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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Coming to you LIVE backstage!!

Coming to you from backstage, check out the Island People Heaven on Earth album here for more candid backstage shots!!


OBSERVER said...

Well I started to look at the pictures from backstage and I am sorry but I had to comment early. These costumes look like they are from Tobago carnival in 1998. Photoshop had elevated the hopes for Island people and they have left me in utter disbelief of how poorly the costumes appear.

The male costume in the calendar seemed to ring with innovation but seeing it in saucy's pictures have left me wondering where the strength and masculine appeal had gone. Looking through the behind the scenes pics of the male costumes i have come to believe that they all suffer from not only a lack of creativity but a lack of materials. Animal instincts seemed to cure the theory that male costumes were after thoughts but 2k9's presentation seems to have completely forgotten the gains made by this years designs.

I am hoping that these costumes are not priced as high as they were last year or IP will surely be loosing many a male masquerader seeing that Tribe , though I am still not that impressed with most of there male selections, have more or less made leaps and bounds when it comes to the life-sized female accessory the man.

Now I know the point of men in mas is not to outshine the woman but we need to compliment them meaning the costume needs to have some form of substance. I feel as if the movie 300 seemed to impact greatly on this years presentation when it comes to the men. most of the costumes look like a cheap knock-offs of Zurkses' golden chains but in more, less i say flamboyant colors.

I am thoroughly disappointed in their male output and to add insult to injury why is Miss Trinidad and Tobago's costume from 2004 that won her 3rd place at Miss Universe in Equador being used in 2008's presentation. And yes some people are going to pick that up real fast.

Now I know the costumes might look better on stage but Tribe's behind the scenes shots were still accurate representations of the design when it was hit by the lights on stage so I am not letting them slide any excuse like "You didnt see it on stage"

Naughty said...

I think you need to check these costumes and come again my friend. To go to the extreme to say that it looks like something out of Tobago from 1998. Until you see the pics on the website you should have reserve your judgement.

TriniVice said...

Quite frankly I'm loving the costumes and I'm waiting to see pics from each and every angle possible lol and especially on stage when all the models are completely made up and truly putting the costume on display! It's hard to judge a costume b4 really seeing it u understand.. Think about it..if you put on an outfit and take a snap shot b4 adding the glitz & glam it'll look rather blah as compared to when you're heading out the door and have on ur heels, make up, accessories and whatever else you add to make yourself look complete. Granted, I'm a bit biased bc I luv up my IP mas! lol but it seems to me like you not really 'observing' u passed ur judgement well b4 giving the presentation a good look. Anyways, I think Saucy is getting great backstage photos and I'm just waiting to see more!

squeezle said...

Saucy, yuh must be tired hear this, but you are the besssssssst!!!!!

Rhett James said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rhett James said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rhett James said...

Im someeeeewhat agreeing with observer. I'm saying it extremely cautiously!! Trinivice I think if you at launch you should have you highheels and makeup on already!! As opposed to the site or the calander which is really after you tru the door and you reach back home and photoshopping like crazy! Island ppl really did deliver a calender that would be hard to live up to in real life and replicate thousands of times over tho. and who's idea was it to have a super baggy, extra gloss board short for all the male costumes??!!! that was a most unfortunate looking decision! is that available in slim fit? and i'm sorry...if ur own models cannot carry your costume and look fierce doing so that gives even less hope for regular folks on mon and tue! but thats just my 2 cents...

Observer said...

OMG....I just nearly had a heart attack. Imagine seeing a comment from someone called Observer.....knowing that I have been the ORIGINAL observer.....freaky......for a minute there I thought I had been blogging in my sleep...guess someone else also has the same screenname

orchidnut said...

Plain and simple they need to have a GAY man at the helm designing the male customers only then will we see something visualy appealing for the men to prance in.

Tr|n|gYa| said...

Lawwwd...premature judgements!

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