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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

UP-Uber Pramie Review

So my crew of 8 was hyped for this party. We arrived at 6am to see barely a crowd at the gate. I thought to myself that wow we get lucky and we still early for the party. We walked in, were greeted with our free cups, and then I saw where the crowd was; line after line for food. The bars were nicely laid out along the pathway with liquor galore, kudos for that. The rest was a joke.

The tent with pancakes and waffles (which by the way were not the freshly made ones as promised but frozen Eggos and Aunt Jemimas) had no electricity and closed down since they could not figure out a plan B. They gave out what was “warmed” earlier. There was still ice on my Eggo so I said hell no to that. There was also a man serving seafood soup which my friend got and he showed me and I had to say where is the soup? It looked like cloudy dutty water, told him to throw that away unless he wanted a cleansing. One of my friends joined the line for the tent with the major food and came back about 30 minutes later with a hunk of bake and something yellow. I thought “oh scramble eggs” when she said no its cheese. Hell nah not eating dat crap.

She then told me it was either that or bake and salt fish. Everything else was not ready. I thought this party was to start at 4am? How can you NOT have the "gourmet" food that you promised ready at 6:30?? The next tent which was stupidly placed in the same yard as the one with the main food was set up for doubles. Of course the line was ridiculous as people stood in line to wait for food. We were then told that they will open up at 7. At 7, I see them just start to chop and shred stuff and knead the dough for the doubles. WTH is going on at this party??? I paid 700TT to end up scrambling for food? Finally at around 7:30 my friend starts passing doubles over to us. Of course people cussing and shoving to get the one decent food in the place.

After announcing that Machel is coming to the stage for about 3 hrs, he finally comes on stage after 11. Not bad performance. He performed other artists tunes which I liked because I don’t need to only hear Mr Fete and PYF. I want to scream that I will be single forever! Oh as usual he chatted way too much.

The porta pottys were DISGUSTING!! Where were the bathroom attendants? Why were handles to a lot of the doors broken? Why I have to keep going to the tents and beg for napkins so I could use the bathroom because no one was putting toilet tissue in the porta potty? And don’t tell me crap about they ran out of rolls because I saw the crew packing up with bags of toilet tissue when the party was over. What happened? Did they forget where they had to put the extras? Foolishness if you ask me.

Please let people know in advance if you are going to be putting up someone’s sprinklers on a tree to spray people with water and turn the party into a foam party. My sandals lost grip and the amount of times I almost bust my ass because these people decided to turn the only path you can walk into mud and slush. People need to come prepared for such things.

All in all I don’t care if they suddenly started having more food at 11:30. This was the WORST party I have ever been to and almost ruined my whole Carnival experience.


QuickBrownFox said...

You should've come to the original: Sunny Side Up. It was actually better than last year with the new venue.

Lani said...

I went to this party, and while I agree, it certainly didn't provide the uber experience that was promised for the $700.00tt that was paid, I had a FANTASTIC time.

I would not agree that it was the worst fete ever. The fete began when the water and the foam and everything started up. I mean, its carnival, you have to expect that you will get these kind of things, and a true Carnival Baby will be prepared for a fete, not act all social on the side because of a little drizzle.

Machel was phenomenal, he did not "talk" to much, it was a great performance, full on energy, with his entire band.

I will definitely go back, I understand they had their challenges with their caterer, and it appears another breakfast party had something to do with that, but all in all, BRILLIANT fete!

Dee Dee said...

Yes we definitely regretted not choosing Sunny Side Up...I was with this person and notice she said worst fete that SHE has ever been to. Lani I would like to know if you walk to every fete with a pair of sneakers in preparation for water and foam. We are not newbies and been to several breakfast fetes that certainly did not become foam parties. Also, we were not standing to the side socializing. The only way to get to and from the front where we were was through the mess. Also, our opinion he certainly talked a lot. We have been to other performances of his which we felt were better. We will give him credit as we heard he was pulling triple duty.

Lani said...

Sneakers aren't the only shoes you can wear to be prepared for water and foam, and no I wasn't wearing sneakers.

He was pulling a triple duty, I like when he performs and talks to the crowd, seems more intimate. Anywho different strokes.

I passed through Sunny Side Up, it didn't seem to have as much energy, or vibe.

I feel the fete is what you make it, I had a brilliant time at every fete I went to, I will definitely do up again, and I can only hope the confusion from the caterers can be sorted out in time.

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