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Friday, July 25, 2008

News from Spice

July 25, 2008

Dear Spice Crew,

We wish to advise that we are ready to officially commence registration.

Although there are still some finishing touches to put on the showroom, things are ready.

The showroom is located upstairs #145, Tragarete Rd., Woodbrook, Port of Spain. More specifically this is located directly opposite Bat n Ball in the Queen’s Park Oval.

As promised, showroom registration will commence TODAY (Friday 25th July) from 1pm – 5pm. There will be a lime at the showroom for everyone from 5pm onwards, with drinks, eats and music and you are more than welcome to attend if you wish.

The Band’s showroom will be open for registration as follows:

Friday 25th July : 1pm to 5pm
Saturday 26th July: 9am to 5pm
Sunday 27th July: 11am to 5pm

Thereafter opening hours will be as follows:

Monday to Saturday: 11am to 7pm

Online application (registration) will commence from midnight on Saturday (26th).

TT$ (local) prices will be put up on our website by midday tomorrow and US$ prices will be put up before midnight on Saturday.

Close up shots will also be available on the website from midnight on Saturday.

We look forward to seeing you on the road with us in 2009.

Thank you for you time, patience, understanding and support.


SOURCE: Spice Carnival


Sasha W said...

I hope it doesn't mean that all the good sections sell out before online registration starts!

princessredz said...

Steups @ website launching midnight tomorrow, and even bigger steups @ prices not appearing till then as well. Cater for your OVERSEAS people man! Shims...

Hot said...

princess redz...I have been asked to relay some information to you. By now you would have realised that I am a liason of sorts for Spice. The message from the Spice management is this - "We understand your concerns, but please bear with us. The band does not wish to make excuses but you should at least acknowledge that what Spice has accomplished within the industry, as a new band in their first year, thus far is nothing short of phenomenol. Most bands in their first year do not attempt to launch as early as they have, activate a website on the same night of the launch, put out the quality of costumes that they have and start registration so close after the launch. With that said, for very good reasons the online application / registration will not commence until midnight tomorrow (Saturday).Prices in TT$ will be up within the next few hours (TODAY) and not Saturday. We apologise for the wording of the advisory which may have led to a different but incorrect conclusion. Finally, a certain % of each section will be reserved for online registration. We urge you however to apply / register early and to ensure that you make your downpayment by the specified deadline. BEST REGARDS, SPICE.".....and so I have delivered the message, please let feel free to give your feedback.

buublenut said...

Oh I'm soo excited to be in Trini - maybe I can do to the lime after work today :) :)

This band will require double time at the gym though haha

xVx said...

Hot, keep the updates coming. I respect that the band are going by all means possible, albeit Facebook, Trinidad Carnival Diary and an above average website, to cater to us masqueraders...I really do.

afro chic said...

It would have been more phenomenal if they had overseas registration up and running.

And I think that Hot/Spice need to acknowledge that you sounding a bit cocky.

princessredz said...

Well, I'm definitely happier to know that some costumes are actually being set aside for online/overseas registration. That's a nice move. All I hope is that overseas people have to pay the same downpayment as everyone else and not this half or full price nonsense that some other bands try to pull...

And I done say well done Spice so many times already for the gorgeous costumes, nice website and smooth fashion in which things seem to be running so far. I am all for a new band bringing more competition and choice and trying to up the customer services ante!

trinbajan in toronto said...

The prices are on the website:

Golden Basil - $1800
Med. Borage - $2500
Melilot Bleu - $2000
Paprika - $2500
Peppercorns - $3000
Scotch Bonnett - $3000
Sea Salt - $2500
Garden of Sage - $2000
Brown Sugar - $2000
Cardamon - $3000

trinbajan in toronto said...

UPDATE: They just changed the prices

Brown Sugar: Front line 3,995.00
Back line $2,895.00
Men $2,500.00

Saucy aka "The Sauce" said...

TBajan in TO I just called Spice and they said the prices/info is being uploaded so some things may not be correct as the IT guy is still working on it without shutting down the site :|

trinbajan in toronto said...

They just shut down the site. LOL!!

Saucy aka "The Sauce" said...


Moi said...

Melilot Bleu Frontline: $4760

Hot said...

Afro Chic, if it comes across cocky it was certainly not intended that way. Its just a lot of time and a lot of sleepless hours have been spent trying to accomplish what most have said would be impossible and sometimes it seems as if Spice is being held to a much higher standard than even those who have been in this years ahead of them. It is the first year and unavoidably there will be mistakes but I have been asked by Spice to assure you no effort will be spared to promptly correct any mistakes. Saucy, M said to say many thanks for the heads up. Just so that you know he went on a rave and blew out a few us. A few minutes later the site was shut down. Apparently this was what was supposed to have been done when the prices were being tested and entered.

chris said...

Hot, ya'll doing an amazing job. Keep it up! As for sounding cocky, well, a lil bit. But no biggie. I think you guys have earned the right to big yourselves up a bit! lol. But remember the biggest test is yet to come. We need to see each costume on the road looking as fab as the prototypes. And drinks flowing a-plenty come Monday and Tuesday.

Also remember pple are watching Paprika closely! But I feel almost certain that you guys will deliver on all fronts.

I wish i were playing in Ocean Salt though. There are downsides to band loyalty I tell you. I did tell myself that maybe, just maybe, if the prices were competitive, I would consider the switch, but looks like prices are the same as TRIBE. So, no switch for me. However, I greatly admire what Spice has been able to do. ONe of the IT bands for 2K9 without a doubt!!

Michaela said...

Hot - do you have a phone number for the Spice bandhouse?

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