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Monday, July 28, 2008

Monday Question Time!!

It's Monday! That means we are taking another round of questions for our bandleader. I find you guys have so much to say/comment on/ask on lots of topics but they never come up in your questions for the band leader!

Anyway, if you can tear yourself away from Spice online registration which has already started or looking at band launch pics leave your comment below!


quiksilver said...

dear bandleader,

what are your thoughts about live animals being used in launches? i had quite a problem with the birds at TRIBE's launch and was even more disturbed when i learned that the zoo was involved. is this not crossing the line where we would do anything for the sake of entertainment?

quiksilver said...

dear bandleader,

why is it that costumes often look fundamentally different from what is presented in the booklets? are these booklets printed long in advance of the final touches?

Megan said...

My questions for the band leader would be:

What is your take on live (band) music vs. DJ's while on the road?And also for Road March, do you as a band leader help make the decision as to what your band will cross the stage too or is it in the DJ's hands?

SLK said...

quiksilver i totally agree with you re: animals, its amazing what people can get away with in T&T due to a lack of regulation.
I think it was Gandhi who said 'The greatness and morality of a nation must be judged by the way it treats its animals'. In this respect Trinidad saddens me.

Curious said...

dear bandleader:

Why is it the costumes advertised and the costumes collected/bought are heavily different costumes...esp the headpieces? I can appreciate the exaggerated marketing at the band launch, but the costumes advertised on the online registration, dont seem to match what I get in the box (more so the head piece as that is what I base my decisions on).

Saucy aka "The Sauce" said...

This one came via email:

I’m having trouble sending my comment on the blog – so here are my questions for the bandleader:

(1) How do they select the order of the sections on Monday/Tuesday? Do they just do a random draw or is there some “strategy”?

(2) Is “Monday” wear important to them? Only a few bands seem to care whilst others just leave you stranded J

QtTrini14 said...

When is Tribe distributing TLC#'s?

Saucy aka "The Sauce" said...

qttrini this band leader cannot answer specific band questions such as TLC cards relating to TRIBE, sorry. And the deadline to pick up TLC cards as indicated by the last email we got from TRIBE was LAST WEEK WEDNESDAY. If you did not get your TLC then I think you are out of luck!

Elena said...

Dear Bandleader,

I would like to see more bathing suit options modeled at the launchings and on display at the mas camp and online. For example, if a tankini, whole piece or corset option is available, what does the detailing on and overall presentation of these pieces look like in comparison to the bikini option? If a boy short is available as an option, what does the belt look like with it?

Thank you

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Just a thought more than anything else really :-

Do you think that there is an over-emphasis on frontline costumes more recently, and insufficient focus on the detail and showcase of regular costumes?

Especially as the backline is by far the majority, and I imagine where the biggest profit margin is.

I suppose it could just be the case that they make for better photos?!

DC Chica said...

Is Tribe giving any quotas or places for foreign registration online, namely non-TLC holders?

Saucy aka "The Sauce" said...

dc chica once again, the band leader cannot answer any BAND specific questions concerning TRIBE and TLC cards!!

Supz said...

dear head of band,

why is it that at the launches you dont have models of various shapes and sizes to truly replicate what would be seen on the road? Or is one type what you want in your band

jady lyon said...

I am not sure I can phrase this right but I'm going to try anyway.

My question for the bandleader is "What do you hope the masqueraders will take away from your band? What do you hope they will remember most after their time with you?"

I understand that mas is as much (or more) business than pleasure. I look at the bikini'n'bead offerings and yes, I'd love to look like the glam models. I understand that I'm being asked to put up a month's rent on a costume that for two days will make me feel that I AM a glam model.

But then I see ideas like Brian McFarlane's concepts which seem to be something "more" instead of "less" so I wonder if being sold on glam is actually cheating the experience.

Which is a very long winded way of asking what do you think is the most important part of mas. If you had to pick only one or two things that you wanted the people in your band to walk away *feeling* about the experience, what would it or they be?

Lady said...

Similar to Jady Lion's questions

1. I would like to know what do you think is the real meaning and focus of playing mas.
2. As a bandleader are you seeing the importance of our culture perpetuated and highlighted year after year in Carnival presentations?
3.In your opinion is mas becoming/have become a mere commercialisation of our culture.
4. Coming out of T&T's Carnival heritage do you think the true elements of 'what is' Carnival is present today? If yes in what form?
5. (We can all answer this question ourselves but I would like to hear what said bandleader view is)
*What is the difference between playing Mas with a band like Mac Farlene and playing mas with a Bikini band.

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