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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

2010 Trinidad Carnival - J'Ouvert

Good mawnin peeps, Kermit here bringing you the scenes from J’Ouvert 2010. The crew and I had so much fun last year with the Cocoa Devils that, so as not to mess with a good thing, we decided to jump with them again and here we are at 2:30 am on Carnival Monday morning, heading down to the National Stadium to meet up with the rest of the Wining Devils.

The description of my experiences in Cocoa Devils will be brief as I will let my pictures do the talking due to the fact that I am not able to coherently describe everything I saw while cavorting through the streets of Port-of-Spain that morning. I do remember seeing horses in hats being ridden by cowboys in dresses; I remember seeing a herd of pigs with white sticks; I remember a big-bottomed-big-chested Dame Lorraine dancing on a wall; I remember seeing plenty people wining on each other and having a fine time and fortunately most of what I remember seeing is in the album so if yuh doh believe mih, take a look.

To me, J’Ouvert is the part of carnival that I look forward to the most. Very few experiences compare to covering yourself in warm cocoa and parading through the streets of a slumbering city until the sun rises. A good J’Ouvert symbolizes all that is special about the carnival spirit. It doesn’t matter what you cover yourself with, whether it is cocoa, mud, paint, powder, or some combination thereof; what matters is that you are now a part of a larger being that is hell bent on having fun while expanding its numbers by duttying up as many onlookers as possible.

It doesn’t matter who or what you were before you gave in to the J’Ouvert spirit; you could have been a doctor, lawyer, dishwasher, carpenter, mechanic, or even self-employed, you could be young, or not so young, slim or not so slim, once that layer of something covered you, you transcended the physical and were reborn with your fellow masqueraders becoming children of the night and after casting off the trappings and restrictions of adulthood and society’s gaze, you were now free to run and jump and play in the dark to your heart’s content and that is exactly what we did.

J’Ouvert is the last great equalizer and it is only here that every creed and race truly finds an equal place and we see indisputable proof that God has indeed blessed our nation.
Rest assured that in 2011 I will be a Cocoa Devil once again.
Enjoy the pics peeps, Carnival Monday is next.


Auntie Nini said...

How I feel about j'ouvert and why I love it probably even more than pretty mas is expressed exactly and perfectly here.

Canboulay said...

How does 1 acquire contact information to play with Coca Devils?

She Who Weaves Words said...

I echo Canboulay's an overseas non-Trini masquerader, how do I get information about this band (registration etc)

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