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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Soca Brainwash 2012

FINALLY it is here!

You can download the mix at

"Soca Brainwash 2012 is here. Gets you prepared for Carnival on the road as you will here all the popular songs you need to know all in ONE mix. Two and half hours of continuous soca 2012 hits. Features Bunji Garlin, Fay Ann Lyons, Machel Montano, Kes, Destra, Benjai. Shal, TC, Devon Matthews, Kerwin Dubois, Patrice Roberts and so much more. Just press play and let the soca brainwash you!!."

Action – TC
Peoples Champion – Benjai
Gift of Soca – Bunji Garlin
Bottle of Rum – Machel Montano
Runaway – Bunji & Kerwin Dubois
All Over- Fay Ann & Baron
Inside the Party – Cassi
Baddist – Destra Garcia
Single Forever – KI
Single Forever Remix – KI & Machel Montano
Island Love – Kes & Jenna De Leon
Right Now – Lil Rick
Gimmi D Wine – Devon Mathews
Rave Out – Skinny Fabulous & Busy Signal
Irregular – Bunji Garlin
Nothing Less – K Rich
Nothing Les Road Mix – K Rich
On the avenue – Machel Montano
Bartender – Makamillion
Saw Mill – Orlando Octave
Ready – Nadia Batson
Drinkers Anthem – Ricki Jai
Doh Wah Me Go – Ravi B & Karma
Garlic Sauce – All Rounder
True Story – Benjai
Make Ah Toast – Screws
Catching it - Lil Bits
All Night – Devon Matthews
Extraordinary Precision Road Mix – Renzo & Swappi
Eh yo – Lil Rick
Doh Fraid – Machel Montano
Swing it up – Patrice Roberts
Jones & Wuk up – Lil Rick
Bubble on a dj – Swappi
Antilles Interlude
Vibes Cyah Dun – Machel Montano
In Your Eyes – Erphaan Alves
Shiver – Nadia Batson
Bacchanalist – Kerwin Dubois
Bacchanalist Road Mix – Kerwin Dubois
On D Spot – Erphaan Alves
Bad – Nebula 868 & Swappi
Time to work – Machel Montano
Wine yuh body – Shal Marshall
Type of wine – Shal Marshall
Push it – Devon Matthews
In Charge – Machel Montano
Rude Gyal – Kimba Sorzano
Wine for me – Vigilante
Call me – Olatinji
We Time – JW & Blaze
Soca Rocket Ship – Renzo
Crazy – Problem Child & Danielle Viera
Cosmic Shift – Bunji Garlin
Precision Wine – Kes
Mr Fete – Machel Montano
Represent – Machel Montano
Leh We Wuk – Jah Moun & umi Marcano
Destroy Everything – Maximus Dan
So & So – Bunji garlin
Spirit of Carnival – Aj Ventura & Skinny Fabulous
Come Play A Mas – Kes
Head Bad on the road – Michelle X & Kes
Pania – Destra
Revelling – Machel Montano
Throw Wine – Prophet Benjamin
Pullin Bull – Chinee & Screws
Making Up – Nadia Batson
Jab All Over – Talpree
Think Ah Drunk – Problem Child & Talpree
Out on De Road – Lyrikal
Inna Band – Blaxx
Miss Behave – Fay Ann Lyons
Rumble – Skinny Fabulous
Make Room – Kerwin Dubois
Mash up Everything – Shurwayne Winchester & Trevlyn
We Love – Shurwayne Winchester
Link Up – Destra
Hard Concrete – Hollywood Sachy
Pretty Gal – Kes
Bazodee – Konata
Bucket – Swappi
Pump Yuh Flag – Machel Montano
Pump Yuh Flag (758 Road mix)
Terrible – Erphaan Alves & Machel Montano
Jab (No Pain) – Iwer George
Born Ready – Bunji Garlin
Wow – Mr Dale
Waistline – Problem Child
Explode – Alison Hinds
Make it Wheel – MX Prime
Over you – Kimba Sorzano
Make you rock – Machel Montano
4d Gal – Swappi
Stress Away Remix – Kes & Snoop Dog
Toating Feelings – Benjai
Work it – Shurwayne Winchester
Man Dem Darlin – Patrice Roberts
Marlicqua – Swappi
Gyal Wuk – Machel Montano
Crash – Tian Winters
Dutty – Gabrielle
Wine for your lover – Ziggy Ranks
Keep on wukkin – Destra Garcia
Good Time – Edwin Yearwood
Drinkin Partner – Dev & Klassy
Jiggle it – Inches
Coming Over – Kes
I Am Soca – kerwin Dubois & Patrice
Roll it - Hypa Sounds
Whine – The IZ & Machel Montano
Take off yuh clothes – Devon Matthews
Bacchanalarians – Problem Child
Wuk it up – Kurlz
Tun Up – Bunji Garlin
Go Hard – Bunji Garlin
Touch it – Chucky
Wining Addiction – Shurwayne Winchester
Nobody Badda (Shorty) – Shurwayne Winchester
Nobody Badda remix – Shurwayne Winchester & Popcaan
Kinky Wine – Benjai
Slow Wine – Patrice Roberts
You Make Me – Farmer Nappy
Surrender – Farmer Nappy
Go Go Club – Beenie Man
Keep Talking – Lil Rick
Brace & Wine – Alison Hinds
Don’t Stop Wine – Shal Marshall
Harder – Shurwayne Winchester
Work – Lil Rick
6:30 – Skinny Fabulous
Attitide – Destra
Bam Bam – Bunji Garlin
Pressure Waist – Tian Winters
Go Down – Orlando & Kerry John
Gih Me – Patrice Roberts & Swappi
Limbo – Water Man
Precaution – Menace & Ace
Leh We Go – S Carter
Bottle – Devon Matthews
Doh Hold it – Jahmoun
Super Wuk – TC
Bang Bang – TC
Trouble – Shal
Cah Stop Movin – Terri Lyons
No Pressure – Nadia Batson
Carnival Children – Destra Garcia
Blow my flute – Swappi
Grind on Me – Duce Man
Different Wine – Machel Montano
Jusso – Blaxx
Can’t Stay Away - Skhi

Ryan Alexander
Dj Private Ryan

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