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Monday, July 16, 2012

Spice "Let's Dance" The Review

Ok, I am going to make this review concise because there is no need to be verbose on Spice's Carnival 2013 presentation "Let's Dance" which was launched on Saturday night. Here is my 10 point summary:

1.There are some interesting but  not novel colour combinations and I do not get the repeat of colours in the band ; I got very confused between similar looking sections. Zumba being my favourite with the use of orange and green, albeit the body wear reminds way too much of TRIBE's Ibiza, Carnival 2012, which brings me to my next point.

2. I don't know how a "designer" can feel satisfied simply copying a costume that was popular from a previous band in a previous Carnival. Many of the costumes had familiar elements and the individual costume for Jive just screamed YUMA's Final Fantasy Individual to me.

3. I appreciate that there was an attempt, at least in the Frontline costumes, to vary the body wear from standard bra and belt. The sections Kathak, Goacha ,Egyptian Cabaret, Zumba, Techtonik, Brazilian Samba and Jitterbug incorporated the use of monokinis in the design.

4. What is with the overload of feathers? Some of the sections and Individuals looked as if someone decided to just throw 3 lbs of plumes on the costume just because, without any serious thought as to practicality as well as the fact that not all costumes need all that plumage just to stand out.

5.Decorated underwear means super skimpy costumes, seriously Spice I do not know who your market is but I am positive that 95% of your band cannot pull off the NAKEDNESS like those young and nubile models.

6. Kudos to the male costumes in Janger,Kathak,Goacha and Egyptian Cabaret, there is actually more than just a headband and boy shorts for those males.

7. There is absolutely no correlation to theme and costumes, I don't know why I even bother to expect this but sadly I still live in hope.

8.Anya Elias , bandleader, designed 10 out of 12 sections, I have to say I am impressed it is not easy designing one solid costume far less 10.

9. Overall pretty costumes, there isn't one section that I do not like however there isn't one section that I LOVE either. I am pretty jaded masquerader for 2013 and I am really looking for that special costume that isn't pedestrian so it is going to take a lot to impress me. Spice masqueraders have lots of choices which is always a good thing.

10. My favourite sections are ...well this is a hard one, I like elements from different costumes, but I would be hard pressed to find ONE that I like in totality.




Egyptian Cabaret




Brazilian Samba 




Le Roc

More pics HERE

and HERE


Empath said...

Kudos to Spice for delivering what women want....FEATHERS! These costumes are hot....HOWEVER....THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO CORRELATION WITH THEME!

Divah said...

I am seeing a C-cup over a panty?....I guess for the size -2 women this band is a hit...but for a real woman with curves.....not so much.

Trini Princesssa said...

I think their costume are beautifully designed and definitly 'On Trend' with what is popular for mas costumes nowadays.

Even though some of the costumes are similar in design to others from previous years, I really don 't think at the end of thd day masquraders care. Maybe some of these madquraders LOVED the design of some of the popular bands costumes but didn't have a chance to get in and play, now they have a second chance. It looks to me as if that is Spice's model, and if I may say so, I bet they sell off this year. Not everyone can get a chance to play in Tribe/Bliss.

Carnivalcocoa said...

I too still held out hope that costume and theme can relate, maybe this is the year where I will officially give up on that.
With that said, I think Spice costumes are beautifull and not a fugly section in sight. Kudos to Spice. All of them look pretty well done. My only negative is that they looked designed for a size 4 and under, uber skimpy mas. Apart from that, nice work.

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