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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

TRIBE Carnival 2010.. The Good, The Bad and the The Ugly!

Another Carnival has come and gone and I am still waiting for the "ultimate" experience from TRIBE. While I had a great time on Carnival Monday, as usual, I am left with a sense of de ja vu on my Tuesday experience . Lets start with the "good":

My costume! I absolutely loved my costume, especially the fact that the finished product looked exactly like the prototype and I had no size or fit issues.In fact I had no issues from registration to collection. The designer/section leader of the section went above and beyond to ensure that everyone, especially the frontline were pleased with their costume and I will not hesitate to play in a costume by  this designer/section leader again. I vote this the best costume I have ever played in, it just keeps getting better, costume wise, each year.

Security was on point in TRIBE both Monday and Tuesday. I personally witnessed several persons being escorted out the band for not wearing or having the proper security wrist bands.I think TRIBE security has the hardest job on the road Carnival Monday and Tuesday, hats off  to you all.

The Heineken Club Zero Truck - A lifesaver from the scorching HEAT on both Monday and Tuesday IF you could get in. It was rocking, cool time inside the truck with as much Heineken as you could stomach.

I was impressed by the FRONTLINE for Zari, Charmeuse and Xi Ling Shi on the road. These costumes looked beautiful in person! Unfortunately I did not get to see many Individual costumes in person (I did see a few female Osage "Individuals" though.. hmmmm) but from the photos Charmeuse and Habotai were stunning!!

Stopping for lunch on both Monday and Tuesday was an exercise in patience. The rest stop had the standard tents and blankets with a special section with padded lounge chairs as well. On Monday I got to the lunch stop early,had lunch and then proceeded to fall asleep during the VERY long wait before we finally hit the road. The problem is the band is simply too big so when the first wave of masqueraders get to the lunch stop and have eaten the second and third wave of masqueraders keep streaming in. On Tuesday I was probably in the last wave of masqueraders, and though I was still able to get lunch , we had a little wait, but not as long as the other masqueraders who got their early and intimated that they were tired waiting!

There are not enough rest rooms at the lunch stop for the sheer number of masqueraders in TRIBE. It baffles me that there are not at least four rest room stations set up around the park for both male and female. As usual the rest room area for the ladies was stocked with all the necessary items for masqueraders to freshen up but as a TRIBE veteran I am no longer impressed by all these extras and would prefer extra toilets instead!

The male costumes looked like CRAP with the exception of Silk of Rajasthan. After looking at some of the gorgeous ladies the men looked almost comical in those insipid headpieces, shorts that were too tight and whatever little bit of trimming thrown their way. Really if the men are going to be given basically board shorts why are they paying close to $3000.00TT? 

Being the last section, what a trip! On Monday I did not stay with my section in position number LAST; we were mixed in with the other sections somewhere in the middle. Great experience could not complain. On Tuesday I stayed with my section until we got to the Savannah. For the most part the experience in the back was not bad at all, we crawled to the Savannah with music and drinks and it was fine. When we got to the Savannah however is when all hell broke loose. 

The masqueraders were very exuberant, rearing up to cross stage and security tried to pluck some of the stragglers from the section, including those in other sections, and did an ok job of it. The front line ladies were allowed to go in front by the guys in the section who were chanting "Loulan! Loulan!" and those who got to the front managed to cross in one group however those stuck behind just crossed in the mob. There was no demarcation really in how we crossed the judging point, no assistance security wise for the section leader to get this organised even though my friend in Mulberry, two sections ahead said that staff were on hand to allow their frontline  to cross first. I guess the staff got fed up by the time they got to our section.

The other issue was that our truck went speeding ahead, I barely heard the music as we crossed the "stage" and I was to the FRONT of the section, the rest of the section crossed to the music truck of the band behind. I think it was an absolute disservice to put the last section with the MOST POPULAR DJ TRUCK! That was NOT a bonus it just encouraged everyone to want to be in the back, and while it was fine in the morning, crossing at the Savannah was just a melee. Suffice to say I was not at the back with my section after that. 

I am not even going to elaborate on the issues other people had with their Individual and Frontline costumes having to fight for space, I am not going to mention the fact that some Individuals were jostled by the President's security and were at first not even allowed to go ahead of the parade to display their costumes that cost thousand upon thousands of dollars nor will I mention that some of these masqueraders only collected their backpacks just before crossing stage. However I will say that many of the issues they experienced were caused by one major factor; TRIBE IS TOO DAMN BIG! 

What happened to listening to your masqueraders when each year we have been calling for a smaller band and each subsequent year it keeps growing? Seriously, I was at both the front of the band and the back and it was just a mob of people.. a MOB. I felt like I was in Poison, circa 2004! And as I had a dreadful time WAITING In 2004 for the band to inch up Charlotte Street, I felt the same sense of Deja Vu yesterday!  TRIBE is the new Poison! And we all see how Poison ended up!

Imagine getting to the band before 7:30AM only to cross the Savannah SEVEN hours later! We crawled, under the most intense heat ever, to the Savannah so slowly a turtle would have moved faster! Not to mention the drinks truck left us and we had to inch to the Savannah dying of thirst because it took SO long. Why were we stuck in one spot for so long when we did not even go to downtown?! This was hands down my worst Carnival Tuesday experience on the road in years. The afternoon portion was somewhat tolerable but again, the band was just SO big that even coming up Ariapita Avenue was a squeeze between the ropes, spectators and security. You literally had to find a nook or space behind a truck to come up for air! 

I can see if this was your first experience with TRIBE, as it was in Poison, you may have had a good time. But being a veteran TRIBE masquerader I am left jaded and looking for that "ultimate" experience that was the hallmark of TRIBE in the years gone by. Like Poison the band has outgrown many of the masqueraders who were a part of the initial core group and I am afraid that in a few years, unless something happens to curb the numbers, the band will implode due to the fact that it cannot grow any bigger without masqueraders having to pay the price. After spending so much money on costumes and for the "experience" having to jostle and fight for space on the road it stopped being fun and was too much for me to bear this year. Only time will tell if I even consider playing mas for Carnival 2011, much less with TRIBE, after Carnival 2010 I am most ardently considering a break! That is unless something  entices me for another Carnival.. another year... 

So, how was YOUR Carnival experience? Give me the good, the band and the ugly!


Lesley said...

Saucy you are on point as usual with your comments. I am also a veteran mas and Pleasures/Tribe player and am seriously considering taking a break for 2011

The absolute worst for me was jostling for space, I have never been pushed, pulled tugged at as much as I have this year. While the frontliners were allowed to go ahead for a short period as we approached the stage once the rest of the section joined just as we were about to cross some of the women literally pulled you by your back packs, tugged and pushed you out of the way so that they could jostle for position in front of the cameras. Things got so bad at one point that someone even burst the cord connecting my backpack to my back and I was not a happy camper. By then I had had enough of being pushed, shoved and pulled and left the stage. As for the Avenue, it made more sense to leave the band entirely and walk behind the crowds who were pressed up on the ropes in an effort to see the band. Surprisingly there was loads of room there and I was able to palance to my hearts content. Tribe has clearly outgrown the park and the band has gotten too big to be comfortable.

JJ said...

as a TRIBE "newbie", I have nothing much to complain as I do not have the same history to compare. However, comparing to other bands I have played in I was, as you state in your review Saucy, quite impressed with the costumes. I loved my FL Mulberry bling. I am used to appliques just stuck on in other bands. I also liked the extra stuff that was put in my box. The costume pick up (which my friend did b/c I was still overseas for pick up) was smooth and had no problem. I did think it was waaay too crowded, but my friends who played in TRIBE for three years said it was wwwwaaay smaller than the previous years so I can only imagine how bad it was back then.

I noticed it was quite a pretty band. Not to sound superficial, but there were plenty of beautiful people all around and nuff eye candy for both genders regardless of your sexual orientation. lol!

I loved the lounge chairs and picnic blankets set up on the food area and the vanity area for the ladies. The massage area where women were getting back and feet massages was tops! I had no problem collecting my lunch. Thank goodness I had friends who arrived early and got great spots for me to mooch on. I enjoyed the long break b/c my ass was tired both days and I appreciated a refresher but since I arrived later, I could see how early arrivers may have started to lose patience.

Tuesday, I tried to stick w/ my section though I found the last few sections just blended together as the trucks gridlocked in congested areas. So it was just a mish mash of blues, greens and pinks back there.

I loved getting the extra attention as a FL. It was my first FL experience and as they say once you go FL, you can't go back-line again! lol! That was fun getting to jump up in at least three waves as we inched to the front.

Some ppl say the folks did not really jump up and just stoosh wined all through the day. I did see a lot of that, but it is what you make it and I jumped up and towards the end of the evening on Tuesday, everyone in the back by the most popular truck were jumping up too bad.

Overall, I had a great time!

sorry to hear of others veterans experiences.

trinicandy said...

lol imagine being behind tribe hmmm you would have had a long wait on both the enormous island people and tribe to cross the stage

I'll send my island people reviews later

British Babe said...

Saucy you are sooooooo right! I loved, loved, loved my costume. But after many years playing with Tribe a pretty costume is not enough! When it get's to the point where you enjoy Monday mas more than Tuesaday because there are less people in the band, there is something definately wrong. I was hoping this year would not be a repeat of last year, but unfortunately it was.

The band is just too big. It is impossible to enjoy Tuesday afternoon on the avenue, as there is absolutely no room to move. Lets not even talk about my husbands costume issues. Those shorts were way toooo tight! Thank god my Aunty is handy with the sewing machine as the only shorts he could exchange then for were 3 sizes too large!!!

Tribe will not be getting my money next year, I will definately be playing with another band.

Caribbean said...

I am a Tribe newbie (bought a costume from another masquerader who decided not to play). I must say that I agreed with everything the Sauce said. I had soooooo much fun on Monday. It was a tremendous experience. Tuesday however was a disaster. I was hot, sardined, annoyed and just lost the spirit. That was crazy. Headpieces getting tangled together, arms sweaty from sweat that is not yours. I don't know what to say. I just ended up outside the ropes for the most part.

Other than the crowd, I had no problems. Food was a breeze for me since my section was one of the last (plus I'm vegetarian so less of a wait). Costume pick up was super duper easy. I was most impressed with everything else.

Invisible said...

Sadly, we knew this day would eventually come when the band would just be totally in "Poison's" madness of size. So, perhaps this 2-band TRIBE may really happen because of it keeps growing, lol, total MAYHEM to come!

However, being so into 'CSR' I'm sure the band would not want such a horrible repeat for 2011, so the way I see it, lol, 2011 will be total MADNESS, because by the time the launch is over, costumes SOLD OUT! lol

Trini said...

So... I have an UGLY experience for you.

Good first - I LOVED my costume. Loulan FL was the best, it was perfectly executed, and after jumping and wining with that big arse headpiece on whole day I have not lost a single bead. So massive props to the designer Solange.

Bad - the band is too damn big. Full stop.

UGLY - Being denied water. Yes, you heard me, I WAS DENIED WATER while at the lunch stop.

We were at the back of the band, and after hours of no water in the lead up to and while crossing the Savannah stage, when we got to the other side the bar truck RACED off to head to the lunch stop. Seriously, security people were running along it hitting the side and asking them to slow down because the masqueraders were thirsty. But no, instructions from on high must be followed, screw the masquerader.

So when we finally got to the lunch stop now, we were one of the last set of people to do so. I got some food and some water, but then started feeling very faint while waiting in that GIANT crowd for the portaloos. I made my way to the bar, having to stop and sit down at several points, and asked them for water. I was told I could not get any, and needed to go get it from the trucks (which by this point had left already for St. James). It was obvious that I was unwell as I was looking like hell, but I tried to be patient and explain that I was near fainting and needed water. All to no avail. I didn't have enough strength in me to kick up a stink, so I went to my husband. The only place he could get water from was the bar since the trucks were far away by now. They again denied him water. So he jumped the bar and took some. (I mean, excuse me, but I believe I PAID FOR THAT!!) They then proceeded to FIGHT him and wrestle him to the ground. He got away with some bottles of water, but not before some jackass told him to 'go back to his country'. (He is English, but I believe the real problem is that he is white.)

Now, I am sorry, but I don't know what else to say about that particular little encounter other than WHAT THE FUCK?

Totally unacceptable TRIBE. You will be getting a very long letter of complaint from me. And maybe a lawsuit while I'm at it...

prince namor said...

LOLLLLL heheheeh I laughing eh, but Trini, I just seeing it in cartoon format. I just seeing hubby running from left to right and jumping over masqueraders with 2 bottles of water in hand screaming with a grimace! WATER!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!
The man fight for he woman! lol

Invisible said...

Re: "UGLY - Being denied water. Yes, you heard me, I WAS DENIED WATER while at the lunch stop."

WOW. I guess they figure their masqueraders are all camels and can endure!

Good luck with the "lawsuit" lol

chris said...

I looked at the Parade of the Bands on television. The announcers indicated that TRIBE had 5000 masqueraders. IP on the other hand had 2500.

From the beginning, watching the band on television (on Tuesday) was really reminicent of Poison back in the day. The band stretched on for miles and miles. Each section looked like a band onto itself. The first few sections were somewhat orderly and the cameramen were able to film in such a way that the viewers got really lovely close-ups of the costumes.

From the middle of the band it went downhill very very quickly. When the next section was announced, there were so many masquraders mixed with that section that it was hard to tell which costume really belonged to that section. Frontlines? Forget it. Backlines from the present section AND other sections mixed with FL's. It was easy for at-home viewers to see that FL's were really struggling for space.

The absolute worst was when Mystery of Loulan was called. There were sooooo many other masqueraders mixed with Loulan that it was hard to see even the FL's, even though they had on massive headpieces. The cameramen really struggled to get close to those masqueraders who were waering Loulan costumes because other masqueraders were refusing to move out of the camera lens. The viewers had to settle for a far away angle of the costumes and even then it was difficult because of all the other costumes around it. Loulan was shown only for seconds, tops one minute, because it was clear that we were not really looking at a section. The cameramen gave up and cut to the middle of the band.

While watching the other bands, the entire band would be shown, then the station would go to commercial break. For TRIBE, after each section a commercial break had to be taken because the band was so big.

While I support TRIBE fully, from a viewer's prespective, IP actually looked like more fun. When IP crossed, there was room for people to move and enjoy themselves. When TRIBE crossed it looked very crowded and uncomfortable. At one point, perhaps when the middle of the band was crossing, they showed a TRIBE FLiner getting caught in a backline costume. The two struggled to untangle themselves while other masqueraders swarmed around them.

5000 is NOT downsizing the band. Why is it every year TRIBE says they are downsizing but don't. The announcer also said that TRIBE is the biggest band for carnival 2010. Imagine that... the biggest band yet people still cannot get in and costumes are sold out in days. So I suppose if they downsize there will be lots of sad/angry persons come 2011. However, if they don't, they might get a POISON reputation (which led to the demise of the band).

From what I saw on TV yesterday, it is clear that TRIBE needs to devise a brand new strategy to deal with the numbers.

On a positive note however, the costumes looked very beautiful! The ladies were all made up and sparkly! All colours, shapes and sizes were blended to show the diversity of TRIBE.

Tiffany Yelitza said...

I am sort of happy I did not end up playing this year, although I missed it an incredible amount.

Coupled with the sheer size of Tribe and the fact that so many of my friends are unable to get "in" to playing with them, has me seriously seriously seriously contemplating playing with Harts (geez) or Spice next year. Really, and this is coming from someone that adores Tribe. As you say Sauce, it is so incredibly difficult to justify paying for something that does not give you the complete perfect and wonderful experience, I think one should be entitled to feeling comfortable in a carnival band.

Invisible said...

I guess we'll see what happens for 2011. Because IF this band downsizes, lol, MANY, MANY TLC card holders will be left out in the cold, and when that happens, talk about angry emails and so forth, which will make the trip to this website, even more so exciting, lol

British Babe said...

But seriously, how can they downsize the band? They were supposed to downsize this year. There is too much money to be made, as long as 'Tribe' continues to be the 'it' band. They will continue to be massive.

I know people who didn't play mas cause they couldn't get into Tribe...that's ridiculous. I know I love mas so I will find a band that fufills my needs. Lot's of people will forgo quality and comfort, just to say they playing with Tribe.

prince namor said...

I play with Tribe!! Dat is d flick self! Palance!!!

Viva la Tribe!!!

Saga Boy said...

hmmmm... I was in IP but I can relate as I noticed TRIBE was behind us before the Savannah. On a side note: My friends and I kept laughing at the male Tribals as they passed by in their dreadful costumes. What was up with those pants? lol. Our band had enough time to cross (my section was close to the back), get to oval for lunch all before Loulan even reached on the stage. I called a friend who was in Loulan and he said that they were just prepping to cross but I did not hear any music blasting in the background which now makes sense as I read what happened. Even in the evening I found myself in TRIBE on the Avenue trying to make my way to Gallus St from Crobar and there was no room to move! It was a tight mess... As soon as I found rope I made my exit shaking my head and wondering if that is what sooooo many people rushed for.

Trini said...

Thank you for the good luck wishes Invisible.

I can't help but think that attitude is part of the problem though. I must just sit down and take that experience and figure that because it's TRIBE, and they are the big hot band with 100 others waiting to take my place, that I can't do anything about it? Please. I will be pursuing all available avenues to ensure that my complaint is heard and properly addressed. This wasn't a trivial thing like 'my beads fell off' or 'my costume wasn't as pretty as I expected'. I could have ended up in hospital with heatstroke.

But yes prince namor, it is a very funny story in the retelling!

Auntie Nini said...

i was also in lulu. i didn't bother to crawl up to the savannah with the band, i waited for it at the top of charlotte street. for HOURS. i left the band after that horrendous 'stage crossing'. after waiting for so long, to be essentially shoved across the stage by a drunken mob, who may not have been so drunk if they were moving instead of standing and drinking for hours, i went home and i did not go back out. as i told my mother when i came home yesterday, unless something drastic occurs, i won't be playing with tribe next year. it's a pity, because solange is the business, and the costumes were gorgeous on the road as usual, but i done. i will be looking for a smaller band that is less of a 'scene', so i can actually play some mas in 2011. spice looked good...

RWB said...

Very good points. I am ready to migrate again. I would have never in a millioin years considered playin with poison and Tribe is now what I always envisioned Poison to be.

Good - Really loved by costume. Monday was fab. Security was great

Bad - Habotai! lol. Those damn chopsticks were just to dangerous for the road. Bf got scratched on his back badly. My tights were snagged twice by that damn costume.
I am still "anti-monday-wear". Is not jouvert!

Ugly - the band was too poison-like for all the reasons already mentioned. Think that says it all really.

Auntie Nini said...

i will also agree that monday was absolute greatness, and i had a fabulous time. and point out that with all the big bands (harts, revellers, spice, IP) lined up to go to the savannah, why the devil we didn't take opportunity of the clear route to go downtown? we coulda go down and come back up and probably cross the savannah at the same time we did anyway!

"Chatty Patty" said...

ALL I CAN SAY IS OMFG!!!! First I can say that from what I saw, Tribe had the most hideous male costumes of any band I saw on the road. It makes no sense that a band with some of the most beautiful costumes, could allow their male masqueraders to play mas in THAT! Shame on you! I'm sorry to hear all these horror stories of the Tribe experience and I'm like so many of the other people..If it's so difficult to get a costume in Tribe, why the hell is the band so ram? It makes no damn sense to me. And like Chris, I too saw the band on tv and you all look congested and tired. It's really sad. You guys pay too much damn money to not be able to display your costumes, and get a drink of water when needed. I would love to hear some IP reviews. I really hope they've improved security!

Anonymous said...

well saucy i must agreee that some of your comments were on point as usual... I LOVED my Tyrian purple costume and the headpiece was to die for considering the extra money i shelled out. I absolutely HATED the male costumes.. they all looked like crap and throughout the day I saw several pieces on the ground...

i was also pissed off that they removed the "cool zones" due to water shorages... however when i looked at my boyfriends pictures from Harts.. I noticed Harts had the cool zones... so u mean to tell me they pay less money and get more... UNFAIR...... I was also upset with the fact there were some stragglers from Island People and other bands who were able to storm because they knew security or their costume looked similar....

I love TRIBE but they need to step their game up especially with the amount of money i shell out each year.

safi said...

Not to mention only the left side of the band had rope an security after we passed french st tuesday nite. We were left open to stormers from then till we reached back to stanmore. Wen i saw wen of the security guys passin, i asked him where was the security he sed a security supervisor instructed them to wrap up the rope? So i was like, so who securing us right now? cuz i mean, its gettin dark and stomers were blatantly jumpin the middle of an already congested band!!! I was NOT impressed by that!

That and the fact that i had to stay near the ropes to get air only ariapita ave were my only qualms with TRIBE this yr.
Monday was TOPS! full marks!! But tuesday really left more to be desired!

HanaMarie said...

I know it's been said before, but I think I need to reiterate it as well - TRIBE=Poison - or so it felt!!!!!!! I played in Charmeuse (frontline) and while waiting to cross the stage I was taken back to my last year in poison (2006) where we literally waited HOURS to cross the stage, simply because the band is TOOOO BIG.

My costume! I loooovvveddddd it; the colours were stunning and I was sooo excited to cross the stage in my frontline glory. Also, Security was on point and I also saw a lot of non-masqueraders being escorted out of the band. I felt safe within the ropes. My section had a little order (somewhat) when crossing the stage so that the frontlines were able to have their time to shine before the floor members came up. I did notice that there weren't that many frontlines ahead though, so I am assuming that some got caught up in the backline melée. (I made sure and pushed my way to the front, hello, money spend!)

My headpiece. While it was lovely to look at it was a much more difficult to bear on the head. Is it just me or was the Charmeuse headpiece a little (or a lot) harsh on the forehead?? The headpiece was uncomfortable hands down! It hurt my head soooo badly and it was heavy! I also had the water issue (but I didn't fight! lol, but I feel yr pain Trini). And while waiting HOURS in the blazing hot sun to cross stage all of the drink trucks disappeared, so by the time you crossed and reach the other side of the stage (HOURS later) yuh ready to faint!

The size of the band!!!!!!!!! I had an incredibly difficult time maneuvering my backpack through the masses. Some masqueraders had absolutely noooo regards for the backpack and were literally pulling me by my backpack in order to pass through the crowd. (the horror!) I was SO ANGRY. And walking to the front of the section proved to be a task because of the crowd!!! I felt as though by the time i got to a little clearing my back back was bent out of sorts *sigh*

All in all I had a great time with my crew save the size of the band. One observation I made was last year TRIBE went up the avenue between 3:30pm - 5:30pm. This year at around 6:00pm the band was still struggling to crawl up the avenue.

I really loved Zari frontline on the road! Very pretty.

Let's see what TRIBE does about the size of the band for 2011.

Jerome said...

well i have never played with Tribe or IP. I have played though with Minshall, Poison, Harts, DreamTeam, Evolution, TriniRevellers & this year Spice, so i am speaking strictly from my personal history. Some things i have grown accostumed too such as the "yuh cant get drinks we restocking" during lunch issue, the running away of the drinks truck before and after judging points & the little lunch wait. Everything else is fair game

Firstly i think we can dispel the Spice bust with 200 ppl rumour. The band came 5th as a Large band...

My Costume collection - the easist i have ever experienced, I did not make a downpayment, went to the camp carnival week and got my costume in 15mins!

Rubies of Mumbai - beside Minshall, this is the best costume i have ever paid for $2650, I got more than my money's worth in costuming - i am male btw.

Drinks - truly had premium drinks, but how can u not have gatorade/lucozade, c'mon it's cheaper than the free redbull & monster

Food - it was better than i am accostumed too, chicken kebabs, lamb, so i was pleased. Maybe waited about 20mins.

Music - One of the worst years. I doh know who is lennox (think he from canada) but never hire him. Two yes Two sessions of 3 techno songs, and one after the savannah stage? Also, while Rocky's song is okay, it doesnt warrant being played more than 2 times on the road! And i will like to petition to condemn palance to the musical history vault never to be reopened within 20years

Security - all in all good, some where really defence force & police.

Vibes - There was a good mixture of ages, surely all the teeny boppers were in Tribe, so any young ppl looking for too much wileness did not get it, and said the band had no vibes.

The worst for me was the route. And that came to fruition on Tuesday night when we crossed downtown, that was the end of Spice. Something happened to practically mash up the band, i heard the same with evolution last year... So that was really poor. Why did we meet at charlotte to go savannah and then downtown last??? Thats just impractical in my opinion.

On a another note, I share your sentiment, i think i want to try south mas, or a small band or steelpan band next year. NCC needs to change the route to 2 or 3 alternative routes, spectators are dorwning out the bands. THis is the 1st year i've seen so many crowds and suspicious looking characters on the avenue and tragarette. Their are too many nasqueraders and spectators to be confined to one route.

Come leh we make a Trinidad carnival diary small band. Make yuh costume and come

SD said...

good- i played in loulan also n loved loved LOVED my costume...even as a backline babe i was stopped for many pics and had a time palancing all over. Monday was great an due better than tuesday by far with the exception that i wasnt wearin full costume n puttin it on tuesday literally had me excited til i was bubblin in front my mirror with no music playin lolthe frontline a matter of fact all the costumes were great on the road. Also a good, and my only journey into superficial about some bes body males ...yay for the ugly costumes that made most of them opt for goin in pants alone lol

bad-i have scatches on my arms from habotai, and on my legs from xi ling shi and mulberry (reminds me of rhinestone woes from last yr's birds of a feather). even tho i put a layer of clear nail polish on all my jewelry... the neck piece managed to give me a blister type spot on my neck :S costume jewelry eh like me at all!!!!

ugly-the sheer size of tribe is out of hand! really!, not my first yr but might be my last with tribe. monday was sweet, i had a time...even managed to find myself on a wall winin' but tuesday wen everyone came out...i found myself havin to fight for space, air and a stinkin gatorade. we took so long waitin by the savannah i ended up borowin a chair from a vendor to sit on cuz i refused to be tired when we finally got to the stage.

@Jerome....that sounds like a plan!

Simone said...

Hi Saucy,

On a totally different note : ), what tights did you wear this year and how did they hold up?

Lady said...

Its amazing the things some of you place importance on. Trini... is giving an account of a near death (she could have gotten a stoke)experience but instead some of you think its funny and less important than your account of crossing the stage and frontlines having a chance to go first. Sounds like if some of you people could have helped you wouldn't just for the sake of enjoying your mas. You gotta love the selfish, self centred tribers. Trini next time find a damn band where you wouldn't be denied some water come on some water geezzzz.....and then the embarassment to you husband having to fight for some water for his sick wife. slef centered idiots.

MCJ said...

In order to not be repetitive I won't go into the size of the band and that Tribe has become Poison 2.0.

My particular complaint is about the security that DISAPPEARED at 7:30pm ON THE DOT. The ropes vanished and the only security I was seeing were those wining on any bam bam they could find. When we turned the corner by Marios it was like a free for all. All I could see were stragglers mixed with a few masqueraders! I felt VERY uncomfortable and VERY unsafe!

On a side note, I did not see any sign of a snack on Tuesday! Did they have Marios? Anything? Or was the snack a pack of peanuts?

Saucy aka "The Sauce" said...

The snack trucks were parked on Stanmore Avenue patiently waiting.

When I left the band headed to where I parked they were all lined up waiting and asking how far again the band was .. this was at 6:30PM. I got bake and shark, calzone and pizza slices... oh and oranges as well! The girls on the snack truck were really nice, they also fall under the "good" category so too does breakfast, I found the selection of food to be good!

greg said...

I agree that the band is too big, but i'm not sure how easy it is to actually shrink a band. A band's size is affected by demand. Tribe's carnival experience may be less than perfect, but at the same time, it's still better than many other bands. The size of the band, and the sheer demand is proof of that.

when the band stopped before the savannah, we didn't get stuck because the band was too big, we had to wait on Island People, who had to wait on Legacy. It's not that the bands themselves were too big, it's just that carnival is getting more and more masqueraders, and the roads aren't getting any wider.

Also, this was the most spectators i have ever seen on Ariapita Avenue. There were so many spectators that Tribe couldn't pass the judging point. At the front, we were begging non-masqueraders to get out of the way so we could move, and that's why we got stuck. We were waiting on people to move. All that happened was that they moved up ariapita avenue and clogged the streets, forcing the band to squeeze through.

Also, i must commend the Tribe security and staff for achieving the almost impossible tasks of providing security on the road, and controlling a bunch of drunk people.

Overall, i think things went as well as could have been expected under the circumstances, but at last one year, i would like to see Tribe get into their sections and display the costumes the way they were meant to be, and not just look like an unruly mob.

Carnivalbaby said...

this year was Great as usual ... I loved my Zari Front line costume.

if i had to complain about nething it would be i didnt get to go infront of my section when crossing the stage on tuesday and of course space to "palance" was hard ...

other than that it was superbbbbb .... i want to rewind and do it all over again ...

HanaMarie said...

@ greg, that reminds me of a comment the commentator made when we were passing the Ariapita Avenue judging point (Adam Smith Sq. i think it is) on monday. She was like "this is TRIBE and we can expect to see them just like this tomorrow (tuesday) in a disorderly mess, not keeping in the sections" (not in the exact words but to that effect)...i was like whoaaaa, she trying to mess us up, lololol...

Tinielle said...

So i think this would be the first IP review thus far so I'll try to make it thorough.

Good:- great improvment on lunch stops at the oval with seating in the stands, we had to show our wrist bands to get in and there was a drink truck parked inside for our convienence. Drinks was flowing all day, with the one exceptions of 'we waiting on the restock truck to bring more water.' The costumes were beautiful, in some instances I personally think some of the men's costumes were better looking than some of the ladies. Security was working and much more tighter than the past 3 years I played with them. Music was great, especially the few guest appearances we had by Buffy, Shurwayne, Busy Signal, amoung others. Even though the band did decrease in size, it actually served as a plus, as we had alot more freedom and space to palance!

Bad:- WTF was up with the curry coloured cloth for monday wear. Some sections got hot shorts (not mine) but everyone got this printed yellow cloth and was told to get creative. Armm, that's what I'm paying you for.

Ugly:- Tuesday morning running behind the truck down Aripita Ave, just to get in front of Tribe. I wasn't too bothered, cause I eh running, I walked! But seriously, we don't care about which band we are in front of or behind, we want to enjoy the road, not run on it.

HanaMarie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Ok so my good was....I absolutely loved...LOVED my Mulberry was GORGEOUS! I have scratches, scrapes and bruises aplenty BUT I don't regret choosing that particular costume. Also good, the security allowing my fiance to cross the stage with me and the rest of the FL gals....and before you all think that was unfair...I remained back when the FL was allowed on stage and they were waving me through and I said I would wait cause I wasn't going without him....and they were nice enough to let us both through :) It was a nice gesture and very appreciated...

My bad was...(again) the band is TOO BIG!!! Trini girl I feel your pain because our drinks truck sped off when we now arrived to wait at the Savannah and we waited there the WHOLE time without water....we were begging the girl in the truck for water and she refused and was still shaking her head as they drove off....people were literally climbing on the sides of the truck to get something...anything to no fiance ended up buying water from someone outside the hospital but let me tell you....with that long wait...that water finished in literally two seconds...crossing the stage was drama cause these male Mulberries formed a kind of chain in front of the FLers and were literally pushing all these girls out of the way which was AWFUL....and eventually though security held them back we had to FIGHT out way through these guys to get through to the security...I tell you...if I had a chopstick i would have poked out some eyes and I am as serious as the heatstroke I almost had three quarters way through the stage.....I had no moisture in my mouth, my throat was dry and I felt nauseous and faint all at the same time...again...good thing we found a water guy around TGI thereabouts or I would be telling this tale from a hospital was awful and I only caught myself when the weather cooled down :( TRIBE....its shameful that people paid that kind of money to have to buy drinks outside the band...shame shame!

The ugly: guy in Silk of Rajasthan who thought he could save blankets at the lunch park...i could describe him but I won't: do me and everyone else a favour and bring your own damn blanket next year...or better yet...stay at home, in bed...wrapped in your own blanket..obnoxious pig....he falls into the category of the Harts stormers I saw around me while waiting to cross the stage who seemed to think that some girls were dying for a grind from them......ugh....some of us just like to jump up with our significant others, our girls, our friends etc. and paid enough damn money to deserve doing it in peace-

Saucy...awesome blog were, and will remain THE source for my Carnival info....keep it up chica!

JJ said...

Fari!hey girl!I remember you and your fiance. I was one of the FL trying to jockey for my well earned and paid for spot in the front!

@Greg & @HanaMarie, I think a lot of the reason the back was a mess besides it having the best music truck, JW& Blaze & the hottest section was the fact that a good chunk of the TRIBE masqueraders were there to look pretty, hang with their friends and say they play TRIBE. They forget that
along with the money they pay, in exchange for the experience on the road,they also owe the band and the designers an obligation to help the band come off cohesive and attractive for the judges and spectators. Remember the old theme used to be something to the effect of "we have more fun" if that will be your motto, you will suffer from that, unfortunately to the detriment of those who wanted to show off their costume and be a part of a "section" of similar colors and designs...

My family who watched from home said it was a mish mash of colors from the middle back on...hence why being in the back was a curse, so next time, if the organizers care more than pocketing money from revelers and actually want to look good on the road,they would do a better job at spacing, section order and truck order. Maybe like all said they could make the band smaller and do something about the "team morale" to encourage folks to get in and stay in their section most of Tuesday.

We arrived late and never ever saw a "mulberry" section til before crossing. It was so many scattered all about all over the band and we started at SPICE which was all color coordinated (didn't look like much fun though) but I could appreciate the theme. Same thing with IP.Most ppl were in their section. It was very spaced out. No one was cramped at all.

Trini is a trooper and so is her darling husband who went to his wife's rescue to save her from dehydration. I actually witnessed that melee but did not realize it at the time who it was, but my friends shook our head and were thinking wow that guy must've been in a desperate situation to be so brave as to do that...but he shouldn't have had to.

anyway. enough of my rambling

Saucy aka "The Sauce" said...

jj Poison's motto was "we have more fun"..Freudian slip? :)

JJ said...

well there you have it!

"Chatty Patty" said...

I'm sure that Tribe has gotten a rude awakening with all of these comments. In all the years I've been reading this blog, I never heard complaints about Tribe and if the band leaders had any sense, they would realize that things have to change NOW!

Anonymous said...

JJ...girl...u were awesome **hugs** it was rough...and it's kinda funny...but all the Mulberry FL girls stuck together and were pulling each other up to the front...making sure we were the was prob the nicest experience of Carnival Tuesday for me yes :)

SSheeple said...

That stage crossing sounds an awful lot like my Fireman experience fews years back. We were the second to last section and had to cross downtown with the tassa band because the truck, which was next to us all along, apparently didn't see it making sense that the last sections needed music to cross the stage. It was horrible.

There was indeed waaay too much jostling for space and if the crowd at the end of lunch was anything to go by, tribe surely didn't reduce numbers this year. I played in charmeuse and the section was pretty big and crowded. We kept having to go to the edges to breath. What annoyed us though is that from early on in the day, other masqueraders, (groups of three and four, not one straggler with friends in the section) felt the need to just stop in our section. And some of these had costumes further ahead of us in the band. Added to that was the fact that I thought out DJ was pretty mediocre. It simply didn't make sense, but it showed more and more what little respect people have for their sections and their costumes at the end of the day. I loved my costume, but people don't seem to realise that the beauty can only be seen among others very much like it.
Some girls from Mulberry even had the nerve to try and jostle one of my friends for shade by the truck. In OUR section. Well she got a good cuss for that from another girl.

Oddly enough I spent the rest of Tuesday evening behind the Red96.7 truck which was a lot less crowded than I expected at that hour. But could be that I was behind and not in front of it.

I have played with tribe for several years and Monday is always a better experience for me. In part because there is more freedom. The tuesday experience though is losing it's appeal pretty costumes or not. For years I've been annoyed by the fact that the band has little or no structure and so people cannot see my costume... and I've complained.
I hope tribe pays attention and gets their heads out their asses. I am not pulling out that kind of money to play in a day-time j'ouvert band.

angel said...

Ppl seem to think that Tribe is in this business because they get a warm fuzzy feeling inside by investing their time and money into this.

This is a business to them.....they will conduct a cost/benefit analysis and decide what things they can sacrifice at this point in time given current circumstances. Right now they dont care that you all think the band is too big because demand for their product is wayyy to high.

When they see that it takes longer than 2 days for the band to sell out they will probably review and then issue a cleverly written statement and make some public rounds saying something like "we at Tribe have heard our masqueraders....we are making every effort to reduce the size of the an effort to show you all we listen and we love you....blah, blah, blah". And we will be like awwww i am sooo touched....

If the size of the band is too big for you all, then dont ask Tribe to reduce, that is a bit unrealistic, you are therefore asking the ppl to give up profits, profits which secure them a certain lifestyle, allows them to educate their children in the best schools and probably provides for generations to come.....Take matters into your own hands - go play with someone else.....simple. It is like asking the cigarette companies to stop selling cigarettes cause it causes cancer.....and we see how that is working out.

And this thing about displaying the costumes and throwing tantrums cause ppl in your section.....we play bikini and feather mas in a different colour each year!!!!! helloooo....if you want art and a production.....go play with mac farlan.

And the person from charmuese who wrote she was getting vex and cuss the girl who was in her section, but then in the next breathe say she spent the rest of tuesday by 96.7 i guess loulan girls should of hit you a good right hand.

Here is some advice.....if at any time on Monday or Tuesday you are getting vex about ppl in your means you are not drunk enough.....solution take a shot of something. If you dont drink.......well i cant help you but pls refrain from ruining other people's fun. Ppl use those 2 days of mas to escape......escape their responsibilities, escape problems, just take a break from life itself and have fun.....remember that.

Auntie Nini said...

angel, some of us are actually there to play mas, not to just get drunk and wine by the hottest truck. and i have heard a lot of people including diehard tribers such as myself saying that we done with tribe. i'm sure others will be quite happy to grab our spots, but we shall be happily jumping up elsewhere!

Yasmeen said...

I completely and totally agree with the Tribe=Poison part.... At 7 o'clock on Ariapita Avenue, I just GAVE up with the squeeze and the fact that we could not find ANYONE...

This is the 3rd time I have played with Tribe (2007,09,10) and I have never gotten to that point of frustration ever, even though the band was big before, it definitely was NOT the monster it is now.

Secondly, that wait on Charlotte Street was ABSOLUTELY ridiculous! I didn't even bother to cross the stage, sat in Memorial Park and limed for a while, and walked to the end of the 'stage' to meet back up with the band.

Definitely not the Carnival experience I'm accustomed to, safe to say, I will probably take a sabbatical next Carnival and hope things get better somehow!

SSheeple said...

Angel try and doh get tie up eh. The girls in the Mulberry get cuss cuz they were out of place. I don't mean location wise, I mean in terms of their behaviour. You don't come into somebody section and jostle them when you have space in yours. And for chipping BEHIND the Red 96.7 truck after lunch I didn't jostle any Loulan girls for their space. And I sure as hell wasn't rude to them either. At this point the band was a free for all. No sections. Early in the morning when there is no excuse because the band is at a stand still and laid out and all the signs are up... yuh should damn well get in yuh section. Doh talk shit bout drinking more. Get in yuh frigging section. Is early morning for crying out loud, what de hell is your excuse at that point. After we have lunch everybody knows is a free for all.

And granted tribe is under no obligation to give a shit about their long standing masqueraders. Masqueraders who have moved with them from Poison, and who have played with them from the inception. It was a different band three/four years ago. It is this same band that 'die-hards' like saucy talked about and loved. The same band that others now in 2009/2010 are willing to sell their kidneys to get into (As seen in prices paid for costumes on fineahban etc). Sadly, that band no longer exists. It's disgusting. It's crowded. The quality of costumes is going down. Check how many complaints they had this year over other years where sizing is concerned. And some would argue that customer service is also on the decline. This is not about getting more drunk to enjoy the experience. If it was truly "Ultimate" we wouldn't need to consume copious amounts of alcohol to have a good time. They should take a good hard look at bands that have longevity. Harts for example. Harts plays the same mas year after year. Same damn costume. But at the end of the day, Harts cares about their customers. Their 'die-hards' if you will. And they cater to them year after year. Providing them with the same quality of experience. I understand profit margins and all that bullshit... but when you see a band beginning to implode because their inner circle too busy being arrogant, conspiracy theorists who don't give a shit about the average masquerader. When one of the designers/stake-holders in the band has to parade on Tuesday with a security detail although the average person on the street or in the band doesn't know who de hell she is, or care for that matter, it speaks volumes.

But as you all said, once the die-hard hie their griping asses, there are more than enough people willing to fit in the space and stand on Charlotte street for four hours with no water and cross a stage with no music truck. Best of luck to them.

On another note though. Although the ropes disappeared after a certain time of the evening the security at the back of the band ( behind the red 97.7 truck) was still actively throwing stragglers out the band. And they get kudos for that. I remember one trip through St. James a few years ago when they were literally standing on the side of Mucurapo Road and you had to beg them to get people out the band. Unsafe indeed :S

SSheeple said...

... one more thing. We will continue to complain about the size because tribe says they will reduce. That alone gives us right to bitch and moan. They give the impression that size will reduce and then lo and behold it gets bigger anyway. But as the old adage goes... Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

Ci said...

I agree 10000% with everything you said Saucy. The band is toooooo big. I know people who lost their friends in the crowd and never found them again til the end of the day.
Another issue I had was the music. I don't know if I was jes bad lucky with the trucks I happen to be by (cuz I didn't stay in my section cause of the SLOW pace) but why did DJs insist on playing OLD soca for a large portion for the day? I am all for classics like 'Carnival', 'Party Animal' and 'Bachelor' being played...but not more than or as much as 2K10 soca, which is the soca I tune my waist to. The first time I heard Palance on Tues was crossing the judging point by the Savannah and again, after that, only when we were crossing at Adam Smith. I cannot fathom why Tuesday's music was, in my opinion, so lame. Monday was amazing. I had such a great time on Monday and the music was bess. I dunno why Tuesday flop so. I lime by the 96.7 truck whole day trying to hear some good tunes n even they buss.
And can someone tell me WHY we didn't cross South Quay? I find the South Quay judging point is the best in terms of vibes and energy because everybody still have it in them at that time. It was so frustrating to wait for 6 hours to both hear my road march tune and to cross a judging point. And to cross was madness! I got pushed, pulled, jostled, stepped on, all kinda thing in my section. At one point my best friend almost had a panic attack because of the sheer congestion.
This is my 4th year playing mas - 3rd year with Tribe- after being on 2 year a hiatus from Carnival and I can easily say this Carnival Tuesday was the least enjoyable. I am strongly considering not playing with Tribe next year unless they indicate that they are drastically reducing the size of the band. This wasn't the TRIBE I know or love, and I'd like it back plz, thanks.

Invisible said...

I find these comments amazing yet at the same time, I remember hearing a tribe rep being interviewed commentating and she said, "If it oomes to the point that there is a long wait for the stage and judging etc, Tribe will not keep the masqueraders waiting, we will just continue to move through the streets."
I guess that did not happen?

The thing is, not everyone will find the waiting and over stuffing of masqueraders in the band a bad thing. Everyone has different experiences.

Well, another year will be here soon and we'll all have another chance to read some more wonderful comments, whether it be good or bad.

Play Mas people!

PD said...

I’ve been playing mas with TRIBE since ‘birth’ and I’ve always had a really great experience, but I can’t help but think that they’ve gotten a little too comfortable in going ‘all out’ for their masqueraders and giving them the ULTIMATE experience.

Maybe I palanced a little too much and my costume started to fall apart. Luckily it was on Tuesday afternoon where no one really cared how they looked. I played in the prettiest section  (Zari) and UNTIL the mesh started peeling off the waistband, I was most pleased.

Maybe it’s me, but do the security officers stop working as soon as it gets dark? This is the time when we need them!!! Then all the stragglers and pick-pocketers invade our band! Every year it’s the same thing and I keep hoping the next year there is gonna be an improvement.....oh well, next year then?
That wait on Charlotte Street was horrendous! Not to mention, no drinks trucks as they had to be diverted. When I couldn’t take it anymore, I proceeded to find the nearest drinks truck somewhere close to Zen for them to tell me, SORRY WE ARE CLOSED. Well dey nearly hear how dey mudder make I know it’s not their fault but simply following instructions so I reserved my comments. I had no choice but to resort to PURCHASING A DRINK FROM A NEARBY VENDOR. Imagine I paid $4000+ for a promised Ultimate Carnival Experience and still have to put out more $$ to get a drink. Total B*llsh*t!!

I would like to believe that all these comments (above and beneath this post) – positive and negative would not fall on deaf ears/blind eyes. It’s been years I’ve been hearing the masqueraders complain about the same things and I’m starting to believe that TRIBE has adopted an attitude such as - if you don’t like it, leave it, you can easily be replaced. Maybe next year they can prove me wrong.

Shellss said...

TRIBE my friends have become complacent....they can now sit back and not worry about a profit coming in....I can imagine the smug faces when they do their projections for 2011. Last time I played with them was 2008 when I was given lunch at some ridiculous hour, after that experience in conjunction with the fight up to register the following year....I moved on.... I keep forgetting is TRIBE we commenting about and not IP...thought they were about the only ones who had to burn to learn....oh and I hope TRIBE taking heed and look on at what happened to IP this year....according to my mother...who doh hear does...??? FEEL!!!

Jerome said...

well i cyar wait to hear bout the bachannal next year to register with tribe, when another 300 or so tweens who know somebody want to get in the band, and the other hundreds that feel the whole pre-reg debacle. I hope the stoosh crew ready to camp out at Cascadia, cause i feel next year is no local online registration.
Gotta love Carnival.

angel said...

yeah sheeple......doh sell yuh TLC cause after all the complaints you will be right back at Tribe come August deciding on a sound like heaps and loads of fun......but after your entire ramble of an explanation about being in loulan.....all i have to say is stay in yuh blasted section

dougla_1 said...

Again, road management IS the PROBLEM for most all of the bands on the road.

NOW (not a month before Carnival), is the time for the band organizations to get TOGETHER and really address the issues of why there are ALWAYS band congestion in the streets on Tuesdays. One OBVIOUS reason is the service trucks ARE too big and too many. This problem squeezes the MASQUERADERS like a bad sausage on Tuesday. If I can see a solution (I feel compelled not to reveal it here) for the big trucks issue (don't give me the streets are too narrow excuse), why can't the big brain band leaders (organizers) get TOGETHER (leave the Gov't out until a cohesive plan is finalized. Note: the Gov't's security coverage has been OUTSTANDING for the last 5 years, and there should be no worries that will change) and SOLVE the streets congestion issue?

MASQUERADERS WANT to DISPLAY on Tuesday, and spectators want to SEE the beauty and creativity of the mas BANDS that are unique to Trinidad (for those who lament, don't give me that there is no art and creativity in bikini mas BS, anymore.) Some of the most creative elements and artistry IS in bikini mas, right now. Yes, I do agree with MacFarlane in keeping a STRONG element of mas that is RELEVANT to average T&T people, not just a false sense of affluence and "prettiness."

It is time to SOLVE the problem of the unbearable street congestion on Carnival Tuesdays in Port of Spain.

Pix said...

I played the Individual for Eri and would like to express my disappointment with crossing the stage on Tuesday. This was my first big investment in a costume, some five digit number was paid for my costume. I certainly loved the experience and would do it again under better conditions. I had ZERO space to be free, on the road so far down to the back of the band. There was no ERI section since everyone decided they should palance and not get in their section. The security did nothing to hold the unwanted out of my section. The media went to break because they though TRIBE finish due to the long distance apart from Mulberry and Eri. This was blamed on the music truck again. While waiting to cross the stage, I had two incidences of a girl and a guy pulling my feather off from my costume. Can you believe my outrage! I cross the stage without any section and no media coverage! My grandmother at home who spent the entire day waiting to see me cross did not even get a glimpse. They were all disappointed. If I am to do this again, I would like more order on Carnival Tuesday and some special security to maintain my costume not being attacked by masqueraders. Maybe order was maintained nearer the front of the band. This might be a better option.

Invisible said...

@ Pix, I find that rather awful. I would think that if you in an an "INDIVIDUAL" costume that you would be awarded the luxury of at least masquarading in style and be "showcased" especially when paying that amount of USD for a costume.

Individuals need to either be in a section leading the band and or INFRONT OF THEIR RESPECTIVE SECTION.

If you do decide to play in one again, I do wish you a much better experience.

Carnivalcocoa said...

Nah man, some of my BEST and most fun mas playing years were in Poison. TRIBE just can't manage that same success, that's all. In fact noone can.

JoBo said...

well Saucy..i am a bit late I know, but better late than never right! As usual are totally on the point with your review. As I have indicated to you in the past, I have only ever played mas with TRIBE, since their inception and really, the ultimate carnival experience was quite lacking this year. I was going to comment on the missing cool zone, but it is understandable given the water situation in the country, that I can totally understand. What I cannot understand is why the hell TRIBE has gotten so damn big!! As a consequence, the usual quality and high standards has dropped way below that of the TRIBE I have come to know and love. I have passed on my sentiments to my small connections (committee members and 1 of my section leaders) and got the shrug shoulder. That is a no no as I have, like you Saucy, and everyone else paid a whole set of fricking money, not just for a costume, but for the TRIBE 'experience'. it was so lacking that along with the heat and long wait to cross the savannah i found myself actually forcing to hype myself on both days..ME..miss carnival herself!! (not to take away from your accolades Saucy..but i'm sure you understand where I'm coming from). i totally loved my costume, and it totally loved me, but why must i be at home carnival saturday, before the costume has even be worn, using a glue gun to reinforce my headpiece and waist pieces, before its ever been worn! this has NEVER happened to me before and there have been years, back when i was a newbie, and not aware of monday wear and tuesday wear..that i wore bra and waist piece both days. i can actually show you that those costumes are still in tact, as i have kept every piece of every single costume i have played live in hope of getting a cash back 1 day maybe.. however, the reason i waited to comment, apart from being too upset and tired to comment last week, i wanted to see reviews on other bands. for the most part, they seem to be quite lacking as well!!! so what does a person do...i am contemplating jumping ship, but where Saucy? stupes! Spice? IP? Harts? I give credit where credit is due, TRIBE marks! marks! but seriously,i have to say it was JW and Blaze that saved my ultimate carnival experience :( lets see if the rumours of a split are true, as it would come with smaller numbers..we hope! TRIBE...please..we the loyal masqueraders have made you who you are, so dont slight us so na...please take our comments seriously as you did in the earlier to be made for 2011..looking to see what happens on the scene i guess...take care Saucy...

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