectual space and challenging them.

Not to mention you undermine the positive efforts that have been made and the encouraging exchange of ideas. Saucy does not use a mind control machine. People are free to agree and disagree with what she says, and at the end of the day the choice to like or dislike a section/band/designer lies within our individual minds.

Lastly, to state that something is a disappointment to the NATION is very strong when you don't personally know someone. Reading a blog daily, weekly, monthly etc does not constitute knowing someone and therefore personal attacks are a no no in my opinion. I've met and spoken with AC on several occasions and while we are not bffs, she strikes me as a very professional, talented and focused lady who is in NO WAY a disappointment to this nation. I'm not sure if you were referring to a cult or something, but if by nation you mean Trinidad I would say I'm happy to see women getting their hustle on, making their voices heard and doing big things.


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