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Monday, March 15, 2010

The "Truth" Of TRIBE Toronto !!

Well here I was minding my business this afternoon, when in my inbox drops the following letter. After consulting my lawyer (yes I have legal counsel!) I was informed of the right that I have to publish the following letter:

"Please note that the content of this letter is deemed confidential between TRIBE Trinidad and the TMBA".- Dear Saucy,You cannot make someone hold a letter in confidence unless you have a signed confidentiality agreement between the two. Truth is a defense to libel and slander.If a journalist gets a leaked copy of "the truth" how will  they sue TRIBE for someone getting a hold of "the truth"?'.

I find it quite telling WHO is the TMBA President...afraid of competition now? And does this letter does not reek of bullying and intimidation? If I were a certain band I would be the one looking for legal counsel! Anyway, you read and be the judge. Long live "the truth"!
January 26, 2010

Toronto Mas Band Association

242 Braymore Blvd.

Scarborough, ON

M1K 2G8

Attention Dean Ackin &TRIBE

Re: TRIBE/TRIBE Toronto’s participation in Caribana 2010

We, the Toronto Mas Band Association (TMBA), the sole governing association for Mas bands in Toronto’s annual Caribana festival, are writing you, TRIBE (and your Toronto affiliate, TRIBE Toronto), to officially notify you that your participation in said festival under either band name or operating structure (i.e. TRIBE and/or TRIBE Toronto) has officially been denied with immediate effect.

First, let it be clearly known that the TMBA and FMC (Festival Management Committee), who jointly oversee a 40 year old festival that is world-renowned and has been clearly recognized as the largest festival in North America, annually attracting over 1 million attendees and generating in excess of $350 million (CDA) in revenue, are flattered that one of the biggest and most popular bands in the world has shown interest in participating in our festival. Also, let it be clearly stated that the aforementioned decision to “deny participation” was taken not from a “vindictive” or “malicious” perspective, but rather due to the failings of TRIBE Toronto to meet and adhere to clearly defined rules & regulations set forth by both organizations.

Whether such indiscretions are due to TRIBE’s lack of due diligence in properly assessing this venture or due to any misleading information from TRIBE Toronto’s management team, the fact is that there are clear, multiple and more importantly, extremely alarming breaches of both organizations’ (i.e. TMBA’s & FMC’s) rules & regulations. As such, this body was left with no alternative but to rule accordingly.

Second, as mentioned above, said decision is based solely on the overall lack of respect for and adherence to Caribana’s rules & regulations (as defined by both the TMBA and FMC). As our goal is to be as transparent an organization as possible, below is a shortlist of some of the major infringements perpetrated:

Effecting a Registered Band name change – for a registered member of the TMBA to effect a change in name (from the one officially registered with the association) for operating/advertising/ promotions purposes, this can only be accomplished by providing timely written notification to the TMBA and upon consideration/approval of the TMBA’s executive committee. In this particular case, neither was there any “official” letter communicated by Ken/Andre De Freitas (which on record is the official name of said band) to the TMBA, nor did any meeting of the executives take place to first discuss said name-change application and furthermore even approve it. As such the joint promotional efforts of TRIBE, TRIBE Toronto and Ken/Andre De Freitas that “TRIBE is coming to Toronto” are completely premature, misleading to the public, and in absolute violation of TMBA rules &a regs.

Government Funding – Caribana is a Canadian festival that is recognized and more importantly funded by 3 levels of government in Canada (i.e. the Government of Canada, Province of Ontario and City of Toronto). Money is provided to the FMC and TMBA by these levels of government to run the festival and assist bands in offsetting costs. One of the keys aspects of accepting this funding is the presumption by these government arms that they are funding 100% Canadian entities with no “business arrangements/affiliations/agreements” with non-Canadian organizations. If found in violation of this fundamental stipulation, not only will the band in question be deemed to be potentially perpetrating “fraud” against these various government funding arms as well as the FMC, but it will also make the TMBA accessories to the fact and jeopardize the integrity of the festival and the association as a whole. In this instance, the openly stated and well-documented/advertised link and business relationship between TRIBE (from Trinidad & Tobago) and its franchised TRIBE Toronto (as seen on respective websites, press releases, social websites, logos, emails, listing of management team which includes TRIBE’s owner ‘Dean Ackin’, etc... just to name a few) means that this is once again in complete violation of both TMBA and FMC funding rules. In questioning Andre De Freitas during our January 23rd meeting, he was unable to convince the executive of the TMBA and its membership that TRIBE Toronto has “no affiliations to or business relationship with TRIBE (Trinidad)”. As a means of self-preservation and protecting the interests of the group as a whole, the TMBA has no other choice than to “deny participation” of said group.

Overall conduct of TRIBE Toronto: Participation in an event such as Caribana should never be taken for granted, no matter how big, successful or popular a band may be. Furthermore, carrying an air of arrogance and trying to blatantly deceive the membership and organizations that run the festival is unacceptable. What TRIBE Toronto has clearly demonstrated from the beginning is:

Lack of respect towards the festival - by trying to impose itself in a festival through circumventing basic rules and regulations, prematurely promoting a “non-existent/unregistered” band and thus misleading the public in Toronto, Canada, Trinidad & Tobago and the World, TRIBE/TRIBE Toronto has demonstrated a lack of respect to all the stakeholders of this festival. TRIBE/TRIBE Toronto has now placed itself and the festival in a precarious position and in many ways adversely impacted upon the mainly positive image the festival has worked extremely diligently on improving and portraying over the past few years.

Inappropriate conduct of TRIBE Toronto towards other bands - furthermore according to the TMBA rules and regs, no band can issue public threats to other bands on matters discussed in confidential association meetings. The message sent out via FaceBook on January 19th by Andre De Freitas (see screen below), the head of TRIBE Toronto and thus an official affiliate and representative of TRIBE (as listed on TRIBE’s own website) is not only clearly a threat to all official and registered TMBA members, but is also extremely inflammatory which if followed through on could eventually lead to libel and/or slander, and consequent legal action.

Blatantly trying to deceive the Executive Committee and its membership – in the aforementioned January 23rd TMBA meeting, Andre De Freitas was caught in a series of lies towards the TMBA and its membership stemming from the attempted “change of name” process of his band from “Ken & Andre De Freitas” to “TRIBE Toronto” and in also clarifying his business relationship with TRIBE. On the former matter (i.e. “change of name”), he lied to all present regarding his attempted name change and then proceeded to try and pass off a fraudulent document to the TMBA and its membership. On the latter matter (i.e. “business relationship”), Andre De Freitas stated: :

He has no official link in any capacity with TRIBE Trinidad...
He alone owns the brand TRIBE Toronto...
He can use any logo, including the jointly promoted “TRIBE Toronto” logo at any time and in any fashion as he owns that logo and the rights to use it in any form...
He and his father have full control of TRIBE Toronto, from designing all costumes to all other matters...
He told TRIBE Trinidad to remove TRIBE Toronto’s logo from their website because they have no right to use his logo as there is no link...
He has no member of TRIBE Trinidad on TRIBE Toronto’s committee/ management team...

These overtly false statements were immediately discredited by the TMBA due to previous communications by TRIBE Trinidad (e.g. website, press releases, etc...) and by TRIBE Toronto itself in its own messaging and listed management team etc... These appalling and farcical attempts to deceive the TMBA and its membership, and conversely the FMC and the various levels of Canadian government, as well as the general public have not only been to the detriment of the TRIBE Toronto brand name, but also knowingly or unknowingly associates and implicates you, TRIBE Trinidad (the brand owners), as willing participants in this deceit and web of lies.

After considering all matters at hand and events over the past couple of weeks, the TMBA has been left with very few options than to exercise its authority and “deny TRIBE/TRIBE Toronto participation in Caribana”. As a result, the TMBA would advise TRIBE/TRIBE Toronto to immediately “cease and/or refrain” from advertising that they are “coming to Caribana 2010”, remove all erroneous elements of this venture (including FaceBook pages, websites, printed materials, etc...) and release a public retraction indicating such.

Please note that the content of this letter is deemed confidential between TRIBE Trinidad and the TMBA. Should this letter or any part thereof be publicly used to attempt to discredit or slander the TMBA in any way shape or form, the TMBA would be required to seek advice with a view to pursue legal action against TRIBE and its franchise TRIBE Toronto. We anticipate that good business sense will prevail in said matter and all parties can carry on operating in an amicable and professional fashion.

For additional information I can be contacted at the following: and c. 416.560.4419


Louis Saldenah

TMBA President


Silky said...

interesting indeed...

Tr|n|gYa| said...

There are so many "interesting" parts to this letter, I don't even know where to start.
I KNEW this wasn't over by a longshot. My head is spinning! :|

TRIBE Toronto, your chess move!

JJ said...


This letter is an embarrassment to the TMBA which is a board that I would expect would craft a more careful, thoughtful, and mindful piece of correspondence than this rambling recitation of nonsense.

If I were TRIBE, I'd request a formal "vote of confidence" from the full committee that it indeed authorized this letter (as written) to be communicated to it.

It is clearly the making of a man who is going beyond his authority and responding emotionally to a perceived threat to his own financial stake in Toronto carnival.

There is clearly a conflict of interest here and I wonder what the By-Laws of the Association has to say about this type of obvious conflict of interest in the form of this letter. How unprofessional. And how public is this board that its practices can be kept secret?

I call "bullshit"! Who with me?

roxs71 said...

If what the letter insinuates is accurate... that TRIBE Toronto was dishonest during the application then the organization should be denied.

Yes Yes, there is conflicts of interest w/ the TMBA president. However, Tribe TO is affiliated w/ Tribe Trinidad... they can try to disguise it all they want. I stand by the Louis on this one based on the principles only.

taga1977 said...

Well watch somebody 'fraid!! LOL

Akilah said...

What is more embarrassing and what I see as a conflict of interest is that no other than Louis Saldenah, founder of one of the largest mas bands in Caribana, is the TMBA President. Can you say he denied them because he's afraid of the competition (they may put him to shame).

JJ said...

and another thing, this man has no right whatsoever to stop someone from saying they are coming to Toronto? Is he the president of Toronto? Even if TRIBE wasn't going to be allowed to bring a band, officially speaking, he cannot stop them from hosting a fete! steups!

and I hear ya roxs71 on what looks like some deception, but there is a right way to communicate your disapproval and a wrong way. But sending what looks like is a threatening piece of propoganda, obviously meant to flex muscle and intimidate TRIBE into retreating is NOT the way to do things.

Is this communist China where they threaten to shut down all communication viewed as threatening. The last I checked Canada is a capitalist country and acknowledges freedom of speech.

Interesting how he tries to hide his own dribble by trying to force them to keep the letter confidential.

Good that did him. It's out now and he looks foolish.

double steups!

Carnivalcocoa said...

As much as Mr.Saldenah's manner here may seem unprofessional, what he is sayig about the politics of Toronto carnival is true (albeit in a veeeery long-winded manner). Karabana's blog has detailed all that (she's Canadian-based and knows her stuff).
And all of us who live in 'foreign' know quite well that the white man has no problem taking away from immigrants and people of color the tiny place we have in the society. If you break HIS rules, you will pay for it.

IF TRIBE Toronto truly is in violation of the prerequisites of Toronto Caribana, then the government will have no problem decreasing funds to the festival, adding more asinine laws and restrictions on the parade, and maybe even cutting the time on the road a la NYC. The list can go on. Saldenah is seeking out HIS OWN interest and the carnival's interest. Can you blame him? You'd be a fool to not take heed of the authorities over you, especially with purse-strings involved.

Basically, TRIBE Toronto needs to just play by the rules and they can get through. Then TRIBE T.O have a solid case if they're still denied entry.
Allyuh, dis ent Port-of-Spain.

A lot confused said...

Now I dont have legal counsel but everybody looking a little "wrong" here. If what Mr Saldenah insinuates in his letter is correct then yes Tribe Toronto started off on the wrong foot but as everyone here is saying - is he really the right person to correct them - talk about conflict of interest Louis.
Its about time someone came with costumes I wouldnt be ashamed for my dog to wear for Halloween and started to give value for money. Could this organization not have tried to work this out in a different fashion? Tribe Toronto isn't taking masqueraders from anyone else, quite frankly I was only interested in Caribana 2010 because Tribe was participating - so no other band leader is losing my money because they could never get it.
Ah Trinis must always have bachannal eh

boobs said...

all I have to say is wow! waiting for the outcome of this, I'll check back in with popcorn lol

Triber said...

did you all actually read what was written or just see the name of the president and assume is competition he doesn't want. If you really think that Louis is afraid of competition wouldn't he have denied Carnival Nationz and Jamal Magloire's band Toronto Revellers? Come on people read everything and you will see that Andre lied about his affiliations,he lied about the name change and he lied to the public. Allyuh just like bacchanal.

partyc said...

OK Saucy! You brought me out of hiding with this one. So I will play devil's advocate for a minute:

I agree with Carnivalcocoa. While the tone of this correspondence leaves much to be desired ...

(1) Regarding the TMBA, do we know who the members/officers are? The reason I ask is if the membership only comprises of bandleaders, then the President of the organization will be a bandleader, be it Louis Saldenah or otherwise. Additionally, all correspondence will come from the President, or whoever the membership designates, on behalf of the entire organization. Since I don't know who the membership is, I would be curious to find that out first.
(2) There is one critical issue raised in the letter that should not be overlooked, i.e. the government funding issue. If the 3 Canadian government bodies involved with funding Caribana mandate that participants in Caribana must be 100% Canadian entities without "business arrangements/affiliations/agreements" with non-Canadian entities, then the TMBA runs the risk of losing funding for the parade (and perhaps the ability to have the parade altogether) if it turns out that one of the entities involved has a "business arrangement/affiliation/agreement" with ... let's say ... a Trinidadian business entity. And let's be honest here ... can anyone here say with a straight face that TRIBE Trinidad is going to allow the use of its brand name ANYWHERE without having some involvement? So if that is the case, then the TMBA may have a valid point with respect to making sure that it abides by all regulations to ensure its funding for Caribana.

Again ... not defending this letter, just playing devil's advocate.

Saucy aka "The Sauce" said...

While the TMBA may have valid points, I think the tone and intent of the letter to "put TRIBE in their place" is what stands out more to me. Some of the language used is not, in my opinion, professional. How does one judge "arrogance"? If the letter had stuck to FACTS and not come down to the level of bullying I would be more prone to digest the facts.

But how can they say that TRIBE Toronto should not advertise that they are coming to Caribana? Suppose TRIBE Toronto bows out of the parade but wants to have a fete, should they not advertise such on a website, facebook group etc? Do they also need the TMBA's permission to hold ANY event associated with Caribana? I am not being facetious, if anyone knows they can answer.

Saucy aka "The Sauce" said...

oh and P.S. I don't think Carnival Nationz is going to inspire the fear that TRIBE Toronto has :D And all these "allegations" about lies etc is only coming from ONE side... we all know there are always THREE sides to a story :)

I mean really the name of the band is TRIBE Toronto... how can you hide the fact that TRIBE is involved???

Empress said...

I find it quite interesting how everyone seems to be writing in Tribe TO defense. I agree with partc and carnivalcocoa 100%. This is not a matter of the tone of a letter. That can’t realistically be a valid defense argument. If the facts are accurate then I would have to agree with the outcome as there is probable cause to deny the application for the participation of said band in the Caribana festival. Rules are rules and if you had gone by the book then TMA would be no legit reason for denying your app.

Finally, I don’t know the law so I can’t say whether or not to deem a letter confidential there must indeed be a signature from all parties involved. Maybe that is true but it is seriously unethical to release it nonetheless. But that is just my self-righteous opinion.

JJ said...

Empress, how do you know who released it? Who is unethical? The person who released it to Saucy? Saucy for publishing it? I don't think we can assume it came from TRIBE. It could've been someone within TMBA for all we know.

Also, I agree, if Tribe broke the rules, it (and its affliates) ought to be admonished for doing so. Clearly, it appears as though there has been some sort of breach.

But I also agree with partyc, we need to know more facts to truly pick sides. What was the reason behind the initial denial of TRIBE? And was there any efforts made to accommodate the band in lieu of limitations, if any exist? I would assume a celebration of a Caribbean event should be welcoming of all newcomers and especially entities that are such a formidable force in one of the largest Carnival celebration among Caribbeans worldwide.

If you ask me, it comes down to three things: 1. Tribe got denied for whatever reason. 2. They tried to go around and circumvent the process by going through a "strawman"; and 3. They got caught and called out.

Nothing mysterious about it, but I still think there is a right way to do it other than in a threatening letter. Protocol is key.

croiseeman said...

steuuups....i guess nobody realize that this letter came down to one thing only....Saldenah is clearly afraid...i don't know how else to put it.....people wanna talk about internaional affiliations?? if i remember corectly...Peter minshall have callalloo....trini revellers= toronto revelers, borokeete canada- came from borokeete trinidad...they even tried a Poison toronto while back but tingz eh work out with Poison an d fella runnin it here....NOT beacaus the tmba denied poison's just sad trini people cyah stand to watch other trini people succeed..........disgusting mr.saldenah....disgusting.

Empress said...

I just want to make it explicitly clear that I never assumed or indicated in my comment that a Tribe/Tribe affiliate was responsible for releasing the letter to the "press". That said I stand by intial self-righteous statement that it was unethical.

Saucy aka "The Sauce" said...

lol @ Empress...I like the disclaimer!

And seems like this letter made the rounds since last month but others had the ethics not to post it, me now...well you know I like the bacchanal (within the law of course!)

Most likely why it eventually found it's way to me.

dtriniwoman said...

There is much more to this story than meets the eye. This is CRAZINESS!!!! What a Carnival season 2010 - 2011.

greg said...

painful to read that long winded diatribe but i got the gist, bottom line TRIBE is a FORCE to be reckoned with, kill the competition. Boobs i with you gonna check back with popcorn, lol.


i heard from a lil birdie during carnival season this TRIBE Toronto thing was not gonna happen!!!! i hear Caribana one serious frat to get into, and there are major players who would stop it and look lol!!!! wow ad i thought london was bad.......... let de draa continue

carnival babay said...

Def gonna need some popcorn for dis all seriousness tho, I doubt dey was tinking before dey posted this up, because I sure a man dey pointing outt so in dis letter can turn around and take dem to court.

Also, why would the TMB show such disgrace to dis bwoy trying a ting? because of competition i does play in caribana every other year in Toronto and some of these bands are already associated or have trinidad band names. For a venture this big TRIBE Toronto, i sure sumone must of done their homework.

Come nah man, we supposed to unite and support eachother but I guess not in this case, dey feel dey go lose some money n dis why dey trying so hard to block de man.

Cheers to TRIBE Toronto, I will boycott this Caribana if dis TMBA and other bands playin stink like little children.

my popcorn just finish....come with sum more nah!! Lol

dougla_1 said...

I just watching for boobs to land a spinning back kick on somebody!

Salsaman said...

Basically Tribe felt that because they were big and bad in the Trinidad dance they could run rough shot over the 'little Caribana festival' in Toronto
Well there are clear rules for participation and Tribe-Toronto did not follow them so their participation was DENIED!. Toronto is not Trinidad where you
could 'grease the wheels' to get what you want.I really cannot see with this letter being made public any organization associated
with the Tribe name ever participating in Caribana in the near future. Talk about burning a bridge.

CityChick said...

This letter is absolute bollocks.

I can tear it apart in two seconds from the first sentence, hiding behind the veil of threatened government funding.

"One of the keys aspects of accepting this funding is the PRESUMPTION (note the use of the word presumption) by these government arms that they are funding 100% Canadian entities with no “business arrangements/affiliations/agreements” with non-Canadian organizations.

I would expect a LEGAL letter to point to exactly where- clause a, b, or c, that this is an express stipulation of funding arrangements. Point me to the recitals. The fact that they can't suggests that this does not exist. And I would ask them to clearly defined what is a 100% Canadian entity. Cause if Tribe Toronto is Canadian registered with Canadian shareholders, even though there is an organisation called TRIBE which whom it has a contractual arrangement, it is a WHOLLY OWNED Canadian entity.

I won't even go into the rest of it. Cause eh doh make sense.

But ah might come back. Dey better doh mess wid me an me mass eh.

Carnival Divaz said...

¿WH¥? Was this ✉ adress to Dean, if Ken was the applicant? If Ken was suppose to be the owner then how can they send it to Dean? Something is clearly wrong with this situation

Lisa said...

Saucy, I agree with you that the tone of the letter is long-winded and a tad unprofessional. But for the people who keep harping on about the other band leaders not wanting competition, that's such a simplistic view of things. Competition raises the bar and adds excitement. Who wouldn't want it? The reason that Tribe TO's app was denied was becaue of the false statements that were made to the TMBA and because they tried to circumvent the rules. Also, this is not T&T people, you can't just get a bligh and pass through the rules. Caribana is government funded. You MUST follow the rules set forth or everyone else will pay for your actions by a decrease in funding the following year.
And hello people...the TMBA is the Mas Bands Assoc. who else would be the president but a band leader? Give me a break! The whole thing was put to a vote by the members and Tribe TO was shot down 13-15. And yes, it is VERY premature to advertise to the public, set up a website and a FaceBook page announcing that you're coming when you haven't even been approved yet. Now THAT's amateur and unprofessional.

carnival babay said...


You could be correct is sum aspects but I would like to no how yuh have inside information so? In regards to voting results etc. Also dey say rules and regs blah blah blah...where is de proof?? As CityChik states " would expect a LEGAL letter to point to exactly where- clause a, b, or c, that this is an express stipulation of funding arrangements. Point me to the recitals. The fact that they can't suggests that this does not exist."

Also, because u are able to state inside information and dictate reasons, I must conclude that u are Bias in ur opinion and u are probably an insider yourself of this so called membership, looks like Monkey Business to meh gyal.

Mr. De Freitas and TRIBE I waiting for you responses, I sure dem smart, hence why dey don't post steupidness like dis...LoL From comments like urz people can see dat uz an insider, so relax nah and let de REAL public talk!

No disrespect indended, just leave this for real bloggers :)

Lisa said...

@ Carnival Babay - Sorry to burst your bubble, but I'm not an insider, I'm a true blogger and masquerader both in TO & in T&T. I live in TO and I read other blogs besides Saucy's. Karabana's blog (she also lives in TO) posted the voting results after they happened and also posted what the rules are regarding a new band coming into Caribana as listed by the TMBA. So my statements are based on information that was posted on other blogs and was provided by members associated with the TMBA, not based on what I think happened. Facts love. Facts.

mm154 said...

See Karabana blog:

Congrats to Curtis Eustace for another "King of Carnival" win at Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 2010.
Louis Saldenah welcomes him in joining their band this year for Caribana 2010 as a section leader in Portraits.

So Curtis nah a non-Canadian entity????????

greg said...

Look at ting boy, LMAO carnival babay i like you, i going for more popcorn yes.

Jerome said...

@ mm154? Curtis is just a masquerader not a band... (mind you I am the least of his fans)
Although it does begs the question what if someone's roots are in Canada but decides to branch off into arrangements/affiliations/agreements with non-canadian entities. Say a registered band or section in T&T. How sould the board treat with this?

Boss_Man said...

I do feel the letter is very long winded, but the matter of the fact is TRIBE Toronto disobeyed the rules and regulations. Tribe Toronto announced on their FB page saying that they're going to be in the top 8 bands in the Caribana parade. ONLY the "A" category bands are able to be in the top 8 bands of the parade route. Tribe Toronto is a "New band", or a "New name for a existing band" (what ever they wanna call them selves) which means you have to be at the end of the parade if you are a NEW BAND. But since they were "ALL SPICE" last year and "Evolution" the year before, decided to change their band name AGAIN probably because "All spice" got bad reviews last year. So I feel that they have tried different ways to get people in their "so called" new bands every year. - Your Source for Toronto Urban Life said...

Am I the only person that noticed that this official letter of whatever sorts provides a hotmail email account and a cell phone number as contact information?

Lauren said...

This is not good publicity for Tribe,/ Toronto or Trini.

chris said...

Tribe getting a taste of their own medicine. Remember how they treated "outside" designers this year?

boobs said...

LOL @ dougla_1 lol..........I am just inside for the drama because my behind would be in cropover I've been to caribana and it ain't all since cropover is the same time frame cropover is where i'll be!

De said...

It's good for Tribe, bring them back down to earth. all the tribe people that think its wrong that they take out tribe ... TMBA have standards and showing tribe that.

MsGray said...

LOL.....allyuh jokey yes!

I don't even know the background of Tribe and Caribana, nor do I care to as the only real Carnival to me will always be the one in Trinidad (yes, i said it!). But! I read the letter and was thinking as I read it "have to be a Trini write this, one who trying to sound professional but cannot hide the fact that they talking out their a$$!"

If Tribe Toronto did not adhere to registration rules, fine, they deserve exactly they got. But a professional organisation sending a letter of this caliber is shameful, pure and simple. If he really wanted to stick it to Tribe, he should have wrote a poignant, succinct letter that carefully outlined exactly why Tribe was being denied. Minus all the confidentiality nonsense, intimidation and personal jabs, so that Tribe would have had no other recourse but to shut up and cool themselves. Instead, all they have done is create an avenue for all of this to head straight down the toilet.

Why is it that fluffing ones feathers always seems to modus operandi when simply sticking to the facts and being true to yourself usually ends up being more effective (sigh).

Sucks to be both parties if you ask me. But whatever cause Trinidad Carnival 2011 is on its way!!!

JahGyal said...

Can someone say, "SCARED"---Saldenah's lack of professionalism, and pathetic portrayal of ignorance really makes me think, is this one that should be in ANY sort of leadership within the Caribana committee??? See this is what happens when competition arises on the scene and its quite obvious that when he can do NOTHING else but tell malicious lies about TRIBE toronto, to make himself look like he knows what he is talking about, is just plain PATHETIC! Caribana is ALL about POSITIVE energy for everyone, and this display of vengeance on his part really disgusts me....Caribana is LOVE and UNITY and if TRIBE or any band for that matter wants to take the initiative and add to this UNITY to see Mas grow, then it will be greatly accepted!!!!!!

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