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Friday, February 12, 2010

TRIBE Size Issues

Hi Saucy,

I notice no one really commented on the issue of Tribe's sizes being wayyyyyy off!! I am accustomed to playing in an extra small bikini bottom beacuse in the past I have used Small or Medium and have had to take it in.... OMG when I saw the panty!!!!! It was wayyyyyyyyy too small and I  had to change to a MEDIUM  2 whole sizes up!

While there I also realised that this was the case with a lot of masqueraders. And then there was the BRA.Now I was very pleased with my decorated bra but not with that cut/fit .I think Tribe should provide pasties for everybody in the band because it is going  be nips falling out all over the road! 

This size thing also applied to the guys.Almost every fella I know  had to have their pants changed for a bigger size.

At least the peeps in Tribe were VERY helpful and everyone that I saw there had no problems with exchanges.... well except for this one masquerader who played with Serica, which is apparently a private section so they couldn't change her underwear because they didnt have any there in stock at Cacadia.

Somebody told her to "Jus go Wonderful World and buy a panty!".... but I mean after paying $3700 to go and have to buy a panty because THEY had size problems this year!


andrew said...

tribe must have changed supplier
if not how can the size be different then years ago

Lady said...

what kind of panty can you get in wonderful world anyway. I've never seen those spandex panties we use for carnival in wonderful world stueppppssss

HQ said...

Why don't they go to Wonderful World and pick up some panties to accommodate their loyal masqueraders?????

Thicksauce said...

Tribe has lost alot of points this year from me.

Went to collect costume and when opening the box was shown tissue paper and bag with leg pieces.

I was taken to customer service, where the owner was there to meet and greet me and apologise.

They found a larger waistband and while waiting cut it down to size.

But the drama began when I ask about my Tankini. Was told they have none and will take my measurments and get it made for me. Stayed until after closing time being measured for this Tankini. Was told to come back the Wednesday for collection. Left with confidence that I was in good hands, Come on its Tribe (Bess Customer Service).

Party hard all weekend saw all the staff whom dealt with me. To get a call on Tuesday saying that I miss my time to go by a lady to get measured. Well thats when the blood started to flow in my head. This girl on the phone is telling me that there is nothing that Tribe can do for me, and it is best I bring in a corset to be covered. So ask the $3550 I spent meant nothing to them. She said there are no Tankini's and she can't do anything about it but speak to someone and call me back.

I never waited for the call back and went to Cascadia...that is another story.

Minus the customer service staff escorting me, I found my way to the customer service and demanded I speak to the head of customer service. She came to me from the time she saw me and took me outside to apoloygise as they forgot to contact me to tell me that no more Tankini's were being made. So I asked what my options are as I have no top bit to my costume. She ask me if I wanted a bra...said the reason I want a Tankini is due to my strech marks after giving birth. Not comfortable with them. Now I worked with a corset that I have. I asked about a refund. They said yes they can do that, All I want to do is Play Mas...Gave her the corset and they are covering it over. I have to wait until Sunday to see the outcome.....hope it fits as glue shrinks material. and I am cutting it close to carnival. Will keep all posted on the progress....they will see me today...just to remind them.

Everyone have a Safe Carnival

Lauren said...

This is exactly what I was talking about, in my last post! All you think Tribe's 'special people' who
gets to register before everyone else, does go through these things?
HQ is sooo right! If you people don't value your money, and want service for it, Tribe will never
give you any.

mjsbunny said...

I have had zero issues with my sizes this year, or any other year. I gave them the same sizes/ measurements I always use and the fit was the same.

As for the service, I have had my issues with them and they always come through for me. And I can guarantee you that I am not one the 'chosen'.

shells said...

I had zero size issues, and I used the exact measurements as I did from the past two years. The bra does fit different, but it mainly more folks with A cups gonna look like they rocking B cups (a plus me thinks). And as mjsbunny said: I am sooo not one of the 'chosen'.

The service: quite a few friends had to do bra switching and they had zero problems. Go to Customer Service, explain the situation, and they either tell you wait a bit and they find you another size...or in the case of one friend they cut out the padding since she preferred that.

JJ said...

bras and panty too small? Smells like bulk purchases from China or Singapore or some other Asian country. The Western hemisphere's small is a large to them. Our medium is an extra large, imagine in reverse. Whoever ordered must be mindful that Asian women are traditionally smaller so their sizes do not match with ours and must be adjusted appropriately.

just my humble guess. I could be wrong.

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