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Thursday, February 02, 2012

DJ Private Ryan Soca Baby Mix

Part 2 of the Soca Baby series. The first one featured groovy hits over the years and this one highlights power soca and how it has evolved from the 90s straight up to 2012. This will come in handy for those high energy workouts that require a fast pace from start to finish. Artistes on this mix include Machel Montano, Fay Ann Lyons, Bunji Garlin, Blazer, Maximus Dan, Destra, Square One, Denise Belfon, Benjai, Shurwayne Winchester, Burning Flames, Precious and much more. Enjoy!!!


‎1. Come Dig It – Machel Montano
2. Work – Denise Belfon
3. Bam Bam – Alison Hinds
4. Ragamuffin – Square One
5. Hold up yuh foot – Zulu Lightning
6. Moving – Nigel & Marvin Lewis
7. Pong and Chant – Burning Flames
8. Gym Jam – Burning Flames
9. D Romans – Burning Flames
10. Riding it – Precious
11. Pressure – Machel Montano
12. Follow Fashion – Machel Montano
13. Outa Space – Machel Montano & Beenie Man
14. Footsteps – Wayne Rodriguez
15. Magician – Burning Flames
16. Jammers – TC
17. Lethal Batty – El La Cru
18. Stamina – Ramses Brown
19. No Behaviour – Edwin Yearwood
20. Showdown – Machel Montano & Burning Flames
21. Faluma – Alison Hinds & Square one
22. Get on bad – Alison Hinds & Bunji Garlin
23. In the meantime – Alison Hinds
24. Balmapalam – Keann
25. Wine back Square one
26. Tremble it - Destra
27. Roll yuh batty – Talpree & Alison Hinds
28. Action – Lil Rick
29. Tic Toc – Dawg E Slaughter
30. Display Rd Mix – Fay Ann Lyons
31. Mash up – Onika Bostic
32. Madman – Machel Montano
33. What She Want – Calypso Rose & Machel Montano
34. Rainy Day – Farmer Nappy
35. Gone Clear – Peter C Lewis
36. No War – Machel Montano
37. Buss Dem Up – Denise Belfon
38. Saucy Baby – Denise Belfon
39. Backbone – Benjai
40. Make a Band – Shurwayne Winchester
41. Up in the air rd mix – Destra
42. Negative Vibes – Destra
43. High in the air – KMC
44. Rush – Burning Flames
45. Get on bad – Onika Bostic & Bunji Garlin
46. Craziness – Machel Montano
47. Madology – Kerwin Dubois
48. Madder than that – Machel Montano
49. Jammin all night – Shurwayne Winchester & Candi Hoyte
50. Dead or alive – Shurwayne Winchester
51. Survivor interlude – Machel Montano & Wyclef
52. First Experience – KMC
53. Islands – Patrice Roberts & Bunii Garlin
54. Y.O.U – Machel Montano
55. Band of the year – Patrice Roberts & Machel Montano
56. God Army Rd Mix – Maximus Dan
57. 3 Miles – KMC
58. Party – Fay Ann Lyons & Ms Alysha
59. Heart of a man – Machel Montano & Zan
60. Cant wait – Shurwayne Winchester
61. Bomb Song – Bunji Garlin
62. Ting – Mr Vybe
63. Jumpin – Destra
64. Scandalous rd mix – Machel Montano
65. Party Rocker – Kerwin Dubois
66. Wuk up – Candi Hoyte
67. Dutty – Blaxx
68. Make a stage – Fay Ann Lyons
69. Expose Rd mix – Tizzy
70. Roboman – Roboman
71. Waistline – Blazer
72. Light it up – Machel Montano & Patrice
73. Blazin D Trail – Machel Montano
74. Get on rd mix – Fay Ann
75. Head Bad – Skinny Fabulous
76. Breathless rd mix – Blaxx
77. Tusty – Blaxx
78. Rollin Rd Mix – Machel & Patrice Roberts
79. Bacchanal – Destra
80. True Lies – Fay Ann Lyons
81. Tornado – Otis
82. Duracell Plus – Skinny Fabulous & Machel Montano
83. Illegal – Machel Montano
84. Advantage interlude – Machel Montano
85. Pump your flag – Machel Montano
86. Miss Behave – Fay Ann lyons
87. Explode – Alison Hinds.

Ryan Alexander
Dj Private Ryan

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