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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Pay Attention I Am Only Saying This Once!

Every year there are new band rumours circulating soon as Carnival is over. Every year there ARE new bands making a foray into the Carnival Scene. The year 2011 is no different apart from the fact that some old faces might be coming back, determined to give this million dollar business another run for their money.

The Sauce has been informed that a mostly behind the scenes player in a band ( who for 2010 seems to have triumphed over the negatives of the past) will be leaving to form their own band!  The  name of this person would not even register or ring bells for the average masquerader  so I am guessing there has to be others with a name attached who will be joining in the venture. It remains to be seen if anyone else will be departing the "universe" for 2011. However, a female designer who was with this band from inception will be taking a break next year. I guess she will be hunting for other flags to fly, oops, I mean fish to fry!

When it comes to keeping the "kindred spirit" among a certain "krewe", talk is that there will be a split amongst this camp as well. Will "revellers" from another band join forces or will it be a bunch of "clowns"? Only time will tell!

And finally, I saved the BEST news for last! What do you get when you mix an investor who was bought out of a burgeoning "spicy" band with a band that took a year off from mas? A group of individuals looking to bring back an "element"to Carnival with a different name, different marketing strategy, different public face and hopefully better costumes!



well well well!

i knew this would come out! lol i knew all this from carnival Sunday, the said person who jumping off DKrewes Ship is Sheldon who designed Kindred Spirit, More FM has Split from Dkrewe to form a new band and concept for 2011!

how i know this well, i heard talk about a split carnival Friday, and was pulled in for a meeting on Carnival Sunday with More FM, they had heard about my work and my high standards as a designer as i was working with DKrewe for 2 weeks and they wanted me to come on board as a co Designer, although what was being said sounded "Fruitful" i later declined the offer as it would mean compramising my design style and having to work under someone elses visions.

if anyone remembers Raoul Garib?? if anyone knows why this band crashed in its last year look no further than who is behind this new band for 2011 lol!!

2011 gonna be one set ah bachanal!
let the games begin!!!!!

mjsbunny said...

Oh me, oh my!

greg said...

Real blues clues dey Saucy!! Look ting!!!!! LOL

Shellss said...

That is some sweet gossip.

Tr|n|gYa| said...

Whole day ah Huntin'..every day ah Huntin'!
Obviously they seeee something in dey that they waaaaannntt! Ahahah let the games begin!

trinicandy said...

so i figure is dianne hunt leaving IP

the next part is about dkrewe and trinirevellers

hmmmm so element back in business

Anonymous said...

Is Red Ants mas happening?

mimi said...

the last part was something I realised was going to happen from d time I saw Curtis Eustace on d road, acting like a Spice official....hmmm..I don't know if that'll be a change for better or for worse nah

designingDARYL said...

Well yes Saucy - you is de best yes gyul.. Cyah keep anything from you huh... I know it took some doing putting together your VERY ACCURATE passage here.... Thank you for being "you" and keeping all of us "informed" yet still not at all....

Carnivalcocoa said...

This has more team player shifts than the NBA trade-offs. The "universe" will definitely have more shades than we realise. (keeping fingers crossed)

Kindred Spirit and Harvard Revellers -- this will be DIFFERENT. I patiently wait.

Yay Elements!

I STILL say it have MORE designer shake-ups coming. Saucy oy, I'm waiting ;)

Empath said...

yah...I heard about Sheldon leaving Dkrewe....apparently we have been seeing his designs for years but they were associated with other big NAMES and no credit given to him....

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