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Monday, March 08, 2010

Showdown With Showtime....

So, it was brought to my attention that there is some bacchanal brewing on Facebook, no less, between a former disgruntled Showtime empolyee and the band Showtime. Check out the following allegations being made by said former employee, that posted to facebook yesterday:

Miss KArima Mckenzie-Thomas of MINX Entertainment built and has been administrating this profile since before the Showtime Trinidad Launch on August 23rd 2009.

She was a "part" of the band, having left in 2008 and being aligned with Kaotic Mas band, and being asked back by Mr. Ricardo Lewis, Mr. Damien Leach, Mr. Leon Bain, and Mr. Godfrey Enile (Band leader) for carnival 2010.

She left the band AGAIN after their launch in August 2009 due to disagreement with the lack of systems in the way the band conducts their affairs, and about a month later, Mr. Godfrey Enile asked her once again to return and provide her services to the band.

Ms. Mckenzie-Thomas made the decision after the fiasco that was Carnival 2010 - masqueraders getting costumes on Carnival Monday, no headpieces for many of them, late food, no breakfast on Tuesday until lunch, spoilt or improperly prepared lunch, bad treatment of her DJs, etc etc, to leave the band, and she was asked to surrender the facebook password and the email address she had created to register the account.

At that point, she invoiced Showtime Trinidad at a rate of $1200 per month for her time, effort, and creativity in administrating this profile from August to mid February 2010.

She had to call Mr. Enile repeatedly and was finally told in a rush on March 01st, that she would not be paid.

Later that week, Ms. Mckenzie-Thomas realised that the Showtime Trinidad people had copied the profile she had built over the months, word for word, picture for picture....every full stop, slash, and smiley face.

During that week also, her DJs began calling her to complain that they were seeking to get their payment as agreed, and were being given a run around.

At THAT point, the facebook campaign began, to embarass Showtime Trinidad into standing their debts.

Approximately 5 minutes ago, Mr. Godfrey Enile called Ms. Mckenzie-Thomas' phone, she did not answer. He left a message saying that he is "thinking Lawyer", because he is getting fed up.

Fed up of WHAT EXACTLY Mr.Enile???

You and your people thought that you could treat me and the MINX Entertainment family anyway you wanted, treat the masqueraders any way you wanted and WHAT???? Get away scotch free??

Unfortunately for you and your organisation Mr. Enile, I have been down this road one too many times, and you are the straw that broke the camel's back.

I WILL NOT roll over!!!!

Waste a lawyer's time!!! PLEASE...BE MY GUEST!!!

KArima Mckenzie-Thomas

Founder and Director of MINX Entertainment

For more of this drama on Facebook (the comments are priceless) you can visit the Showtime Trinidad Carnival-Band versus ShowTime Mas-Band. It is never nice to see dirty laundry aired in public, however it is quite entertaining!


afro chic said...

I find this KArima person is moving very unprofessional. If I was thinking of hiring her to do any work for me, this would make me think twice! What madness is dis?

And why is she the only person who has their password? What madness is dat?!

carnivalkris said...

AA, and d bachannal start...

Anonymous said...

I don't give her wrong for standing her ground and fighting back. The fact is that she provided a service and she should get paid.

On the other hand, Showtime Trinidad was the worst this year in regards to costume purchases/ collection. I didn't get to play mas this year b/c of their lack of order and organization. I was supposed to play with a section in there band- I was told to collect my costume on Saturday night, just to wait 4 hours to collect a t-shirt and shorts for Monday. I was told that I would have to come back on Monday night (after playing mas whole damn day) to collect.

Needless to say- this was HORRIBLE. There were so many women, waiting to get there costumes, who were cussing and getting on real BAD. It came to the point where Goddfrey had to offered refunds for carnival costumes that weren't ready.

Now I must say, as a foriegner, I ordered my costume when I got to Trinidad the week before carnival- so I can deal with the extra waiting. But, there were customers who registered since August-December- who still didn't have there costume. So I completeley understood why they were so pissed off.

Me and my party ended up gettting a full refund due to the fact that when we got inside, our costume wasn't no where near finish and the designer asked us to wait another hour to get it complete. At that point I was pissed off, tired and hungry ( the food was disgusting on Monday and the drinks ran out FAST- keep in mind that they were giving out BABY SIZE PLASTIC cups w/ ya liquor in it- HORRIBLE)

I also saw many other people getting there money back.

Springmoon said...

While I agree that the manner in which Karima is airing this dirt is unprofessional, she does still need some forum to air this grievance. If I were in her position, I wouldn't have done it in this way at all, and just let Mr. Enile "talk Lawyer" because if these are indeed the circumstances, she should be able to collect on her debts, no trouble.

But Showtime real slacking to have just ONE person have control over their facebook page like that?

Wuzdescene said...

Lawd ... I feelin real clueless .... cuz I doh even know who Showtime is .... I never hear bout dem!!!

Global Girl said...

@Wuzdscene, they used to bring a section(s) under Legacy...and from the sound of it, they may be heading back. LOL


i finding this real funny cos, its jus pure dramas and bachanal coming out since carnival DUN! as i said 2011 gonna be an interesting year!
i hear showtime slashed thier prices to 1500tt cos the sales were so slow, and i noticed on the official parade DVD that there was alot of un finished costumes and bras i seeing wit nuttin at all on them! showtime made a bad move, if i remember they were only a medium sized section in Legacy! was not like they were Ronnie and Caro

Socaholic said...

And with all of that they placed 4th, ahead of Spice in the LARGE band category lol

Socaholic said...

On another note Ms Karima should be the last one to speak about business etiquette. I hired her to do face painting for my daughter's 4th birthday party at Pizza Boys.

Missy showed up late for the party with a new born baby in tow who needed to be breast feed regularly.

Needless to say I will never use her services again.

SanMan said...

i in d same boat as WuzDeScene...

buh fuh real they acting worse than little chirren

carnivalmistress said...

Karima is unprofessional first to begin with, if she has problems with her band, Facebook was not the forum to air these issues. Also, we have heard from her SIDE only, and all bands have bacchanal, I can speak from experience. I've also worked with this young lady on several projects and she has some serious issues professionally, so please don't be quick to judge.

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