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Friday, August 03, 2012

YUMA "Imagine" The Saucy Review

YUMA the 10 point review!

1.There has been much to be said about YUMA's Carnival 2013 offering "Imagine" and the comments are ranging from negative to down right mean and nasty. I actually do not think the costumes are horrible or as a disaster as people seem to believe they are, however I believe it is all about expectations from YUMA masqueraders given what they have come to expect over the past two years when it comes to costuming. YUMA designers,committee and management can only use this as a positive to change things for the future and not take a defensive or arrogant approach to criticism. The masqueraders  are ultimately who you are selling to and they do matter, just ask Elements (where are they now?) as much as one would like to tune them out they are making lots of noise collectively.

2. New designers in a band that has built its reputation on another designer's style will always have problems as the "look" of the band has now changed. I think it would be unfair to expect a new crop of designers to replicate what the former designers did. The issue now is having people appreciate a scaled down costume aesthetic. Call of Duty was wildly popular because it appealed to those who wanted a cute easy costume amid all the feathers and bling. A band of  only cute easy costumes however will not go over well when there is no juxtaposition with feathers and bling; get what I am saying? They need to find the balance in giving people what they want to see and the costuming style of the new designers which brings me to my next point.

3.There were only a handful of  the WOW Individual costumes or super-sized  frontlines  to YUMA's detriment. I think showing stunning Individual costumes is a tactic that always works  because when all those feathers come on stage masqueraders get impact.  There is a reason TRIBE only shows frontline and individuals at their launch now, even though the bulk of their band will be made up of backline.  To TRIBE's benefit the wings added  much drama when they came on stage but in reality how many masqueraders are going to play in a 9000.00TT option or even the 6000.00TT costume? The basic backline gets sidelined at the launch so you are baffled by ONLY the stunners. With scaled down frontline costumes and no Individuals all people had  to focus on with YUMA were the actual backline which if  simple and lacklustre will be more prominent and glaring to the observer.

4. You need to understand your customer and market as a mas band and what they will tolerate.  For instance in the first  two years YUMA  gave masqueraders TONS of accessories, in fact you went to the mas camp and it was one of the things that was pointed out as they had them in showcases. Lovely baubles of bling. This year the costumes were modelled with one  bangle of course there will be complaints. Word is that the accessories arrived in the country late and will be on show at the mas camp.   Now I have played in TRIBE and have gotten one gem on a piece of ribbon to tie around my neck but TRIBE makes no apologies to  the fact that they do not overdo on costumes. As a TRIBE masquerader you do not even get Monday wear. So I and all other TRIBE masqueraders are used to TRIBE and their never fully decorated bras and belts that barely cover your butt. We expect this we do not hold TRIBE up to the overdone blinged out standard even though we may grumble. TRIBE sells the experience FIRST, costume second. YUMA for two years have been strongly selling costume first and I gather from the comments this is what people are disappointed in most; the costumes do not give the over the top factor which has become a YUMA hallmark. 

5.I saw the costumes in person  and as a masquerader I think they are nice. Not all are great and I guess they are targeting a younger masquerader that would be happy in a tutu for instance. Personally I like my costumes with much more flair and drama, everybody knows I am a sucker for a huge headpiece, tons of feathers and decoration; cute and simple costumes do not cut it for me. In another band people would not have had as much an issue with the costumes that were presented.

6.Also the lack of a theme makes critics less forgiving. If you have a theme at least people can say well costumes did not stick to theme but they are NICE or they stuck to theme even though we do not like it so you get some props for that.  But a random theme and even random section names where there is no association is a bad combination. Remember Island People Kutchela? Lots of criticism when the costumes showed but it was on theme AND eventually people appreciated that . Not to mention the costumes were lovely on the road. 

7. Masqueraders always say they want "different" but in reality what sells? PRETTY costumes sell, bling sells, feathers sell. A denim costume sounds great on paper because it is different in reality denim is dull and has no sparkle. These are not the days of Damita Jo in Poison where a denim costume could go over with just  a fedora and a sexy halter top. 

8. One thing YUMA is not lacking is "vibes" the launch was great I mean any launch that plays Charly Black won't have you falling asleep on your self.

9. I honestly believe that lack of a Facebook Page/presence and being quiet about Carnival 2013 hurt YUMA in that people had A LOT of pent up frustrations to vent and they used social media to vent loud and hard.

10. My picks in YUMA : 
Mirror Mirror - nice costume concept did not translate well on a plain white spandex base in photos so needs to be seen in person. Of course I would have gone with a BIGGER mohawk headpiece, maybe trailing to the ground, as an option.

Crazy Horse - Indian costumes always looks great and I liked that chain mail was used for the body wear. I may not have done an Indian costume following Apache but Harts does an Indian each year so guess YUMA can do it too.

Auora - Yes the neon vibe reminds you of Island People Xenon but I do like he headpiece, bra and the cut of the shorts for frontline  and it is the scale of costume I personally like. The backline however is not on par with the frontline.

Midnight Sun - I like the shape of the bra and the copper colour it worked on the model. Nice headpiece as well and the cape for once works with this costume.


Anonymous said...

I absolutely agree with this review, 100%!

Anonymous said...

I hope the costumes look better in person. I only saw them on the live feed and in pictures but I was very disappointed. This is my first carnival experience and I was told the Yuma experience was the best. However in looking at the previous year's costumes versus this year, I definitely can't say i'm impressed at all! Hopefully the price of the costume is appropriate. It shouldn't be high at all.

Anonymous said...

Saucy, how do you feel about the Galaxy and Spellboud costumes? I can't decide which I like better. I heard the spellbound costume was made of jean, a big turnoff!

Anonymous said...

are you being paid by Monteil for this review? YUMA was awful

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