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Sunday, July 24, 2011

TRIBE Take Me To Media Launch Pics


Hottie said...

I am so disappointed by what I have seen so far. I really thought TRIBE would take our comments about covering the backside seriously.
The costume belts look just like band-aids. I love a sexy costume but this is pushing the envelope too far.

I'll be damed if I go out like that with breast, a$s and coochie outside!!!

Kore said...

Those costumes are plus size for an already crowded band. Still no word on backlines?

Hottie said...

I'm seeing Titans remix, Amazonia/Amazon remix, Caprica remix, Half Xian remix, reminders of Habotai and Africanlovebird.....steups.


I don't know about the remixes because I don't remember too many names of any sections of bands. What I can say is that I wasn't feeling ALL the feathers, I think there were too many. And as far as Im concerned, it looks like you coulda just stop in Rio because they all lookin more like the Brazilian styled mas. I didn't see the 'theme'. Once again, Sandra Hordatt NAILED IT! But like previously mentioned by Hottie, too revealing an not only her, ALL OF THEM!!! Is this what mas in Trinidad has come to? Feathers and strings?

Please everyone, dont kill me now because I didn't LOVE TRIBE.

*CeCe* said...

Where are the belts!? I said the same with Spice's band launch. It looks like thats the the thing to do this yr... b totally Nekkid!! It was bad enough last yr when belts barely covered yuh ass n now this yr they not covering it at all n @ that barely covering even the front! With that said I like how TRIBE has totally done a 360 frm last yrs Warriors with no feathers. Im a feather and plum kinda gyal!! I just wish the sections werent so similar in style.

yours truly said...

in retrospect, tribe clearly took the spice approach at launch night but did it better. spice take enough pong for them skimpy belts when the BL options come on stage. so tribe solution? leave out BL altogether so it would look less obvious that THE DAMN BELT AND WAISTLINE COVERAGE NON-EXISTENT.

there are lots of beautiful options. Love sections like Ibiza, South Beach & even Cyprus, nakedness and all. But they are clearly just to admire from afar unless you part of the size 0-4 crew with the right sized boobies.

the shrinking bra, panty and belt combos have us masqueraders, BL esp, paying more for NAME than an actual costume with every year. and the prices not dropping any time soon. i hope the rest of dem bands know what they for. this is not china nor brazil and all of us are NOT that size! act like it please.

Sunshine said...

after seeing "take me to..." i'll be STAYING at mi yaaad!!

Sunshine said...

let me not be too quick... i still have lots of bliss-ifs and yuma-mights... hope they bring it


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